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  1. Voice Attack

    http://www.voiceattack.com/ Well here is just a small discussion about if or should Voice Attack like commands would be useful. so basically I wonder, would something like VA be applicable for Squad. could we use that instead of other commands, like calling in CAS and or other commands. I am not sure if it's applicable but could this in any way be a viable addition to the Squad flavour?
  2. Asset And Resource System

    wow, you guys are really putting in some effort here, someone should compile all this into a google docs as a design document and send it to the devs.
  3. Taliban Soldiers Camouflage

    not if he's in the green zone, near the villages. Woodland Camo is surprisingly effective in those area's... not so much in the Dasht, but in the village and farm area's yes.
  4. Oculus Rift Is The Future!

    I wonder what these guys could do for Squad? http://www.virtuix.com/
  5. Friends List

    this is true, and also a way so it's easier to premake a squad so you and your mates can stay on the same team and or join a server together.
  6. Climbing Walls

    Asymmetric movement is a definite must, we have to be able to cross obstacles or climb objects we can reasonable be expected to in real life, Even being able to go up to a high wall, and jump up and grab the top and haul up just to have a look over, this kind of thing is what we do in reality, being able to haul your guts up and over things is what the infantry is for. we have to think and act in full three dimensions.
  7. It takes all kinds mate, I know some Arma 3 guys and that's exactly what they sound like, some people like the RP elements, some don't. If you want people to respect you and the games you play, give them the respect to play their games the way they do. Live and let live. (until they try and take you on, then its no mercy.)
  8. Jobar Syria Map

    basically these are just some references I use, you get a wide overlay and a place to start digging for actual information, it's just a easy to see the outline of whats happening. https://twitter.com/hashtag/Jobar?src=hash http://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/ http://eaworldview.com/2014/06/syria-daily-insurgents-attack-jobar-damascus/ Maps a little out of date and the situation has changed there considerably, I know there is an updated map, but i cant find it without a good search.
  9. Minimalistic, Modern And Clean Ui (Concept)

    wow that's actually a really different way of looking at it, Just combine that and Ancientmans and you might have a winner
  10. Jobar Syria Map

    Current Situation regarding ISIS/ISIL Hardware and Equipment for the past month (September, I don't have the October reports yet) Puts the ISIS military combat capability well beyond that of local forces (35,000 combat effective troops with about 80,000 supporting personnel). Main Battle Tanks of various types (T-55 T-72) and Artillery, rocket and others are available, as are light and soft armoured vehicles, A current estimate puts Heavy armoured vehicles at around 100 units. This number will have fluctuated recently, with the losses at Kobane due to air strikes, but with the capture of the Iraqi military base at Hit (a very large training facility) these numbers may well have already been replaced. Not only this the ISIS forces have access to repair and maintenance facilities and recovery vehicles. ISIS training and education is also much better than most of the forces opposing them, they have very good logistics and communications capabilities and their central command is able to direct the resources of the many battle groups from one district to another. This is very much borne out when a brigade was shifted from the Mosul front this month and turned up in Kobane a week later. ISIL also has it's own police and supply corps, providing rear area security and a constant supply of basic needs.
  11. Jobar Syria Map

    It's actually a great POV for commanding the tank.. also Kobane might be a good map, similar to this
  12. I remember playing Mount and blade persistent worlds mod, It took a standard head to head game, and boy did it make things complicated, loads of fun though..
  13. Fps Cap?

    I think you can use Vimeo for variable quality uploads.
  14. Replay Recording And Spectating

    DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF THAT! damn genius!