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  1. Bullet penetration and wind effect

    Things landing close still causes a suppression effect though! :) So if a guy was on the other side of the wall / near the doorway he could still have felt it (or your shots could've blocked that exit from the building!)
  2. Chromatic Aberration toggle option

    Oo, I didn't mean to make your issue out to be unimportant! I was just wondering if there were any other times that it appeared because sometimes I don't notice it :)
  3. Chromatic Aberration toggle option

    Is the place that chromatic aberration is present in the 'injured' screen effects? I've had a tough time noticing where it pops up in games (like The Witcher 3 if I recall correctly).
  4. Winter maps

    oh now you're just messing with mee
  5. Winter maps

    Ah, ok. It just seems that there's a mix of responses to the hats (though obviously they're not good for seriously competitive matches).
  6. Winter maps

    Could you be more specific? (If it's about not giving serious answers in the Questions section I am actually really sorry and will delete my post in this thread; I don't mean to mislead anyone in answering their questions).
  7. Winter maps

    luckily that's already been done though! :P
  8. Is it possible to make a low/med/high video?

    If you're wondering if you can run it, looking at the graphics won't be a perfect way to judge it (and optimization will vary depending on what build of the game/engine it is!). --- I don't have video making figured out but here are some quick screen caps of game settings. Low preset Medium preset High preset Epic presets Custom settings (more or less what I use) Using 95 field of view. Of course you can also switch up settings to balance your preference and what your computer can run well. Mind that: (1) The graphics could be subject to change and look different depending on time of day; (2) I'm only using settings available in-game -- for instance maybe there will be new anti-aliasing options in the future; and (3) I haven't shown off much of the terrain or foliage.
  9. How many maps are there in Squad?

    The "Updates" section of the site has some pictures of maps at times. I made an album with pictures from all of the maps so far!! There might be some time of day settings for certain game modes that didn't get included in the album.
  10. Screenshots -- Pictures of Reno Butts

    I took some screenshots of each of the maps in their current forms. Here is an album (the names of the maps are in the titles of the pictures): Overview of maps If there are any tips on taking good screenshots feel free to share them too!
  11. Help me understand.

    1st - great to hear :) 2nd - One workaround for not having a scope but getting nice long range kills: Some classes (Medics and Squad Leaders) have binoculars. You can use the binoculars to spot far-off targets, then switch to your primary weapon, and then switch back to binoculars to see what damage you did. Keeping in mind the Medic's job of healing people is crucial to the squad and should be prioritized, and that binoculars might be more useful as a squad support item (i.e. for helping your squad spot enemies as addressing them as a group).
  12. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    Is that my picture in the Early Access Follow Up?! That is awesome :D
  13. How many maps are there in Squad?

    I was messing around in training mode earlier, and it lets you switch to Logar Night! yep!
  14. Help me understand.

    Not everyone gets a scope, no. The game tries to have things a bit more similar to how it might be for a real life faction with regards to the scopes. - Insurgents and militias might have scopes more rarely (i.e. a marksman would get one, but other classes won't) - The Russian army has scopes in the making -- right now they're just not ready to be released into the public build of the game (other than I think the marksman rifle). - US Army gets red dot sights (there's only a few classes that don't have them right now if I recall correctly; right now only a few people per squad can have ACOG scopes -- I figure this could change in the future, but for now it wouldn't be a lot of fun if EVERYONE on the US side has magnifying scopes when other factions do not have scopes or other gadgets in the game yet. But even once there's more scopes (both magnifying and not) in the game, you won't always have one depending on what team you're playing as! Edit: my comment was a bit late to the punch.
  15. Slider for head bob

    I've gotten a bit used to it but I do prefer less head bob. A slider or toggle would be nice if it's possible.