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  1. Ability to shoot out of Vehicles

    You could definitely shoot out of a soft skinned humvee, but uparmored humvees a nogo. It would be nice though!
  2. FSB, not FOB :)

    life on the cop and op..... sigh. lol
  3. Deployable Mortar

  4. 75th Ranger Regiment

    Yeah I was pretty salty all of the time lol. Had to do this before I ets'd a year ago. All in all, great unit. sorry for so much offtopic op lol
  5. 75th Ranger Regiment

    Yeah we had a lot of those guys lol, naturally every pl was tabbed, most senior leadership were and 3 or 4 joes and they always rock them ranger panties everywhere.... we did rpft every other month and I was just over it. lol
  6. 75th Ranger Regiment

    True that they're still infantry but the rest of the conventional units will never ever conduct the sorts of high speed training they do sadly. Everyone that is in the 82nd infantry units are rasp or sf drop outs lol. In a way they're more special than the rest of the army, they are heavily funded to do what ever while the rest of us went through budget cuts lol.
  7. M3 Carl Gustaf for US Army

    ^everyone wants cool stuff until its time to carry it around.
  8. Yeah we have guys that used peltors that they've bought or some got issued. Those that don't have those like myself, we did not wear any ear pro as they make it hard to listen to commands.
  9. Bayonet Implementation

    OPERATORRRR. jk Since we don't get issued bayonets in training or deployments(the 82nd at least.). Every infantryman is trained in at least a basic level of combative. When you're obnoxiously kicking in doors and clearing out buildings or hallways your cover is already blown, probably even before you entered a compound, village, etc. You learn techniques on what to do if someone grabs your rifle and if you encounter someone and you can't butt stock them because the sling is wrapped around you, you give them the muzzle thump and kill. Fortunately for me, I haven't had the opportunity to butt stock or thump anyone in the face but am just giving the realistic approach to it. Again, with other things I've mentioned, each unit/army is different in how they conduct themselves. Squad related gameplay wise, I'd stick with smashing someone's face with the butt stock.
  10. Remove tracers

    Yeah, only our sql, ftl, and 249 and 240 had tracers to designate where to focus the fire. Of course, it is different from unit to unit. Only thing ammo I ever got issued. M855a1
  11. Ammunition belts and machine gunners

    Yea, I don't recall any ever using the box either unless it was vehicle mounted. Our weapons only had nutsacks and when the gunner would run out of nutsacks the ab would just hand him belts while consistently linking new belts together.
  12. Magazines

    ^^Might be different for every unit but... We never drop our magazines to the ground especially not mine since I had the pmags. You would probably get counseled for that crap. What happens when you reload and have to maneuver or bound to another position? You're going to lose the magazine because you just dropped it and it is not like the movies or video games where you can just get a new one. It does not work like that. Training and executing drills get rammed in your head everyday when you're not going out on patrol and conducting and op. In the heat of battle during the adrenaline rush, you still retain the training you had. But besides that, back to the magazine topic. It is pretty reckless to drop the magazine when you were trained not too. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Because complacency kills.
  13. some things I thought of...

    ^Snipers and marksman zero for distance in combat. While the rest of the regular guys, we don't zero in combat obviously we zero our optics for combat. Also the m68 cco doesn't have elevation marks... just a red dot lol.
  14. some things I thought of...

    The army qualifies with target far out as 300m. the marines qualify at 500 yards or about 457m with iron sights. Its doable I'm sure ingame it would just be standard to pick out a cco or alt for an acog