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  1. Y Axis controller

    Dear god, please don't use a controller in a live game.
  2. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    This come from a good place i can see, but the reality is that it would not make fun as gameplay wise. Being that hardcore can turn a lot of people off, and seeing the progress from the devs it looks like they want to target a more semi-hardcore to casual player demographic.
  3. Release after v10? Maybe

    i'd rather they take time making the game, than rushing it into states it is not ready for. It's ready when it's ready, i say.
  4. How can run more 43fps....

    without buying anything you will have to OC the gpu and cpu, depending on the cooling in your case.
  5. How can run more 43fps....

    you mean how you can get more fps with that setup?
  6. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    Well i think they should make it the same like they have in PR. Where Riflemen carries an extra ammo bag insted of sandbags.
  7. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    +1 We don't have proper heavy armour. So no point in having such heavy Anti-Tank weapons yet.
  8. Yeah this would be very useful, i couldn't find a video on it. But for example in Total war: Rome 2 they brought the ability to draw on the map with three different colours. Red, Blue and Green. Now i think this would be very useful for squad, like say the Red colour could only be seen by your squad and the Blue colour could be seen by all squad leaders and only squad leaders could see. But above the blue line the squad number would be shown so we know witch squad made witch mark. The arrow marks would fade after a few seconds though. Also would like to see squad numbers above enemy marks etc. Like if an infantry mark or apc mark is placed i would like to know witch squad that put it there.
  9. Founder Weapon Skins

  10. How the stryker actually looks like in combat

    I would hate it, since it would be much harder to drive off road then because it would be broader. Since you can get stuck on all the trees and bushes more easily.
  11. Founder Weapon Skins

    Its odd, because some servers i get the green text in the left corner saying they are added. But they still don't show on my weapon when i spawn.
  12. This is what i dreaded about the upcoming free week. People just playing it for a few minutts to an hour and ranting about how they cant get a 20+ kill strek etc etc...
  13. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    I had two of those in my squad recently. I gave them 3 warnings, and said i would kick them if they ran off again. They started to complain saying they wore hunting the enemy and what not, but i dont give two shits about that if you dont stay with the squad or hunting down an apc. But the thing that stuck with me from that is the said that they had som many more hours than me in squad. So that was apparently a reason for them to do as the pleased. It's just the mentality of so many i have found now is that because they got more hours in the game then they are by default better. Making them uncontrollable. They made another squad and started talking shit on the squad com. But yeah not the first time and not the last. But i would like a option to lock the squad so they cant join, and if someone else wants in they can type in chat like we do in PR
  14. This is what i hate about free weekends

    true, but it still annoys the hell out of me that they dont understand that this isn't a typical fps run and gun game.
  15. Destroyed Vehicles

    Would be nice to see the vehicle burning for a bit and it smokes up the era https://youtu.be/NXJPn5TIdKI?t=20
  16. I've bin searching for this topic on the forums and reddit etc, can't find anything about it so feel free to correct me. But one thing i have bin missing from Sqaud is the option to change the gun from from STD to ALT that is in PR https://puu.sh/u0re7/dee47dad91.png Since it is really nice to have the option to remove say only the optic on a gun in that specific roll. personally speaking i just do not use optics, as much as i can avoid it. One reason is that i just like iron sights, and the other is because it takes a lot of space on the screen. And it gives you big blind spots if you are not aiming down sight with optics. Example when not aiming down sight: https://puu.sh/u0swe/795361d7ed.jpg https://puu.sh/u0srj/266fe905c9.jpg https://puu.sh/u0syn/fceb1018c4.jpg So if it is not planned already, i'm suggesting bring back the option on few of the rolls to have a basic rifle with no optics. Example for rolls who i can see it useful for SL, gren, medic, LMG
  17. Area attack

    I would be up for removing Area attack. And changing it with being able to build howitzers. Gives the morter squads a little more to do
  18. Hi As many probably know of the mod to arma 2 called invasion 1944, you've also maybe heard that it's coming to arma 3 as well. But updates are very rear on our pages, so i thought i'd share a bit here ;) screenshots on our latest build http://puu.sh/mRaNZ/bf39f257eb.jpg http://puu.sh/mRaWY/b929a6ca8d.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhpk/9e21b31fd1.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhqM/df0c48f1b0.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhr2/438940b73a.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhH2/44eb0ce3e5.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhI1/b997138a2e.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhJS/7bdd9f77d8.jpg
  19. i've played PR for years and never met someone who used the clock system to call out enemies. Because the one who is calling it out might not look in the same direction as you. Say his 12'clock is your 6'clock. In game it dosent work, as in real life.
  20. Motorbikes in squad

    A bike with a sidecar could though. http://img2-2.timeinc.net/people/i/2011/pets/news/111114/motorcycle-dog-440.jpg
  21. Project Normandy

    Hello So i was just thinking about the fun days when we had normandy back in 0.98. And i thought i would like to re-visit that time. It took some time to find. But i finally found the 0.98 version that includes normandy in it. And i thought we could hoste a local server with perhaps hamachi or some els form of lan hosting software anyone up for that?
  22. Project Normandy

    I watched all up until now.... and they are kinda bad, no new information that we haven't seen before. And they are building up so much for nothing really stretching the time. Ofc if they found out what happened to Hitler while filming, it would have bin in the news ages ago, so don't expect much. But keep it in for the conversation, it cringe worthy scripted. just saying again, don't expect much going in, waste of time, and all there 6 episodes up till now of 40+ min can be read in 10-15 min.
  23. Project Normandy

    Lol, but hey at least you got a free iphone ;) Found it is actually on youtube too:
  24. Project Normandy

    yeah.. i've watched it and it doesn't detail it in the way you would want. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM8CkPg3Jt8
  25. Project Normandy

    http://www.3ds.com/dday/ Is this what you are refering to? This gives some amount of detail on Omeha beach at least http://forum.valka.cz/attachments/15792/1396728218_P__l.03.jpg