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  1. Is LAW underpowered or vehicles are overarmored?
  2. Squad beta v1: 5 LAWs to destroy a BTR.
  3. Just add weapon lowering.
  4. Squad already has a shitton of mechanics, forcing you to use something beside simple running and shooting, though other shooters are allowing both ways. There is no single thing in BF or Cod which prevents you from using tactics.
  5. With this way BF and CoD will become far more realistic than Squad. Because PR is not less skill dependable. It is just have awkward and clunky random mechanics, which confuse players for sometime, but then the most skillful wins anyway. Won't work: 1. Too much for teamplay shooter. Will turn the game into Arma. 2. Players will adapt and SUDDENLY skillful players will win again. People here think that all skilled players are dumb rambos from CoD and true tactician should not be able to hit a barn from 5 meters.
  6. ... Or you just can't keep the pace of other players.
  7. I will ban you WHENEVER it is possible. No, you haven't deserved it. Proof is the current popularity of PR, which can't attract new players not cause it has outdated graphics, but due to clunky and archaic mechanics
  8. Stop bringing this retarded outdated PR cancer in the modern shooters. Why do you even have an access to the Internet? The simpliest, the most obvious solution of run&gun issue have been under your nose for months, but you still want to overload more or less decent FPS with dinosaur's crap.
  9. As frustrating as automatic rifleman's ability to kill 200 enemies without reloading.
  10. ak

    I doubt they actually have such advisor
  11. I don't like the idea of iron sight alignment. It looks cool, advanced and obvious, but... How do you imagine this mechanics in terms of controls? You need to be able tp adjust and move aim simultaneously, otherwise Squad firefights will be as dynamic as XVII century firefights. Iron sights alignment is the thing which our body and mind perform on almost subconscious level. Just look at the M4 aperture sight. How are you going to place a front sight right in the center aperture? It would be almost impossible in game, though our body and mind make it easily in a couple of seconds. About red dot sights: there is almost no difference in aiming speed for trained shooter between iron sights and red dots. In fact, the greatest benefit of red dots is comfortable low-light performance. As we don't use separate buttons for both legs to make a step, let's not make a separate system for such essential activities for trained rifleman as iron sights aiming.
  12. Future of 1128s in US Army doesn't look so bright.
  13. OP, do you know how long were we fighting to remove this mutant from the game?!
  14. Combat engineers have nothing to do with vehicles, unless they are engineering vehicles.
  15. Agree. It will be more useful, if he will go there and will keep refreshing the page instead of coming here just to say he is annoyed of this thread.