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  1. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    MAT-V aka MRAP is ****ing massive in real life lol @Major Trouble
  2. I voted Germany, because I would love to see Leo2A6 in game! However I would love to see another OPFOR faction, China would be good to see! Oh thought! How about a well equipped Central American Cartel?!
  3. June 2018 Recap

    I played Narva yesterday. I took my big mean MAT-V parked it under quarry, and it ran out of ammo twice engaging everybody spawning on their hab inside with 20 of my guys below it, and it took 20 minutes before they just outright gave up. Nah fam, I can't wait for the new system, good riddens to the meat grinding!
  4. June 2018 Recap

    The once downed player is not "combat ready", he has no stamina and can't hold his breath to take accurate shots. If for some reason he has seized firing, or I hear him bandaging, you can guarantee me or my Squad is busting in, or advancing. This is not game breaking. In real life every American soldier has an IFAK. Here are the essential tools for first aid. This is basically what they are doing with this new system. Your battle buddy or yourself is first to typically help you, then you get him to the medic. This game is in EA, dont bash it before you try it.
  5. randomized soldier uniforms?

    "Role Custimization" was announced in the Kickstarter. How in depth? Details are not really known. Not really focused on stuff like this atm.
  6. dank memes

  7. I have had Abrams drive by me by inches, I feel the ground shake, and my ears blow out. That's about it ha. I suppose aiming down sights would subject to weapon shake though, and if I were to be laying down, I could see that happening.
  8. Welcome to Duty Commander

    Manually doing that all would be awesome. That's why ArmA 3 stands out for sure. I just dont know if the dev's will have us in that sort of direction, however we are in early access and things are subject to change and or extreme change!
  9. Hey man, if you get a badge from it, like AA2, would you do it?
  10. Welcome to Duty Commander

    As a a PR vet I would sometimes take commander roles, I simply gave Intel with the UAV (which armor crews essentially loved), occasionally asked Squads not doing much to move to a different position or take out an enemy fob I spotted, drop the JDAM and arty. JDAM drops were the best ha. I would hope it would remain that way. Along with a mutiny and mute function to kick jackwagons or mute the CO if you don't wanna acknowledge him.
  11. With all sorts of new players running around, I find that the "Training Mode" that was mentioned in the Kickstarter should have been implemented sooner. Is there anything more on it? I dont mind teaching new guys, however it's become so often its frustrating a LOT of people. I mentioned way back pre-steam release, that a similar way that "America's Army 2" did it would work really well! However that would take a lot of development. YouTube and videos are great, however not everybody goes watches them.
  12. Welcome to Duty Commander

    I love your points guys, they are good ones! However maybe servers can have settings to function to set parameters like, have commander or no commander role.
  13. June 2018 Recap

    this is YUGE! (love the Kashan Desert map throwback look, very welcomed!)
  14. Welcome to Duty Commander

    Yes this topic has been brought up before. However, I've been reading quite a bit of topics lately, and I see one big issue. With new players in, and V11 making it harder for one squad to carry the team anymore, I feel we need a definitive commander role talk again. The way it worked in PR wasn't bad, and could be elaborated on a bit, however we had missions and goals that were set by somebody, who typically knew the game well in PR. Of course we could have a certain squad or perhaps an admin on server make a "commander" squad. However they typically get backlash from others trying to set objectives for their Squad. I feel if we get this, it would bring clear concise objectives for other Squads not in the know how.
  15. Squad keeps crashing after 30 mins of in game play time

    I'm glad I found this topic, this became the temp solution too my issues to. Crash to desktop, no "send crash" report pop up either. I shutdown all razor in task manager, and no game crashes yet.