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  1. The American Football Thread!

    He made clutch passes too, especially that sideline pass to win before OT. But yes, kickers don't get half the credit they deserve. Which is why I'm glad we pay Tucker well. Pats / Packers SB. Packers take it.
  2. The American Football Thread!

    So happy right now
  3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Honestly at this point, I dont give a **** about a game looking like a bench mark. I played halflife one mods well into the early 2000s. Just make it run at 60 frames, and if it's pretty enough, that'll do.
  4. The American Football Thread!

    Those close games blew my picks out completely, but man what a week. I love this time of year
  5. The American Football Thread!

    Chiefs defense gave me **** all fantasy wise, but the Ravens scrapped for a win. I'll take it
  6. The American Football Thread!

    Hahaha. Thats the second time Kubiak has done that shit to Gano.
  7. The American Football Thread!

    Starting a new job on Sunday morning, ************.
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Oh I dunno, chavs have done a pretty good job of that already
  9. Takes the Biscuit

    Ahhhhh you mother ****er. Chicken biscuits are my jam Chick-fil-a is godlike.
  10. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Diggers! About ****ing time a Vietnam game had Aussies in it
  11. Takes the Biscuit

    Oh ****. Yeah chocolate digestives are the shit.