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  1. Game breaking

    Wow! Way to build a gaming community.
  2. News on update?

    Cute and overdone.
  3. ban mechanics

    MODERATORS: Can this thread be locked? The OP's original question has been answered, so there is no need for bashing. I realize his actions are greatly frustrating, but corrective action has been taken. He will either learn from his mistakes or he will mess around and end up with a permanent ban. There really isn't a need to say much more.
  4. What is a hardcore gamer?

    Wow. Just...wow!
  5. Clan options

    Check out the 7th Cavalry. We have a good contingent of internationals with practices and events in Euro friendly and US friendly times: www.7cav.us
  6. Do Server Admins have a map showing enemies ?

    Keep in mind that some players are just that good. Most of are not (well, I am not, at least). That said, if you think that something is suspicious, go to the server owners and just ask. Be respectful, but bring up the issue with them. I highly doubt any server owner would allow their admins to use their tools to cheat. See what kind of response you get, and if you are satisfied, keep playing on that server. If you are not, find another one to play on. Like the RIP guys, the 7th Cav does not tolerate abuse especially from our admins. If you see anything suspicious on our servers our forums are the place to bring your report.
  7. Administrating a server

    darricks, If your permission settings are not correctly set, the AdminChangeMap and AdminEndMatch commands will not work. We found that we had to set the 'change' and 'pause' permissions for the users to be able to change maps. Without the 'pause' permission, AdminChangeMap sets the next map but does not end the round to start the map. I hope that helps.
  8. Milita vs Russia Nightmare!

    Check your fire. Part of the point is to deal with a bit of the disorientation that comes when you don't have the game holding your hand. Learn the uniforms and learn trigger control. It's a pain at times, but it's worth it.
  9. Karm, thank you for brining some sanity to the discussion. I appreciate your attempts to be reasonable and present a well-thought out argument. We always want to hear from players to understand their concerns and hear their suggestions. That's one of the reasons we "advertise" our web address on the server. Since it is our server in the screenshots above, I took some time to load into one of our servers (we provide 2 public servers for the community to enjoy in addition to our own private server) and time the messages. It was five minutes after I loaded in before I saw the first message. I counted approximately 5 minutes from the start of one message to the start of the next, and the message remained on the screen for 12 - 15 seconds. In order to see all 22 messages, you would have to be on the server for 110 minutes, and out of that 110 minutes 330 seconds (5.5 mins / 0.05%) were taken up with a message on the screen. I am not sure how much more infrequent we can make it; it seems the reaction is not against the frequency but the presence of the messages, period. At the moment this is the only tool we have. The messages displayed are the standard messages (tailored for Squad) we display on all of our public servers for the games we support. Exactly. However, we only have a few from our clan (which is quite a large clan) that track this forum. If you want to have your voice heard, then you are better served to post your concerns in our forums where those with the proper authority can address it. This would pretty much apply to any clan. We value feedback, and we try to take it all seriously. Many of us, however, have families and jobs and cannot spend our time lurking in all the forums available, so direct communication is vital if you want to be heard. I appreciate the concerns mentioned here, and I have notified our staff and asked for their feedback. We support Squad and want to see the community to grow with new players and new clans because we believe in the vision that Squad represents.
  10. Sorry for the double post. Computer was being stupid.
  11. I find all of this pretty interesting. As an admin who is part of a community that supports Squad and wants to see the player base grow the following comment is a bit disconcerting: We are no longer in pre-Alpha, and we have a newer player base. Your comment misses the larger vision of the game and OWI which is to introduce new players to Squad and grow the community. The purpose here is not to create a myopic gaming community that only serves the wishes of a few. We want to see the game grow and represent the best that a tactical FPS can be. This is precisely why the rules need to be spammed. Players with such a disdain for the rules and complete disregard for the people who pay for and operate the servers create the issues that cause Admins so much grief. Respect goes a long way, and I'm not seeing it here. We in no-way want to alienate our player base, but we fully intend to maintain our rules and expect you to follow them. No one likes the rules until some nut jumps in and starts creating havoc for everyone else; then, suddenly, the cries for an admin to fix the problem become deafening. The rules are there so that we can treat everyone fairly, period. We state them clearly, and we expect everyone to follow them including our Admins.
  12. Alpha 4 Update

    I find that response at the UE4 forums interesting in light of the following: http://fudzilla.com/news/39493-epic-investigates-amd-issues
  13. A loading screen would be nice to display server rules. It would prevent any need to spam the chat with server rules, and it would make sure players saw the rules all at once and in context. I cannot discern, however, if the OP's issue is as much with the spamming of the rules as the fact that servers have rules they expect to be followed. Playing on a server is a privilege, not a right. If someone else is footing the bill for that nice server you are playing on then they get the right to set the rules for it.
  14. AMD, info question topic

    FX-6300 3.5 Ghz 12 GB RAM 750Ti Superclocked 2GB Win 10 No overclocking and just standard cooling. Before alpha 4, I could run everything on high, but I had a better experience on medium with AA off. The game was smooth at around 30-40fps. I would drop frames when in a firefight, but it was mostly playable. Since the update it's a different story, but I've only spent an hour with it.
  15. Massive lag spikes in firefight

    Having issues here, too. It was playable under 3.1, but now I hit big lag spikes around other players and firefights. If I am just close to the fight (hearing distance) it can have an impact. FX-6300 3.5 Ghz 12 GB RAM 750Ti Superclocked 2GB Win 10 Most of my settings are on medium. I started experimenting with turning some down to low, changing the resolution, scale, etc. Didn't seem to help.