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  1. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Can't wait to see all of this in-game. Everything is shaping up nicely now!
  2. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Wolfenburgz Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Wolfenburgz Primary Language: English Age: 19 Timezone or Region: GMT/BST Nature of Interest: Casual/MilSim Gaming Background: On Steam since 2009, primarily playing FPS games. Delved into Milsim starting with ArmA 2 and got involved with a couple of teams for both ArmA 2 and 3. Also played BF2:PR since v0.97 on and off. Additional Skills: Will follow commands happily, not too big on leader roles but I've done so in the past if required. I'm also in university studying for a 3D artist role in the games industry, so understand if I can't follow a set game schedule. Status: Unsigned
  3. realistic behavior, forcing use of shelter

    Sgt. Ross (One of Squad's Military advisors) is working with the team to make things like suppression act as realistic as possible, and I have no doubt that it will tie in well with what you want.
  4. Side-rolls

    I think a better feature would be if you could hold shift and a direction key (WASD) when prone to start to sprint/strafe. The animation could be a sort of scrambling, hands brushing against the ground in an attempt to quickly dodge incoming fire. It's quite a lot to wish for, but it'd look better than prone rolling, and a lot less ridiculous.
  5. Side-rolls

    ArmA does this as well. It could be interesting to see in Project Reality and it definitely beats slowly crawling away/getting up and exposing yourself briefly when in a firefight. Then again, that could be solved with a 'fast crawl' when in prone.
  6. VoIP - Background noise

    I think this would interrupt the quality of teamwork and communication, something that Squad is really trying to get across, moreso than realism. It'd be a shame if poor signals and background sounds got in the way of that.
  7. I really want PiP 3D scopes in the future, but I understand the reasons as to why they aren't in the game in it's current state. I'd rather have better performance at this point in time, anyway.
  8. Favourite role

    Medic, Marksmen (When viable), Rifleman, AR and LAT. Most of the basic roles, pretty much.
  9. Not gonna lie, that'd be a really cool feature, especially if it prevented you from hearing local chat.
  10. Fireteams

    Fireteams really help all kind of co-ordinations much easier and much more tactical. Giving the squad leader the ability to organize people into fireteams in which he can just say "Red, flank around to the right." or "Blue, secure that building." makes movement and organisation much more efficient and enjoyable. I'm down.
  11. Magazines

    I'd like this. Also, the ability to check the amount of ammo in your mag is already in PR, you just have to hold Q, wait, and a small bar will fill up at the bottom right giving you an estimate of how many round you have left. Something like that would be good enough for me.
  12. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Pretty sure ALT is free on the keyboard, right? If so, freelook can work just the same as ArmA. That'd be awesome.
  13. Building System

    Yeah, chances are it'll require supply crates when all of those assets get created further down the line. I do like the idea of rotation and such, but it'd depend on which keys would be used. Perhaps Z and X or E and R could be freed up when a building object is selected. Regardless, I'm sure we'll get something awesome for the final product.
  14. Recommendations for Asset Creation

    Here's me coming in here hoping to spill out everything to you, but Assifuah already did it. I'm personally used to Autodesk Maya when it comes to my 3D workflow, but 3DS Max is typically considered to be the superior modelling program, whilst Maya is better for the animation side of things. 3DS Max is also used more in the industry in comparison to Maya, so there's that. Furthermore, ZBrush is pretty damn cheap for what it does, and is extremely helped when adding some serious detail to your high poly models. It's also working on improving it's hard-surface modelling capabilities, so a lot of users can create a finished 3D asset just within ZBrush. If you don't have the money to dabble around with it, there are alternatives such as a student version of Autodesk Mudbox, or even Sculptris which is completely free. Photoshop is by far the greatest and most powerful program when it comes to texturing and general graphics design, but if you can't afford the monthly subscription plan or the one time payment, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is pretty powerful when you get to know it, and it's free. I used GIMP for a few years until I could get Photoshop, and I didn't have many issues texturing a lot of my models. xNormal, as said by Assifuah, is an extremely helpful tool for baking down the highpoly and lowpoly meshes, and can create a large variety of maps for use in UE4 and general 3D packages. The GUI is a bit dated for it, but it still works as good as ever in a modern workflow. Quixel Suite is a must-have set of plugins if you have Photoshop. They make adding large and minor details onto a model very easy and efficient by auto-generating normals based on an input. I need not say any more. Substance Painter is one of those more recent programs that tailor primarily to a PBR workflow (Physically Based Rendering) which is the workflow you'll ideally want to start getting into the grit of. It's a relatively modern technique that moves past the old ways we handle light information in real time, and more and more game engines are using it (UE4 and FOX Engine being the main ones from the top of my head). Substance Painter is incredible, and can be summed up by watching this awesome video: