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  1. How is it so hard to understand that your barrel and sights are in different positions on the weapon?
  2. Dragging Friendly Units

    Yes. It's been planned for over a year.
  3. AK Issues

    AK is the most powerful weapon in the game for combat besides the SAW imo. It is very good with full auto, whereas the m4 jumps around much more rapidly, and it takes 1-2 less hits to kill an enemy. I use full auto with the AK all the time and it destroys.
  4. Low crawl?

    Pretty sure they're done with their motion capture session. Maybe in a future update, doesn't seem high priority.
  5. Fight on the ****ing Objective

    "Fight for the ****ing Objective" would be gud
  6. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    I don't know, Ross is pretty T H I C C, and he's rockin I can see they did but the guy who did the vault over that fence did it with zero effort, it would be sort of immersion breaking for an LAT to do that so easilly
  7. Dedicated Squads

    I feel like passwords would make people use external communication too much. The clan uses teamspeak to tell each other the password to their clan's squad.. then accidentally starts using teamspeak for the rest of the match.
  8. Cookers

    So maybe suggest more logi trucks instead?
  9. Dedicated Squads

    We need a way to invite people to locked squads ASAP
  10. Suggestion speed limit key

    @Zylfrax791 I don't see how what you replied with is relevant to what you quoted.
  11. Dedicated Squads

    But I don't want my squads to be de-dicked :c EDIT: title was fixed lol
  12. Better yet.... "'MURICA! **** YEAH! COMIN' HERE TO SAVE THE MOTHER****IN' DAY YEAH!"
  13. What is bad enough as it is?
  14. Lag and no refund

    And play Project Reality in the mean time