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  1. Squad Wallpapers/Backgrounds + Art

    Image itself is not squad, but fitted the theme.
  2. Squad Wallpapers/Backgrounds + Art

    Just making a thread for anybody who wishes to share any Squad art or Wallpapers they have created. Dump away. (If you post work that was made by someone else, give them credit)
  3. Squad or Squid?

    What do you mean by an 'alpha channel'? Interested as I'm trying to make my own background
  4. Just a quick thought: There seems to be a request from a lot of players for the implementation and development of customisation. Realistically, it would deter from realism if things like weapon skins and vast player customisation options were implemented. However, a thought is that there could be a feature of Insignia and Patches. My ideas are as follows: - Specific Arm, Helmet or Torso Patches can be unlocked through achievements, challenges and awards. (This could range from Specific Units of each team, like VDV and different US Infantry Divisions) - Each time a new squad is formed on a team, they are randomly assigned a squad patch, so their in-game player model will have a patch depending on what squad they have joined. This patches could be those of real life divisions and forces. - Players could create their own small arm patches, in a way to encourage inter-squad competitiveness. Let me know what you think and feel free to share your own ideas and opinions. ~TSO
  5. More guns and being able to change equipment

    In my opinion, things like unlockable or purchasable weapons 'skins' are a poor idea as it veers from a more realistic feeling game environment. This is also seen in the new Tom Clancy's: Seige.
  6. Are there any Whitelist servers etc?
  7. No title or donor tags

    Bump. Backed for the Squad Leader Tier. Have not received anything for the forums. Is it just a waiting game? Do not recall adding my username during purchase or email.
  8. Very well said. Didnt stop to think that people can change quicker if you teach them.
  9. It is inevitable, now that the game has just been released as Early Access on Steam and the increase in advertising and media coverage via YouTubers, that new and young gamers join the field with little to no tactical and strategic gaming experience. This can quickly become irritating to the more mature members (roughly 17+) who wish to play the game as intended - incorporating communication and teamwork, instead of individuals playing a 'Call of Duty' styled run-and-gun. On top of this, (without being offensive) younger players very often ruin games and their immersion with typically high-pitched voices and immature behaviour. This thread is asking how maturer players can handle this and as communication and teamwork is of extreme importance in Squad, how the developers and community are planning to adapt and handle this. Thank you.
  10. {><}Tartan Army Gaming

    Yes, boys.