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  1. Website: Tactical Gamer Tactical Gamer is one of the best known and respected communities that played Project Reality. For many years we hosted the busiest and most well organised PR server in existence. We have a history of great Commanders, fantastic Squad Leaders, admins, developers and testers all within our ranks, and this is something that will continue with Squad. Using our own Teamspeak server we run and participate in internal and external scrims. We are very excited about what the team is doing with Squad, and look forward to its progress! Tactical Gamer prides itself on being a community of mature, teamwork-orientated gamers. We believe in playing games with tactics and teamwork, and have little tolerance for other styles of game play. While not all agree with our philosophy, we find that we have had incredible success with it in the past and see no reason why we cannot do so again. If you didn't have the opportunity to play on our Project Reality server before, please browse through our forums to see what we're all about. If you've played with us before then we'd like to welcome you back. We currently play a wide variety of teamwork orientated games, we run ArmA servers, BF4 servers, and our members are to be found in anything where there is cooperation and organisation required. Swing on by our forums and say hello in our new Squad sub-forum. Our membership is in the 10's of thousands across all our games, mostly split between the USA and Europe. Our requirements are that you have a mic, are willing to participate in a teamwork orientated fashion, and have fun. We follow the principles of our primer in all games we play. Tactical Gamer Primer TG Discord Information TG Squad Forums TG Announcement Thread TG is BACK!
  2. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    The survey was worded in such a way as to present OWI with the answers it wanted. Simply validated the direction many suspected it was going - arcadey rush rush rush COD crowd gameplay. I have not played since V13 came out, and can not stomach more than half a round right now. Thank god for modding - maybe they can make the game we were promised when we paid for the kickstarter? Just my opinion.
  3. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Only had the stomach for a few hours in v13 and v14 - for what its worth I am one of those 1000+ hours guys. Real shame too, as now you have added Skorpo and the Chally 2 it LOOKS fantastic. But all the great work, the engine overhaul, the performance increase, the assets, the game modes, everything is overshadowed by the awful dead dead and buddy rally changes. Someone on your team needs to do some statistics courses as those numbers show the majority want both either CHANGED or removed entirely - but nice spin on the facts, the EU have nothing on you guys for spinning a narrative! Its a really bad idea to base a game on a survey like this - particularly when these changes were implemented by a minority in the dev team to begin with. Then the community was told they were for testing only, and would be removed, now the changes are permanent. You are seemingly bleeding your core base of SLs and experienced players, in the pursuit of new blood. But what you have done is actually UPPED the frustration rate amongst all players. There is a way to keep your core players and bring in new blood - you have such a niche product here and could do great things. Seems like we wait for modding 2.0 and then make PR for squad at this rate to remove the unpopular, arcade style changes. Thats my 2 cents - I wrote a lot in the survey but I guess that newbies with zero explanation on their views count for more than those of us who had more thought out answers and suggestions.
  4. Alpha 13 Released

    Great to see the engine improvements and new game mode in particular, much needed! Massively disappointed to see you kept the buddy rally and removed insta death. Dumbing down the game to encourage new players to join, at the expense of existing players. If we see a reaction and those existing leaders and SLs leave, the gameplay will deteriorate - and any new players will suffer even more. In fact they will suffer anyway as you better believe the experienced players will exploit these mechanics, and noobs will get frustrated. Real shame you are seemingly leaving behind your goals of striving to be at least a little like PR, and are going for the Apex/BF crowd.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Hence the feedback, to assist them with this!
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I am going to be very honest in my personal feedback - please consider it constructive as I intend it to be. Good Stuff * New vehicles like TOW MATV and Spandy are very welcome, as is the Engineer kit and ability to blow up wrecks. * New Engine - long overdue but I understand the crazy leg work the team had to put in to make this happen, so good stuff. Has resulted in a much smoother game for me overall, and the future potential with this is exciting. * Removing FTL Range exploit and ping - Good move, something I have been asking for since day 2 of its implementation. Once people started exploiting it it had to go. In a game where the squad and team are meant to work together, giving AT god power over range is silly. * RAAS Fog - Likely the best change of all. Will help with map fatigue that most of the community is suffering with right now, and hopefully help the map makers make decisions going forward in their design. * Shovelling changes - self explanatory - good work. Bad Stuff * Flogging a dead horse here, but here goes. Speed and Stamina. What is interesting is finally the Squad community is united, even if it is in almost universal dislike of some changes in this patch. The speed increase is too much - I said this in closed testing when I was told it was a reaction to Apex Legends making Squad feel slow, and I say it again now publicly. Toning it down a little will help. However the animations still look ridiculous, and things like climbing stairs SHOULD have an impact on speed. The biggest issue, and one I can not understand is why stamina has been made redundant. Your stamina recovers at such a fast rate that it might as well not exist. You have the PERFECT opportunity here to fix so many issues - tie stamina to weapon stability, make players manage their stamina. Add sway back into the game after QA essentially pulled it out in the v12.1 hotfix. Make it so that low stamina is punished with poor accuracy. This seems so obvious in a game designed to promote teamwork. You, as an individual, should NOT be able to sprint 100m and perfectly ping a dude from 200m away. You should move with your squad and be more deliberate in that movement. And you should be trying to promote firefights that last and are fun, now instantly over. More sway, more suppression, all tied to stamina. Then slow down the stamina regeneration. One of the biggest problems you have is the fact that this change essentially undermines the message and public goals of the game, and creates confusion in the current playerbase. This game will forever be relatively niche, but this change is to encourage pubbys to pick up and play. A fine goal, but massively flawed in its implementation. The stated reason for this in testing was that players need mobility - thats what vehicles are for. So they lose all their vehicles? They should get punished with poor mobility. Giving individuals the ability to Usain Bolt across the map is not the solution. Bring back sway, bring back proper suppression, tie it to stamina. Real simple stuff. * Still no mortar calculator. Unfortunately the community is rife with people using external tools to get an advantage. If Squad is serious in its goal to attract new players and level the playing field, then an in-game calculator needs to be added, otherwise new players simply can not compete. In the meantime add some element of randomness to the mortars to stop the pinpoint accuracy - maybe 5-8m is enough in the meantime. * Buddy rally - another one of the changes that clearly was not thoughts out. HABs are redundant, and this is beyond exploitable. Again, your logic is to promote a fast paced game with no down time to promote new players coming and sticking to the game. You base this on the fact that no one likes to have to return to main, or spawn at main. A fair goal, though I would suggest the logic is incorrect. However 100% action destroys the gameplay. Defenders should be rewarded for wiping a squads HAB or RP, not face endless spam charges. What next, spawning vehicles in the field? * Perma Death removal - Again an entirely illogical change. Again made, I presume, to relieve the punishing nature of the game for new players. However this is open to exploit and doesn't reward the team with better movement, positioning and killing power. Overall some really good changes, but some huge illogical things too - 1 step forwards, 2 back with this patch. Hoping for some massive changes before this goes live. As some have stated, there is massive concern in the broader, usually more silent side of the community that OWI has somehow changed their goal in making a game that is supposedly the spiritual successor to Project Reality. This patch makes it seem like a pretty poor attempt at a BF4/Apex crossover. Currently there is even more mixed messaging than usual, and what seems to be multiple internal factions pulling this game in different directions to each other, and the public stated goals. This is resulting in huge gameplay changes, confusion, and then hotfixes to revert those changes. This can all be prevented..... It would also help if OWI could decide what they wanted to do in terms of feedback - there are so many Discord channels currently dumping feedback into them, then there is this thread, there are backchannels, and overall mixed messaging. There are OWI staff with job titles and tags in discord talking about things that is not in their purview, and apparently making changes and decisions to gameplay they should not be involved in, and releasing that information to their groups, creating even more confusion. The silly changes in this patch could have been addressed and rectified long ago in closed testing had a proper feedback mechanic been in place, not just "fight in the 300m squared box to see how the map feels" testing. In my opinion this is why the testing team has been shrinking week on week for months, and is becoming more and more just the area for bragging rights of a few with the right tags and friends. And I say this as someone who has been involved as a Squad tester since before the game was even announced to the public. I am encouraged by the dedication to having a more agile development and release strategy, and modding 2.0 as I feel modding might have to be the way to save Squad from OWIs internal confusion at this point. Hopefully you guys can get your future vision in order, make peace with the original kickstarter goal of this being a niche game based on the same vision as Project Reality, and rectify this bipolar patch soon. I hope this feedback has been useful.
  7. Dbzao has released his new video with an awesome (and painful for me) ambush on the Russian team in the latest Tactical Gamer internal scrim, Operation Valentine. Enjoy, and come by our Discord to get involved and join the community - we give a home to former PR players looking to play Squad the right way.
  8. Scrim roster is full - however if you would like to be placed on the reserves list do still register. As with most of these events there are usually one or two drop outs and no shows. Planning and training, as well as commander and teams to be announced soon.
  9. Then try this - https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/ag6a9f/how_to_enable_adaptivesync_freesync_if_you_have/
  10. Is your monitor one of the 12 that is supported? That would be the first thing you need to check: Acer XFA240 Acer XG270HU Acer XV273K Acer XZ321Q Agon AG241QG4 AOC G2590FX Asus MG278Q Asus VG258Q Asus VG278Q Asus XG248 Asus XG258 BenQ XL2740
  11. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    Fantastic post - former PR Mod here so I am used to seeing posts like this in discussion - nice to see it here. This essentially sums up my apprehension about mod tools and modding in general in Squad. I am all for it in theory, but the some things may need limiting, and the details will need to be made explicit when players are joining servers otherwise it will be a crazy messy experience. Kinda like ArmA was, and how fractured it became. That said, the game is still developing now, gameplay chances since V12 have been fantastic, notwithstanding the terrible sway nerf in 12.1 that will hopefully be fixed going forward. I understand the devs want to keep this game as appealing to the masses as they can, and so they should. But they also need to realise that the majority of players are not in the competitive scene, and IMO they should make a base game, and then give the competitive guys the ability to mod the game how they want. That way the vast majority of the player base gets the game that was intended when announced - a PR successor - and the competitives get their more rushing run and gun gameplay.
  12. New TG Scrim announced: Visit our forums HERE to find out how to sign up. Be sure to check out the video above to understand the standard of play - see you on the field.
  13. The result of our recent TG Scrim from just before Christmas: Hopefully you will recognise some of those names. Stand by for news on the next Scrim - and be prepared to sign up early, as the last one was full.
  14. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Play PR. Realise how it was implemented and understand that Helo's are a good thing, a necessary thing. Then realise that Squad will take that which worked and probably refine it even further. And play on better servers if you are finding armour whores are rife on the servers you frequent.
  15. Can't Run the game anymore

    Actually that CPU will likely be just fine in the short-mid term. Until a few weeks ago I was still running my i5 4670k and it was totally fine. My GPU however is a 1070 and it was maxing out at 100% but still giving me 70-90fps at 1440 resolution. I JUST upgraded my CPU to an i7 9700k and see essentially no difference, but the upgrade wasn't needed for Squad anyways. I use a combination of highest and some mid settings. That 1050 is your biggest issue.
  16. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    I don't think this particular gunplay issue is high on peoples list of things to care about when you consider how much they broke sway in 12.1 and 12.2, unfortunately. Hopefully this game-play gets fixed soon and essentially at worst, gunplay gets reverted back to v12 where sway and suppression work in conjunction for better fire fights, or ideally it gets made EVEN BETTER with more sway and suppression, particularly when low on stamina. The current implementation saw sway nerfed by probably 65-80% I reckon over the previous v12 values, to a point that there is almost no sway and the lazer beam accuracy has essentially made suppression moot, destroying team based gameplay in favour of a run and gun fast pace style of play. IMO.
  17. I think the changes are great, and will likely go even further in upcoming patches as people learn and adapt. Currently I agree with @MultiSquid - there is zero punishment with the current RP system. And zero reward either. Like, you successfully defend an enemy attack? So what, you don't "win" that firefight when they can simple re-spawn 100m away and stream in over and over. PR pacing got this right IMHO - you win a firefight you would usually get some downtime to regroup, rearm and reassess and communicate on a team level as an SL. In Squad its an endless firefight and endless stream of bodies until you push off the flag you are defending and kill their RP.
  18. PR Vets, vote here.

    Then sounds great!
  19. Hi all - for those of you who missed it, OWI CEO Merlin and Project Lead Drav sat down this week before the Reddit AMA and spoke at length about themselves, their background, what they learnt during the 3 weeks of developing v10, and many other things. Also in response to the formatting issue with the original upload please find a much better version with tracking. Pocket Casts - SquadCast 3 - Merlin & Drav - Also works on mobile in the Pocket Casts app Please feel free to give us more feedback in this thread - we will continue to do more of these as OWI continue to build out the game we all love.
  20. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    What they need to do is simple enough - add the ability for all kits to have either optics or irons. Ideally eventually all will get both on their weapon as standard. Then, properly finish the shooting mechanic and add good suppression - make long range firefights last much much longer. Make optics be at a disadvantage up close. You know, like PR did - it has 12 years of data and proof behind the concept so its well tested and works. No reason to go round and round and round in circles when all of this has already been done.
  21. PR Vets, vote here.

    If it is for rush, then no. If it is more true to the PR legacy then absolutely. Rush gameplay can die in a fire, but it is great to finally see some nice big asset centric maps, so bravo to you!
  22. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Just introduce PR style CAS - it was perfect and balanced. Everything had a counter and could be prevented, but was also very powerful if played well. I don't get the argument about map size. PR has 4x4 and 1 8x8 map and it plays GREAT with CAS. Squad can too.
  23. Before and after V10

    Real constructive wasn't it!? I vastly prefer v10 shooting dynamics more than v9, and that seems to be the consensus, apart from the usual vocal minorities who we can safely ignore. Now just add some suppression and a little more sway and we are well on our way to proper ranged firefights without negatively affecting CQB. Keep it up guys!
  24. I personally don't like the name tags, they should either be off entirely, or ideally range dependant. You see them within say 10 m then they fade out. Make people play smarted, PID targets using kit shape, weapons, and sounds. For me, the tags keep getting in the way and are far too bright.
  25. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Try local volume maxed! These are great points that would make using vehicles more realistic and fun.