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  1. With that logic, do they want people to be able to fall through the map and breath indefinitely in water? Or BTRs do a triple backflip after going over a pebble? It's an unfinished game and unless you have a source from a dev don't act like it's a fact.
  2. Same :c
  3. Well you can't possibly be serious. Source?
  4. Lol One of the things I was thinking about is transporting friendlies to objectives, and how much the friendlies you transport do after being dropped off. (Say you get a small portion of points for kills, captures, and other things they do within a couple minutes of being dropped off)
  5. And that's why this thread exists, is to try and propose ideas and changes to improve the system. If if you disagree with points entirely, there's no reason to jump on every thread trying to improve it and try to shut it down because you disagree with it. Go to or make a thread about *completely removing* the scoreboard. Going off topic and trying to shut down a positive conversation is just a dick move.
  6. ...Then don't use that as a score measurement? I'm specifically asking about things that benefit the team and squad as a whole.
  7. People that don't even want a scoreboard.
  8. Umm.. no. This is a post about points for the current point system and there's just a few extreme purists who are saying "NO SCOREBOARD"
  9. Defended or not, it's cheating and there's no way to justify it.
  10. It could at least make it difficult for people to do it casually. "Ugh I'm really annoyed of being killed.... let me jusf switch teams for a second and see where their FOB is"
  11. I think just slowing down specific vehicles on specific terrains would be good enough. "Mud" textures slow down and decrease handling of wheeled vehicles, sand reduces traction but won't slow you down as much, ect.
  12. People have a hard time telling the difference between a plain tan Russian camo and multi camo in game, you'd be ignorant to think that everyone could easily distinguish the tiny differences in-game for these two.
  13.'s a figure of speech. The miniscual differences are meaningless in game.
  14. Hahaha Hopefully the new animation system fixes this