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  1. APC Interiors confirmed... Tank.. Unknown

    I really hope they aren't in. It will make it take so much longer to make new vehicles, RO2 is a prime example of this. If they are in, I at least hope that Squad doesn't opt for animated interiors.
  2. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Or, instead of recreating the same assets that were in RO2 for no reason at all, they can spend more time and money actually innovating and improving the gameplay. I think I know what I'd rather.
  3. Area attack

    Area attack pls!
  4. Skins of current soldiers?

    Keep the insurgent ones, replace the US ones
  5. Destructible lighting?

    Add the fortress!
  6. GOG Galaxy Release for Squad

    Will there be an easy way to implement modifications on steam though? Going by how it worked out with RO2, it will be a massive cluster fuck if they go the workshop route though I can't really see an alternative.
  7. Bayonet Implementation

    Yeah I'd love to see this, implemented as you described
  8. Scope Implementation Discussion

    A shame, but I guess that's just the nature of game development. It was a good move from you guys to make a thread about it, it answered all of my questions. Even though it's using the same technique as PR, it looks way better in UE4 for some reason. Ya win some ya lose some, but it's not biggie
  9. LAV25 Vehicle Concept

    Please tell me you are collaborating with the developers on this... Needs to be in game so bad
  10. Transport + Logistics truck, why not both?

    It's interesting and makes sense, but it's also kinda pointless I think.
  11. Do Squad controls feel like Project Reality controls?

    I do wish there was some head bobbing or camera movement to make sprinting look a bit better from 1st perspective. At the moment it just looks like there's a camera on rails IMO. In PR you could see your weapon which was nice, and this obviously isn't possible with squad's true 1st person system, so if there was maybe an option for headbob it would be good.
  12. HMMWVs Need To Go

    The current faction isn't Taliban, it is insurgents.
  13. List of Squad YouTubers

    Squad got a mention on Matimi0's video today, seems he's pretty keen on the game! You guys should hit him up
  14. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    RO2 did it really well, even on huge detailed maps. What were they doing differently? Apart from not everyone having a scope of course.
  15. Weapon Corner Snap..

    RO2's leaning system is awesome, but their cover system is a piece of shit. I've put about 1000 hours into that game and I rarely if ever use it, save for very niche circumstances. It just leaves you exposed and predictable.