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  1. I've gone back on forth on Squad and Post scriptum after the new patch hit that introduced the French faction.  I haven't played Post in a while and not kept much up to date on it either, but what i found to be unexpectedly enjoyably was using iron sights, and that became very different when i whent back to squad.
    The main difference is that in Post you have a bit more zoom in on the iron sights, but now that i've played both back to back i have to say that squad would probably be a lot more fun playing with iron sights if it had Post level of zoom in the iron sights. 








  2. I've bin trying to make a vehicle in squad for sometime now, but im having a hard time since i cant find any tutorial on it. Is there any good tutorials on Unreal tutorial on vehicle making that is relevant for making them in squad?

  3. I just saw that a few of the skins are back in V12, really nice to see. But i was looking back on the pledge from kickstarter where it says "Alternate Primary weapon skins (AK and M4) ".

    is there plans to make any more skins for the  AK and M4 variants?(not all of curse but some). 


     And now there is no point in having the ak74 tribal squad leader skin since the only ak74 the squad leader can have is the one with optics..


    and could the skins that are already made for the M4 be added to the kits in the insurgent classes that already is using M4's? 


    i know this is low priority thing with the skins and all, but would be nice to know whats planned for it.

  4. +1 would like to have that yes


    9 hours ago, suds said:

    the problem is that everyone sees the warrior/* about to spawn so they stand around in main and fight over it.


    if a crew notes the time it was lost they can grab it without any rage.

    i dont think it will be an issue after we get tanks an such. Since then we get deticated tank squads, apc squads, so there wont be any fighting. Since you either gotta join one of the two squads if you want to do armor, or you'll get kicked for trying to take one and not being in the designated squad. Like PR .

  5. there is also a problem where people create squds, then lets the squad fill up and giving the squad lead to someone else, so they can pick their desired kit(mostly sniper). It has happens from time to time.  Maybe a timer on giving another member of the squad, squadlead after the squad is created.

  6. well its is the only live version it should happen automatically. And you know it is v10 when you see the background of the homepage has changed from the previous one.  

  7. 17 minutes ago, odi said:

    At 200 hours in, you don't even know all of the map names yet...so tell me, how are you going to have a knowledgeable conversation about the meta of the game?

    So i have to know all the map names to be able to speak about my opinions? it is the equivalent as to say if  you can name all the capture points then on all the maps then? i dont see any relevance knowing the map name has to do with speaking about game mechanics of the game.   But the "meta" is the same as before, depending on the map and game mode it is just to rush the middle flag(if its not invasion) or the next flag after that, holding it to prevent them from capping it. 


    But seriously you have no point other than having more hours or knowing all the map names? it is really stupid. 

  8. Just now, Nimbus said:

    In what way? Was there no need to aim, did the game aim for you? Or was there no reward in having good aim and subsequently killing the other team?
    Or was there no skill involved?

    There was not as great of a aim skill compared to now, i'll rephrase it. Compared to v10 there is a huge difference. With v9 there was easier to shoot since you didnt have gun sway, or stamina didnt effect your aim as much as now. v9 was muce more of arcade ish feeling gunplay wise. As someone said earlier, the gunplay now is much closer to something like red orchestra. 

  9. 8 minutes ago, odi said:



    Keep playing in your crappy pubs. Or get 23 of your best players and come scrim us (I know you won't though).


    You have the mentality of cod and league players, your acting like those who get upset in those games and result to " 1v1 me m8" and just toxic behaviour.


    And "lol" is your best answer? guess i'm not too surprised. 




    edit: Looked up your profile: 230 hours on record, LMAO


    Point ****ing proven

    What point? you only see numbers of hours played. You cant surely be this retarded? 

  10. 18 minutes ago, odi said:


    You have no concept of what good game design is that's why your feedback and opinions are not worth responding to.

    And yet.... you responded. is the "you have no concept on game design" your only stick? it seems so. 




    Are you joking? Absolutely it does because we know this game inside and out. Someone with few hours doesn't have a god damned clue what they are talking about, and as someone who has been playing FPS competitively for 15 years, I know what good game design is and what isn't.

    of course a player with less hours dosent know as much about the game, but that dosent mean you can shut their opinion down like you do. If you think someone has a bad opinion then explain why that is so...  And the last part is a joke i hope, just because you have played games for 15 years dosen't equivalent to you knowing what is good and what isn't. 




    That's because his opinion is so outrageously and horrifically wrong that I ask myself, where do I even start?


    Start by writing maybe? or are you too incompetent? well you responded well to me so i dont see why you cant respond to him, but dont be an asshole.



    If any of y'all played Squad at a high level then you would already know that positioning was incredibly important in V9.

    That is something you can say about all fps'es. And it still is in v10. Im not sure where you get this "high level" from.  i've seen your videos.




    It's like he doesn't even want to play a game where any kind of aim skill is rewarded. Hmm, thought it was supposed to be a first person shooter, not a first person positioning game? Maybe there is a VR yoga sim y'all can check out.

    Aim skill was definitely not rewarded in v9... and if you think so, i would love to hear why you think gun play was more rewarded in v9 then v10.





  11. 38 minutes ago, odi said:

    Lol...so utterly wrong. The best aimers use very low sensitivity. This is a maxim of the competitive FPS world.


    @BadVlad Another 1400 hour player here. You are completely right dude about everything you've written. Don't be discouraged by these casual players posting who have literally no clue what they are talking about because they have <20 hours in game and are still in their cinematic immersion honeymoon.



    Stupid post, go away.

    the hours played doesn't mean you have any more say than a guy who has 20 hours. Going by the mentallity is idiotic and ignorant.  Futher more Bosting about how much you have played comes of no good, since you just come out as a prick when you do so, and in this case you seem to be one. 



    And when you respond to opinions like this 


    1 hour ago, odi said:

    This is such a bad opinion, I can't even.


    You have no clue of the consequences on game design or game longevity of what you are saying.


    then i think you are the one who should go away. You write "i can't even", you write like how a 14 year old would talk. You come with no input on why you think the opinion is bad.


    "You have no clue of the consequences on game design" 

    Yeah because i bet YOU are... not a chance. 


    i think you and your buddy @BadVlad can go circle jerk somewhere else on your really bad opinions on v10, if your not willing to see the other point of view and with out just dismissing others opinions 

  12. On 05/02/2018 at 8:19 AM, BadVlad said:

    Hey guys, love the game, long time player with over 1500 hours, generally love V10 so far BUT the new muzzle control is just ... terrible. At first I couldnt figure out what the problem was, I used to average over 20 kills per game and was very good at hitting at distance, then in V10 I was consistently missing people that were just 50 yards away and should have been an easy shot! I played a dozen matches completely dumbfounded and then I went to the range in the game, took out the M4 which is supposed to be the least recoil and muzzle rise and fired it in semi-auto at a wall only 50 yards away, what I saw made my jaw drop, the muzzle rise and sideways movement with every shot are massive and inconsistent, sometimes your gun jumps right, sometimes left, jumps different distances, your character makes barely any effort to stabilize the muzzle and no effort at all to put the gun back on target after every shot, so, after just two shots (maybe even just one depending on distance to target) you are shooting at the sky.


    And that was just the M4, you can imagine what it looks like when you pick up guns with heavier recoil! I understand this happening in full auto while firing a SAW or an RPK but in semi on an M4 or an AK74 this is ridiculous. I shoot in real life and own many of the guns you see in the game and I can tell you that the muzzle control that your character has in V10 is similar to someone who has barely any if not 0 experience shooting a rifle, like if you gave a 16 year old an AR for the first time and told them to shoot at a target you get basically what I saw in game. Squad always had the sight movement (sway) and even though I thought it was a bit much in certain situations it was still realistic, you just had to keep your stamina up and hold your breath for the shots and you got good accuracy and stability like a trained shooter would, what you get now is a guy that puts a hole in the ceiling when trying to doubletap a target! It gets even funnier when you try to fire a SAW standing up, sometimes the dot comes back to the height where it started, sometimes it stays where it stopped, its a mess, almost as if someone wrote a script that kicks the barrel around randomly and it lands where it lands.


    It is so bad that I made a forum account to bring it up, seriously guys go to the range and try different guns at a wall 50 yards away, try it in semi, try doubletapping, watch what happens to the muzzle, those of you that shoot will instantly know, the rest of you go watch some videos on youtube of professionals shooting those guns and compare. Fun thing to do: take different guns and try to do rapid semi-auto grouping at 25 yards, you are going to laugh.

    Think there is a game out then for you, Its call of duty :D

  13. So this has happend a few times now,  and the problem is that the friendly nametag when people are dead will appear. And from fare away distances, If a enemy is on the body or behind the body and further away, it looks like a friendly because of the name tag will be above the enemy. Or the nametag will obscure your vision so you cant see the enemy.  And whats more is that people who use Caps or has very long names with a lot of symbols etc takes much more screen space too. I think there should rather be a button to highlight this like in PR where you could press T to see tags or if you aimed long enough on a team mate it would highlight his tag showing he was friendly(only when they are alive though).


    a4de9a7515.jpg Here the i was taking shot from under the o0 somewhere.


    cb71f49e6e.jpg and this is an example when they stack (yes i know the bush is in the way too) but this is how also the squad leader symbol also obstructs vision.