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  1. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    That's not really a reasonable request. You'd be creating two different branches of the game that would require their own development and support. Especially given that Squad is still in Early Access it doesn't really work from a developmental standpoint. Also, this would split the playerbase. While this is an argument that has been brought up against modding I feel if it were two official branches of the game they would be far more disruptive to communities.
  2. Why turn off turret stabilization?

    I've been leaving it off during the trips too and from main to resupply where we're safe just so I'm facing forward when we start getting closer to combat.
  3. In my experience with V12 the new rally system seems to work pretty well. Because it has unlimited wave spawns but doesn't refill ammo it acts as it should and just rallies the squad. You still need a logistical connection, whether that be a FOB or vehicle, so you can't detach your squad from the rest of the team if you hope to be flexible or even survive.
  4. I agree that there are too many sun rise/set layers, or at least it feels like there is. Personally I would like a majority midday layers and let the sun rise/set ones be a refreshing breakup to those. A few versions ago it was the same for overcast layers but thankfully it seems like there's less of those now which lets them serve as a breakup.
  5. Vehicle Match-Up Problem

    I think the problem comes from the fact that RU only has APCs but the Bradley and Warrior are IFVs which are more heavily armed and armoured. The 30mm BTR sits between an APC and an IFV but since it has no ATGMs it can't really deal with heavier armour unless it has a huge flank advantage. When the BMPs are added the armour dynamic should shift into more evenly matched engagements that aren't symmetrical since BMPs are still a lot lighter than the other IFVs. I am interested to see what happens with V12 in this regard since we'll be getting getting tanks for Russia and US as well as the Bulldog which will allow some more interesting match-ups.
  6. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    I generally prefer the current unrestricted method that allows players to dynamically create squads that can change in response to the match. However, I do like your third suggestion of optionally creating a dedicated squad. The way I imagine something like this working would be 3 or 4 squad types: - Default (No restriction) - Infantry (No crewman kits) - Vehicles (Only crewman kits) and when they come out - Air (Only Pilot kits)
  7. The flinch is what we're getting in V12. I didn't really get much of a chance to test it during the playtest but if it works as displayed it should work pretty well to stop medium to long range accurate fire.
  8. There is no friendly fire suppression with the new update, only enemy fire suppresses.
  9. Too much fog

    As Psyrus says it's all about performance. Anecdotally I was able to play a single match of the V12 test on Narva and the Fog had been heavily reduced.
  10. Here's a snippet from the October Roundtable I grabbed from Reddit: Granularity for ammo means that each piece of ammo has a cost associated to it, instead of the soldier class taking a specific amount each time. Granularity at the current state does NOT mean you get to pick which ammo/how much you want, it will attempt to fill up everything you're missing. This means that if a truck has 20 ammo left in it, and you're an AT soldier, you might not be able to rearm anything because its going to attempt to fill up everything you're missing. They are working on updating this, but it wont be out on launch of V12.0. This is pretty normal with the first implementation of features.
  11. I like weapons being loud, it makes shooting more fun and since others can hear you it becomes more of a risk. Why do you think silencers would be good? And what factions/kits would have them?
  12. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Medics can heal themselves. I don't think being revived affects the SLs ability to create rallies. You can still move but very slowly and with no stamina once revived, so no running, jumping or climbing. Aim is affected by the fact you have no stamina, so you get the same result as aiming after sprinting through your stamina in V11. You are in an active state and can do everything normally except with the stamina and vision penalty. The ammo change most obviously changes the armour-infantry dynamic. If you die without a rocket and respawn at a rally or HAB you need to resupply from somewhere to get another rocket. which is the job of the rifleman's ammo bag but that bag is also limited by ammo persistence. What the persistent ammo and ammo granularity mean is that squads will quickly lose effectiveness without some sort of logistical support. So while they are feasibly indestructible if never wiped they will be reduced down to the minimum 3 primary magazines and 1 bandage, so no frag grenades, smoke grenades or launcher ammo. This would mean lone squads behind enemy lines would be able to harass other infantry but not engage in extended firefight and completely unable to deal with armour in any capacity. I liked the way it was working in the couple of games I played during the test but it's hard to gauge without extended public play.
  13. It is not in V12 but there is plenty of other stuff. The two tanks being released with V12 are the Abrams and T-72B3. The T-62 and Challenger will come later.
  14. Go down slightly further in that link. And the V12 Russian tank is a T72-B3, look at any media related to it.
  15. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    I played medic during the test (since I had 400 ping and couldn't be helpful otherwise) and I can assure you that the role is still valuable. Firstly, as the others have said, people are incredibly weak once they've been revived. When playing medic I was acting a lot more in a triage capacity with wounded players seeking me out just behind the frontlines to get healed up. Secondly, you still have the most bandages. 8 Bandages is a lot more than 2 and you will still be going out to revive but now you have the option of not doing suicide missions to save the SL because others can do that for you.
  16. They scanned a T-62 when they went to the Bovington Tank Museum so probably that. https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=163 The T-55 would be fun but it's very similar to the T-62. T-80s aren't really used by anyone anymore, Russia has stocks of them but they're harder to maintain especially since Ukraine has the factories that made them.
  17. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    A vehicle is an asset and if you waste it you've lost the time it takes to respawn and the opportunities that active vehicle would give you. Vehicles are much more vulnerable with V12 because of component damage and along with the improvements to vehicle usability we should see an improvement in vehicle use. V11 already has pretty high ticket values for tickets and if they were increased that would just mean vehicles are used even less. Given the option I personally prefer that vehicles be used badly rather than not at all.
  18. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    I'm a proponent of removing vehicle ticket cost all together so this is a step in the right direction in my opinion. I've seen countless matches where teams start losing and completely stop using any vehicles because of the ticket risk which is the opposite of what should happen.
  19. September 2018 Recap

    It's not an issue at the moment because we have smaller maps. The reason it's being prioritised is so that larger maps can be created, to quote the recap 'This problem was something that was preventing us from achieving larger map sizes. Helicopters aren't very useful if the maps are small.
  20. Losing Patience

    He's not doing anything against the rules, although like others have said the formatting of his grievances could be better. While OWI has made some mistakes due to inexperience I find the general transparency and community interaction show they have learnt from these mistakes. The jets promise is a big one that keeps coming back. I personally don't care for player controlled jets so I'm biased but I feel the reasoning behind them becoming airstrikes or being shelved is reasonable and has been discussed by the devs in various places and occasions. It would be great if OWI was a more experienced developer that hadn't openly discussed features or content that won't make it into the game by 1.0 but the reality is they're the only ones willing to take on the risk of trying to create something that hasn't been market proven. The fact that the game still has a strong community playing and has been steadily progressing shows that it's being handled well, if a little slower than predicted.
  21. September 2018 Recap

    I'm really excited about the FAL. Now I won't have to make one for my custom faction! The Physmat dependency for vehicles is going to be a pretty big and positive change for vehicle gameplay. It should also reduce the amount of flipping since terrain with rocks and trees will slow you down which is nice.
  22. What is really going on with Squad?

    Alpha 10 was way too hyped and meant that features that were shown in recaps or leaks had to be in V10 even if they turned out to be more difficult to create than predicted which delayed release massively. Since then OWI has decided to only show things that are nearly ready in recaps which results in seeing less teasers. Personally I prefer this method but it's subjective. The holiday is annual and they've had one for the past three years I think. Nothing is more damaging in development than constant crunch and these breaks are important not only for retaining staff but help mentally refresh and allow problems to be tackled more efficiently.
  23. Change the menu music to old rock.

    The current soundtrack creates a sombre atmosphere which is more in line with what the game is since you're just playing a cog in the machine. Rock suggests more of a rambo style action movie which isn't what the game wants. Also, music is entirely subjective. I personally don't dig a lot of classic rock.
  24. Commander in every APC / IFV

    I think the Stryker only has two crew seats in reality but the BTR has three.