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  1. game crashing

    So I have cleared my cache in game multiple times. Took to deleting my Squad App data folder manually, and verified and repaired through steam. I get random crashes still either right at the menu, or in game randomly. Or loading into a server. I see this line in one of my crash logs 8.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: === Handled ensure: === [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: Ensure condition failed: bFoundWidget [File:d:\g\pipelines\release\S\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Slate\Private\Framework\Application\SlateApplication.cpp] [Line: 3128] [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: Attempting to LockCursor() to widget but could not find widget SViewport [] [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: Stack: [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8775BB6 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D86E304B [2018.04.08-02.03.13:731][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D86F1E66 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8AC701F [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8AD9A5F [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8AA06A1 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8AE23D5 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8AD88CD [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8AD0917 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D876D04B [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8758B2C [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D876EAB6 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D87556AE [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: USER32.dll!0x000000002F81B85D [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: USER32.dll!0x000000002F81B1EF [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D876F2E6 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D862C068 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8623A2C [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D8623A8A [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000D862CA11 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000DB5FB777 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: KERNEL32.DLL!0x000000002FC81FE4 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error: ntdll.dll!0x0000000031A5EFC1 [2018.04.08-02.03.13:732][ 1]LogOutputDevice:Error:
  2. Concerned

    No snipers. It is not a common role amongst infantry. Marksmen rifles as they are, will suffice the long distance engagements and are used among infantry. Snipers are not needed in this environment of gameplay. This game is infantry focused. Every other asset vehicle wise is to support the infantry. We don't here much about snipers these days anymore because they are usually tasked with SF. No M107, no AS50, sniper no snipping!
  3. Medic progression in Squad

    I am a big fan of the Americas Army 3 medical system. Would love to see a similar version!
  4. Mobile Mechanic HEMTT

    I mean in PR you typically see a "logi" crew of 2 or 3 guys driving trucks around. The logi trucks also had mobile rep stations they could drop from the truck, for armor.
  5. Armor update

    Devs, Loving V10! She has a few kinks, but will buff them out! With V10 out, and you all hard at work on buffing...I was just curious to find out in our next newsletter if we could get an update on Armor? I was very excited to see my M2 Bradley and Abrams being added! Any news would be welcomed! Thanks
  6. September 2017 Recap

    When can I have my Abrams and M2 Bradley?
  7. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I miss the ol tank battles in Kashan Desert. PR vet since PR 1.0 Username: A10Charlie
  8. Vikings of Valhalla (VKNG) Skirmish

    LOL yeah basically. He didn't want me to tell him where they were is all
  9. Mobile Mechanic HEMTT

    SOooo, with mod support out and armor being released soon, I was curious to see our modding community come up with a Mobile rep station with a HEMTT. As an Engineer, i work closley with mechanics and they use HWMMV and HEMTT aka (LET) all the time to keep our equipment running. Would be great to see this asset in game with an Engineer class!
  10. October 2017 Recap

    @Everyone P320 Sig Sauer hype train!
  11. A few questions regarding vehicles and logistical support

    The "M983A4 Light Equipment Transporter (LET) - Oshkosh Defense" aka "HEMTT" would be a sweet addition. If not, I'm sure will see a mod or two
  12. [Suggestion] Engineer role

    Holy damn that's a request. Okay well as a U.S. Army engineer, Imma hit you with some stuff. They boys don't carry flak vests, just your standard IOTV, or lightweight Kevlar, as most units are switching too. Bangalore charges probably won't be added to vanilla, maybe a mod. C4 could do the trick. Minefields would be an interesting addition, but again, I don't see that happening. Again maybe mods. Possibly a kit that carries a few Claymores like PR. They won't specialize a vehicle just to carry explosives. Why should engineer only carry iron sight? I carry CCO or ACOG. We hit the range with iron sight, not the battlefield. Unless the sight fails of course. The trench idea, though would be great. However we can't dig through the ground on Squad, devs said it won't happen.