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  1. This was from 2 years ago
  2. I'm glad to see another FPS title in the genre, the point and click story driven games were just over-saturating it.
  3. Everytime I shoot at the ground next to me or occasionally when I'm taking fire, I hear this strange glitchy obnoxious "zip-zip twing" noise. To me, it does not sound like an actual sound effect. I've begun to just assume that maybe it's intentional and it's the sound of a bullet spiraling from the impact sight but I want to make sure of this. I first noticed this happening about 4 months ago when I was using a pair of older, not well functioning headphones. Thinking that was the issue I didn't think much of it, but when I switched back to my Sennheiser Game One headset I still was hearing this noise. I used to always hear the beautiful solid *crack* whenever something hit next to me, but now I often hear this. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it intentional or something on my end/the game's?
  4. If being in a vehicle gave you a small GPS like it does in PR, the mine issue would be greatly solved.
  5. O_O
  6. I like this too. It would promote more teamwork and make medics more valued. Would need to nerf the rally points too.
  7. After playing until level 20+, the game has become really boring and repetitive. The deaths can be extremely random and you are unable to learn from many of them. The helicopters lose all usefulness due to the ridiculous amount of skill-less AI controlled SAMs that make you stay under 50m or else you're instantly going to be blown up. There's very little teamwork and everyone just sprints around like a battlefield title getting shot from every direction.
  8. But if you start your reload quickly like most people do when they run out of ammo in a bad situation, and get to cover for a second, they will have 30 rounds of 5.56 instead of 9 9mm. In most situations of these situations it's better to just refill your mag.
  9. Considering that people that play on Low effects and settings can get such an advantage, it would make sense to give Epic effect settings users the ability to see larger and more detailed muzzle blast dust and from longer ranges.
  10. As we all know by now, the tag line for Squad's development virtue when going over things that could enter the realm of simulation is "gameplay>realism," in this case I hope the pistol draw times could be made shorter to make them a more viable option, as many players seem to practically forget they exist. Killing someone with a pistol is more for style-points than utility currently.
  11. I love actually having to cover your teammates in order to move safely, it's much better gameplay wise than being able to dart around at the speed of light with no care in the world.
  12. The long double barreled shotgun for VC is the best weapon in the game, you should try it out. Kills at ranges of up to 100m+ with only 2 of the double-ought buckshot needing to hit.
  13. It's that there is a ridiculous amount of artificial bullet spread, 5 round burst of an AK sprays like a shotgun.
  14. Will we still be able to throw smokes out of the Humvee gun?
  15. IEDs should be WAY more powerful and terrifying. Right now when one goes off it literally has the AOE of a frag grenade, same with the mortar (which only needs a slight AOE buff and more suppressive effect)