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  1. Squad sound issue

    Shameless bump
  2. Squad sound issue

    Also - I do see the icons that indicate they are talking.
  3. I have a issue with the sound in the game. I am not able to hear the squad channel, while the other two channels still work fine. I use a Logitech g930, and it has worked fine since the closed alpha. Recently, with the new update, I have not been able to hear any chat from the squad channel. The headset uses Dolby surround sound. I've tried many things that I will list out - -Logging out and back in -Restarting the game -Verifying game files -Reinstalling -Clearing client cache -Checked settings, obviously -changed type of audio around Any recommendations are welcomed.
  4. some things I thought of...

    That is a very cqc sight.
  5. Shovel melee

    -1 I like spades better.
  6. Minor Suppression Idea

    Sorry for not responding earlier. To the people who have talked about adrenaline helping them through it, I would agree that does help, but most engagements are from a distance in RL. Sometimes you don't even know where you are being shot at, that makes it a little bit harder to just power on with the help of adrenaline. Adrenaline can easily help you in a life or death situation weather that means running faster, powering through a wound, or making better decisions, but, easily anxiety can overcome everything else. Also the 50:50 was just a example, and it is not a random event because it only happens when you are being suppressed.
  7. Along with not helping game play or graphical design at all, its not realistic. Each soldier has their way of reloading, weather its identical to the person next to him's way or its completely different it doesn't matter, they will stick to it and remember it. Its like which hand you have on top when you cross your arms, its always the same. (Yes, I just referenced the worst movie).
  8. Civilians cars

    They will very likely be added to give more cover and variety to the urban parts of the map.
  9. Bayonet Implementation

    I like the idea, but in real warfare (depending on the environment) its a 1 in 100 chance that you will be close enough to use it.
  10. Squad Leader Re-assignment.

    I've seen other topics that state what you've said, and added on more to the thought.
  11. I honestly don't care if they change the medical system from what it is now, I just would love to see general improvements with the blood decals, such as entrance/exit wounds, bleeding, and altogether good effects to make wounding/casualties more intense and realistic. At least not ARMA 3 style wounds.
  12. Random Weapon Skins.

    This sounds like your saying that having 3 weapon skins is going to reduce performance a lot ... 3mbs wont hurt to bad , but I get what your saying ...
  13. some things I thought of...

    Normally you don't zero for distance in combat. You account for drop using the scope. As for ballistics, there will be drop but wind is unconfirmed. There will also most likely not be a "rank up" system. Also, most engagement IRL are done at further ranges then depicted in video games. Mostly because IRL you dont want to die, in video games you dont give a shit.