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    Hi Guys I have converted few SQUAD logo's to the .png format for the TEAMSPEAK icon, which requires 16*16 pixels. The link is below for the .zip file which contains all the types of SQUAD logo which are compatible with the Teamspeak. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93251558/SQUADICONS.zip
  2. Ye he is still our clan leader. He is busy in his new job but still play every day with us.
  3. Hi guys this is GBHTEAM, we are one of the famous Clan with players from Australia and New Zealand. We have been playing since the Americas Army, and currently focussed on Insurgency game. We welcome any players from any region to join our clan for this upcoming SQUAD game. Team Speak details:
  4. ...Radio Artillery...

    Hmmm wish the dev's will implement the Mortar then, doesn't really matter fixed or movable.
  5. ...Radio Artillery...

    Here is a link for the off map Artillery. e.com/watch?v=QIpFVMf0k8A
  6. I was just wondering that whether we could have Artillery in game, that could be called in via "Radio" option like Red Orchestra 2 in near future. As we have really big maps I think that would be awesome but yes it should be limited to several roles like Commander or Squad Leader.