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  1. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Mosin nagant m91/30 tula hex receiver 1931 http://m.imgur.com/mkjb8SP
  2. Why not AK12?

    i want my trusty ruskie m91/30
  3. left handed shooting?

    Will i be able to shoot left handed in this game? I have shot lefty all of my 18 years of life and i would really like to shoot left handed in this game.
  4. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Russians in Afghanistan
  5. Garrys, bombcars, and the like

    Ok then but the real question is will Qom be playing on the radio when i drive around
  6. Garrys, bombcars, and the like

    Will garrys, bombcars and things like that be making a return in squad and will i be able to blare Qom while inside of it?
  7. Founder's Program & Pre-Alpha Access

    Bluedrake is doing a live stream on the 2nd...is this the release date?!?! Just take my weeks pay already
  8. Star Wars: Battle Cry

    Sounds better than EA's battlefront.
  9. Co-operative FPS would be popular in Japan

    yeah i just saw that, its stupid
  10. Non-Combat Roles

    Honestly one of my favorite momrnts in PR is when i was hitching a ride to the front and durring the ride whe disscused whether Hillary Clinton would be running for president or not, then we suddenly started taking small arms fire.
  11. A.I. civies

    no not quite but it does the basics well enough, people go about their daily lives, send troops in, gunfire erupts, they scatter, gunfire stops, and then they carry on with life.
  12. so Vietnam opening scene of we were soliders
  13. The M9 Knife

    if so I hope we can still shoot with it on