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  1. In game founder weapon skin?

    have you enabled them in the game settings
  2. I've been trying to link my steam account so i can get my tags for SL backing but it just redirects and nothing happens, I never got any other keys.
  3. Kohat Toi River Valley

    same here. playable, then out of nowhere a drop to like 5 fps for a few seconds then back up. no matter where i am and what my settings are.
  4. Kohat fps

    Every other map i get perfect fps with no drops, yet on Kohat even just walking around I get crazy fps drops out of nowhere.any fix?
  5. Torrent only?

    they said once the first wave is done, by tomorrow there will be a direct download link.

    Roy, When will the first wave be done if you know? I really don't like torrents and really wanna play.
  7. Yay! Who else just got Squad Leader Tier?

    yep just got it and I'm so excited, my e-mail does some thing where it sends things that are like spam reports but doesn't actually send anything to spam
  8. Yay! Who else just got Squad Leader Tier?

    naw haven't gotten anything yet
  9. Yay! Who else just got Squad Leader Tier?

    i havent gotten my e-mail yet and I'm checking my inbox what feels like every 30 minutes, I'm hyped.
  10. Login not working! Devs help meh!!!

    i haven't even gotten my key yet
  11. Insurgent Machine Gunner

    it will probably be like pr in the sense that theirs an automatic rifleman kit that has weapons like the m249 and the RPK. Then the Machine gunner kit has access to weapons like the m240b the PKM. If a dev can say or maybe hint, do you know if the Marines will get the m27 IAR or stay with the SAW. and I'm saying probably, I have no way to know for sure though, this is just my guess. Or They could go some other direction with these 2 kits.
  12. Some questions re. Squad.

    If I remember correctly someone said they may explore snipers. Though it promotes a lone wolf way of gameplay they don't want. I personally enjoy sniper rifles. In PR i go in sniper teams and do recon to send information to my team but I could see how someone may just go out for the kills and not benefit their team at all. (correct me if Im also wrong on what they said)
  13. Ir0n did you send messages to all squad leader backers or just a few? or not squad leader at all?
  14. Who made the 'Founder' patch?

    how do i make it my signature?
  15. Am i good to use the amazing signature? edit: Didn't read full post, Sry