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  1. I've gone back on forth on Squad and Post scriptum after the new patch hit that introduced the French faction. I haven't played Post in a while and not kept much up to date on it either, but what i found to be unexpectedly enjoyably was using iron sights, and that became very different when i whent back to squad. The main difference is that in Post you have a bit more zoom in on the iron sights, but now that i've played both back to back i have to say that squad would probably be a lot more fun playing with iron sights if it had Post level of zoom in the iron sights. Post Squad
  2. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I don't recall being able to revive dead people with a bandage patch. It's a game after all.
  3. Is it possible to have a look at the blueprints for how tank vehicle movement is?
  4. Vehicle Suggestion

    Bumping, would be nice to have a manual option, it would make driving a little less boring.
  5. Help with making a vehicle

    I've bin trying to make a vehicle in squad for sometime now, but im having a hard time since i cant find any tutorial on it. Is there any good tutorials on Unreal tutorial on vehicle making that is relevant for making them in squad?
  6. Easter egg in v15

    Praise the sphere
  7. Founder skins

    I just saw that a few of the skins are back in V12, really nice to see. But i was looking back on the pledge from kickstarter where it says "Alternate Primary weapon skins (AK and M4) ". is there plans to make any more skins for the AK and M4 variants?(not all of curse but some). And now there is no point in having the ak74 tribal squad leader skin since the only ak74 the squad leader can have is the one with optics.. and could the skins that are already made for the M4 be added to the kits in the insurgent classes that already is using M4's? i know this is low priority thing with the skins and all, but would be nice to know whats planned for it.
  8. I've bin trying this for a while, my goal is to make a mod where i make the gunner and driver in tankts(working on m1a2)into one seat. Is there any way to do this? becuase i've bin looking at it all weekend and cant figure out where to edit this.
  9. Founder skins

    Founder is just one of the teir's you could pick during the kickstarter.
  10. Tanks mechanics error and M1A2 errors

    you have to draw the line on realism and whats fun to play, and they've done that.
  11. +1 would like to have that yes i dont think it will be an issue after we get tanks an such. Since then we get deticated tank squads, apc squads, so there wont be any fighting. Since you either gotta join one of the two squads if you want to do armor, or you'll get kicked for trying to take one and not being in the designated squad. Like PR .
  12. Post Scriptum Keys

    i got the code, but it says it is invalid when i try to activate it on steam.. edit: never mind worked now.
  13. "Create Squad" Needs Tweaked

    No it is still a problem. They dont leave the squad. So they do keep their kit.
  14. "Create Squad" Needs Tweaked

    there is also a problem where people create squds, then lets the squad fill up and giving the squad lead to someone else, so they can pick their desired kit(mostly sniper). It has happens from time to time. Maybe a timer on giving another member of the squad, squadlead after the squad is created.
  15. New update

    well its is the only live version it should happen automatically. And you know it is v10 when you see the background of the homepage has changed from the previous one.
  16. V10 weapon muzzle control

    So i have to know all the map names to be able to speak about my opinions? it is the equivalent as to say if you can name all the capture points then on all the maps then? i dont see any relevance knowing the map name has to do with speaking about game mechanics of the game. But the "meta" is the same as before, depending on the map and game mode it is just to rush the middle flag(if its not invasion) or the next flag after that, holding it to prevent them from capping it. But seriously you have no point other than having more hours or knowing all the map names? it is really stupid.
  17. V10 weapon muzzle control

    There was not as great of a aim skill compared to now, i'll rephrase it. Compared to v10 there is a huge difference. With v9 there was easier to shoot since you didnt have gun sway, or stamina didnt effect your aim as much as now. v9 was muce more of arcade ish feeling gunplay wise. As someone said earlier, the gunplay now is much closer to something like red orchestra.
  18. V10 weapon muzzle control

    You have the mentality of cod and league players, your acting like those who get upset in those games and result to " 1v1 me m8" and just toxic behaviour. And "lol" is your best answer? guess i'm not too surprised. Edit: What point? you only see numbers of hours played. You cant surely be this retarded?
  19. V10 weapon muzzle control

    And yet.... you responded. is the "you have no concept on game design" your only stick? it seems so. of course a player with less hours dosent know as much about the game, but that dosent mean you can shut their opinion down like you do. If you think someone has a bad opinion then explain why that is so... And the last part is a joke i hope, just because you have played games for 15 years dosen't equivalent to you knowing what is good and what isn't. Start by writing maybe? or are you too incompetent? well you responded well to me so i dont see why you cant respond to him, but dont be an asshole. That is something you can say about all fps'es. And it still is in v10. Im not sure where you get this "high level" from. i've seen your videos. Aim skill was definitely not rewarded in v9... and if you think so, i would love to hear why you think gun play was more rewarded in v9 then v10.
  20. V10 weapon muzzle control

    the hours played doesn't mean you have any more say than a guy who has 20 hours. Going by the mentallity is idiotic and ignorant. Futher more Bosting about how much you have played comes of no good, since you just come out as a prick when you do so, and in this case you seem to be one. And when you respond to opinions like this then i think you are the one who should go away. You write "i can't even", you write like how a 14 year old would talk. You come with no input on why you think the opinion is bad. Yeah because i bet YOU are... not a chance. i think you and your buddy @BadVlad can go circle jerk somewhere else on your really bad opinions on v10, if your not willing to see the other point of view and with out just dismissing others opinions
  21. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Think there is a game out then for you, Its call of duty
  22. NameTags in the way

    So this has happend a few times now, and the problem is that the friendly nametag when people are dead will appear. And from fare away distances, If a enemy is on the body or behind the body and further away, it looks like a friendly because of the name tag will be above the enemy. Or the nametag will obscure your vision so you cant see the enemy. And whats more is that people who use Caps or has very long names with a lot of symbols etc takes much more screen space too. I think there should rather be a button to highlight this like in PR where you could press T to see tags or if you aimed long enough on a team mate it would highlight his tag showing he was friendly(only when they are alive though). Here the i was taking shot from under the o0 somewhere. and this is an example when they stack (yes i know the bush is in the way too) but this is how also the squad leader symbol also obstructs vision.
  23. V10 founder skins gone

    So the founder skins arent in the v10 update. Even though they are listet and checked in the options. Any ETA when will get the skins back? Never mind, can close the thread
  24. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    my go to is "SayHiWhenYouJoin" Then you can it is easy to find out who has mics too.