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  1. I find it ironic that he's talking about how this game was the begging of FPS sims and more realistic FPS games but the gameplay is just a guy running around only using the grenade launcher on his rifle with seemingly unlimited ammo- using it at all ranges and clearing rooms with it.
  2. Tonight i had a dream...

    I have a feeling too that it is coming very soon, you are not alone. My squady-senses are tingling.
  3. Shadows are even more disappointing since the "epic" ones had been massively downgraded compared to before. They need an "Ultra" setting for shadows that actually makes them sharp.
  4. Camoflague nets

    The nets should be able to mimic color/somewhat the texture that they are placed on to make them less visible in game and simulate adding environmental camouflage to the net and making it fit in like in real life.
  5. Focus Zoom

    If this was ever added into Squad I would only accept a 1.5x magnification just to help players make out the pixels. It could have its own separate cooldown ect. since IRL it's difficult to stay so extremely focused on a target, especially with your adrenaline racing.
  6. Unassigned player classes

    ^This is actually cool and doesn't damage gameplay tho :P. Give them a a megaphone too that makes their voice have an echo filter and carry farther.
  7. Rally Point

    Nope, rally points are too powerful as they are. They only need nerfs atm.
  8. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    It could use a lot more aspects of PR, like some of what banOkay said about firefights: That definietly needs to change about Squad, but other things like more encouragement of specialized roles and squads are what really breathed life into the PR community imo.
  9. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    More like the tripwire flare But yeah a command-detonated claymore would be nice.
  10. I don't want anything much outside the realm of grunting, vague yelling/screaming, and curse words. Any semi-important information should be relayed over voice comms to keep people on it and emphasize its importance. /offtopic
  11. Probably gonna be a while before ISIS is considered an acceptable faction to have in games unfortunately
  12. Usually from what you're describing it's someone being revived, which causes them to quickly stand up before lying back down.
  13. Having an Assistant Rifleman ect. is getting too close to being a simulator. I don't think it's too much of an issue not incorporating that aspect into Squad. At the very most it could be that having another friendly within 15 meters of you would be "helping" you carry the gun so you don't drain stamina as fast.
  14. Steel beasts would definitely be something to look into with its first person perspective with 3D cockpit.
  15. 9.8 Sounds

    Make sure you "clear data cache" in the Squad settings