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  1. I can't remember that last time I took one out for a kill
  2. Keep in mind, he posted that a year ago when this was a common problem.
  3. I see, thanks for the response.
  4. We're talking about the sort of head movement as with loading the BF1 anti-tank field guns, and I've never experienced any sort of motion sickness from that.
  5. Yeah your view following the SPG reload animation isn't really asking much. It feels so incomplete and unimpressive when you're just staring forward but when in third person it's completely amazing.
  6. It's pretty situational. Mic spam is annoying in most. I think it's amusing if everyone is enjoying it on the way to an objective or playing ride of the valkaries as our Wolfpack of humvees approaches the objective.
  7. "DONT WORRY PRIVATE! WE'LL GET YOU OUT OF HERE" *drags all the way back to main base*
  8. Already confirmed but i hope they add a confirmation pop up to the person being dragged to prevent trolling, assuming non-medics can drag to. *Green text to represent squad member* Eagle106 wants to drag you, accept drag? Y/N
  9. Nailed it
  10. I understand where you're coming from with the driver job thing but then that would spiral into people wanting a specific role for every niche situation. Most "drivers" will do the supply runs then go to the front line, doesn't mean they want to only drive all round with their special kit.
  11. Welcome to thread #3,000 on this topic...
  12. Who needs a Stryker when you can just wrap a CROW humvee in PT belts?
  13. No problem, like I said you should save most of your suppression for active combat situations and try to calm you fire after the target has been effectively pinned, that way your team can better communicate and listen for remaining contacts as they adjust their fire onto targets. You want to save those long suppressions for initiating engagements and reacting to engagements/maneuvering.
  14. I prefer the term "cat out of the box"
  15. I'd say if you're actively taking fire or maneuvering on that position there's nothing wrong with it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the situation where they threatened to kick you if the contact had already dispersed and your team was recuperating it's not needed.