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  1. What an incredibly well constructed argument lmao.
  2. People don't jump around on the battlefield in the first place, so why let them SHOOT while jumping?
  3. Really the main thing I want is for a first pass of the shell impact noises for the 30MM, I mean, they could just be set to make the sound after each shot- at least the sound of the ejection- before actually having the whole physics thing set up.
  4. 1. Can we get the sound of the turret vibrating with each shot 2. Add a metallic thunking sound for the 30MM casings that bounce onto the APC. These changes would make shooting the 30MM a much more immersive experience
  5. Thank you so much @anders for all your hard work
  6. Thanks
  7. Nothing about lean running and twitch-shooting reminds me of PR. In fact, many of the very old PR Vets who backed Squad on here have been very vocal about how these sort of things are taking Squad further and further from PR in a bad way. And say what you want about not caring about K/D, but I just read a rant about how you want to pwn noobs and destroy an entire enemy team with just one squad. I'm gonna stick to my own beliefs based on what I'm actually seeing.
  8. I personally don't have a huge issue with this, but it's cheesy, gamey, and really just doesn't have a place here. You sound a little too concerned about your K/D
  9. The people who continue to play this game play for the experience, not the unlocks, XP, or fake gratification the game "rewards" you. Unfortunately these things have become a standard in many mainstream games, but this is not one of them. The difference you can tell between someone who knows what they are doing and someone who doesn't is how they play the game, communicate, ect. There's much more to this game then just your K/D.
  10. Well in real life wouldn't we be wearing noise canceling headphones so the louder sounds are deafened and the quieter ones unchanged? I think it would make sense to apply that principle. (Obviously insurgents would still be blowing their ears out or wearing ear plugs but gameplay>realism) EDIT: That might be more of a Special Operations thing
  11. I hate when people always seem to vote for it though, any semi-competent OPFOR can just spawncamp the US all round and it doesn't have much of a Vietnam feel until you pass the bridge, which often doesn't happen.
  12. God, not every FPS needs to cater to this overused, braindead concept