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  1. PR Vets, vote here.

    If it is for rush, then no. If it is more true to the PR legacy then absolutely. Rush gameplay can die in a fire, but it is great to finally see some nice big asset centric maps, so bravo to you!
  2. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Just introduce PR style CAS - it was perfect and balanced. Everything had a counter and could be prevented, but was also very powerful if played well. I don't get the argument about map size. PR has 4x4 and 1 8x8 map and it plays GREAT with CAS. Squad can too.
  3. Before and after V10

    Real constructive wasn't it!? I vastly prefer v10 shooting dynamics more than v9, and that seems to be the consensus, apart from the usual vocal minorities who we can safely ignore. Now just add some suppression and a little more sway and we are well on our way to proper ranged firefights without negatively affecting CQB. Keep it up guys!
  4. I personally don't like the name tags, they should either be off entirely, or ideally range dependant. You see them within say 10 m then they fade out. Make people play smarted, PID targets using kit shape, weapons, and sounds. For me, the tags keep getting in the way and are far too bright.
  5. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Try local volume maxed! These are great points that would make using vehicles more realistic and fun.
  6. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Here is the newly updated PR map gallery in case you have not had a chance to see it - http://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/
  7. I respectfully disagree - we have never had issues like this at all. Heck even last night TacticalGamer had a 1:45 round of Sumari of all maps and the server ended with the same amount of people. Longer rounds give more flexibility - people can always leave when they want.
  8. V10 Public Test live again!

    Yes Merlin came and announced the plan is to release the game on the 5th February
  9. At the moment the games seem to last around 45 mins on average, which is much too short. At that point things are really only getting interesting. I would prefer closer to 2 hours, but likely a happy medium exists!
  10. Weapons of the BAF?

    The L129 is after my time, but no one I have spoken to is keen to lose the LMG at the platoon level. It seems crazy to me that it is even suggested but hey, our armed forces have been doing some crazy things of late....
  11. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    I agree with the medic role needing a revamp. And with your point on death not being punishing enough. Myself personally, I would like to see the death timer be much higher, the wounded state last for 5 minutes, and the punishment for giving up early being bigger. However for that to work the medic system needs redone as currently its just too easy to lose both medics, and as you can not grab kits like in PR you are done for. Same with vehicles, something like a 30mm BTR should have a respawn timer in around 20 minutes. Start to use the crazy abilities this engine brings to the game to modify player behaviour, to stop the zerg and get people to be smarter. Well aware this has been talked about many times, but I am just trying to facilitate some good discussion on these forums, as the reddit page is just a nasty, silly place. I think more indepth, mature discussions can only be a good thing.
  12. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    That is good news, but nothing new obviously, as we have known this from on and off the record talks with devs for a long time. I think what this thread is highlighting is the need to prioritise this more. As map design improves and they get bigger, and the gun play is changed to be less lazer beam and more realistic, this is going to become more vital. I can think of very little else that would have such a large affect to the shooter part of the equation, except a total revamp on the RP and logistics systems. But that is a different, but also much needed conversation.
  13. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    I agree with pretty much everything in your post, but the most important of all of these in the short term is the suppression. By introducing a proper suppression mechanic you will force the engagements to last longer and be at increased ranges, all of which is more realistic and more fun. This allows manoeuvring and multi-squad work to happen to bound into positions, and to pin down and flank enemy squads. Then imagine that effect, but with big scary calibers from big scary vehicles.... I miss these long lasting long range firefights, not experiences one in over 1,000 hours on Squad - not like back in PR anyway. I think this one change would go a long way to changing the game from its current BF4 lite format, over to what the Devs always intended it to be by slowing the pace. If suppression had the appropriate sound effects, particles, and incorporated some of disposableHero's aforementioned stamina and sway mechanics, then its a no brainer that it would be much better.
  14. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Waiting for V10 and hopefully some changes to the current rush meta/respawn>die>respawn>die tard rush mechanics, to align it more to PR's pacing.
  15. Make Squad great again...