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  1. FUBAR - Official recruitment post

    Ive played with a few of your members in some pub matches had a good time. Im interested but have a few questions.
  2. Tactical Adult Team seeking more for Squad

    Just wondering if its possible to play with some of the members before joining just to kinda get a feel for how your group functions on the battle field.
  3. Missed the kickstarter

    So I somehow missed it, i guess life got in the way but i did make a donation and posted the tier that I donated for like the post said. I am just wondering when everything finally gets sorted out because im sure there was allot of donations, will I receive an email or a message on the forums? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this!!
  4. Donation

    So i clicked the donate button thinking it went to the kickstart but it didnt. So do i now have to spend another 70 bucks and have it applied to the kickstarter? Or will the donation go towards the kickstart program and give me the items that are equal to a 70 dollar donation on kickstart?