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  1. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Recently I've been playing Squad less frequently than with previous versions (thanks to Mordhau and Obra Dinn) but the few matches I've had have felt better than I was getting with V12 without the new rally mechanic. While it does look abusable on paper I've found the new rally system is just creating stronger frontlines which is great. You still have the option to spawn at at a FOB or main then push out as your own squad if needed but having the option to reinforce a foothold has made the game feel more like an actual battle to me, but again I haven't played a tonne of matches yet. While there's definitely room to improve the buddy rally system (mainly in terms of how abstract the rules are to understand) I think it's having a positive impact on the game's pacing.
  2. Honestly, you seem to be the only person who has an issue with the current camouflage, it's not a complaint I've seen from anyone else. In reality you can sit still and not get spotted by someone until they're on top of you in the right circumstances and I've personally seen a fairly good reflection of that in game.
  3. I love the fact camouflage actually works in game but I don't generally have that level of difficulty spotting enemies. Something you might need to do is sit still yourself to try and spot enemy. The human eye is fantastic at picking up on movement, but if you're swinging your camera around you won't be able to do that.
  4. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    True in V13 but even before when scopes were much more limited and the unscoped Rifleman for Militia/Insurgents had the choice to take an AKM people would still grab anything else.
  5. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    I rarely see experienced players taking the AKM if they have another option. While it does offer more damage it's just not enough to make up for the fact it's often harder to land two consecutive shots with 7.62x39 than getting three with 5.56 or 5.45. It can certainly perform, but currently doesn't seem practically better than the other intermediate cartridges.
  6. V13 weapon accuracy

    As a fellow kickstarter backer, god I wish weapons were less accurate. Not much, just a tiny bit of deviation to make manned HMGs somewhat viable.
  7. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    The realism argument will go on forever and get nowhere. Just saying it's too fast or fast enough is also subjective, you're saying it just makes the game feel more like you personally want it. At the moment I think the new movement has some pros and cons. The movement causes issues in close quarter environments where it's now way too easy to sprint around enemy and just turns those engagements into an exercise in twitch reflexes rather than careful teamplay. In contrast to close quarters, open areas are a lot less of a pain to cross. If I need to get to an objective and transport is unavailable then running feels less annoying, even if it's nearly the same travel time from V12. Most importantly though, if I'm crossing a street and a machine-gun opens up on me the new movement speed is a monumental improvement to the slower jog from before and feels great. I think a way to improve it and get the best of both worlds would be to segment the stamina bar and have the v13 speed for about the first 1/4 of it, then a reduced speed for the rest and then the regular jog after the stamina bar is depleted. It would be important to have the v13 speed only trigger if the stamina bar is full to stop abuse. Hopefully this would stop close quarters turning into a meth fueled paintball game but retain the haul-arse speed for when you're under fire. It would also encourage being a little more reserved with sprinting since you would only be able to go full speed with a full stamina bar.
  8. SVD ammo is a little bugged

    That is what is happening but an SVD magazine should be 10 rounds. So it should be 11 rounds after reloading with one in the chamber and 10 when reloading from dry.
  9. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    A possible way to increase the stopping power of rifle caliber cartridges without just making them annoying would be to add another damage multiplying location to the character hitbox like the head. This hitbox could be somewhere like the upper torso to represent the heart and other vital organs and could multiply the damage just enough to let rifle caliber do fatal or near fatal damage, but intermediate cartridges still take multiple shots. I think this solution would work because it would give all of the weapons another variable to bring into consideration without just making battle-rifles overpowered one-shotters. This is something that happens in RO2/RS1/RS2 and gives those games a lot more leathality without feeling cheap, in my opinion.
  10. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    I largely agree with the incapacitation and buddy rally critique. The movement speed could be slowed down a bit but I'm generally fine with, it's the momentum change I don't like the feel of. The fourth point is ridiculous though. The systems to create the facial animations have been in there since the start, they didn't draw attention away from any other features and they don't cost you any real performance because it's such a simple system. Complaining about adding stuff like this is absurd.
  11. Alpha 13 Video Patch Notes

    Are you subscribed to any mods? You need to unsubscribe from those and follow the steps linked at the end of the recap to delete the workshop folder.
  12. Adding another voice chat button is unnecessary since we've already got three. I've always been in favour of just having local chat act at a consist understandable volume for everyone in the vehicle.
  13. It would be nice but the current kit system isn't really built to allow it unfortunately but hopefully there will be an overhaul before 1.0. Currently I think there is only a single rifleman kit on Insurgents that has access to the G3 in the A13 test, which is a shame especially since there's a few different variations of the G3 that have been created that just aren't accessible. Same with weapons like the AKS-74u which are only used by the Russian Crewman in A13 but would be fantastic for some Militia variation.
  14. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    Since the British have the AG36 already I think it would be cool to give the US two variants of the Grenadier kit. First with the M203, ironsights and maybe some hand grenades. Second with M320, ACOG and no hand grenades. No reason to completely remove the M203 and it would bring some added variety to the US.
  15. That's all it is. Tencent owns a non-majority portion of Epic stocks and people are using that as a fear mongering excuse to boycott the Epic games store. If Tencent was really interested in user data then they've probably already got it since they practically own half of video game publishing. but there's no evidence to suggest they want it. The Epic Games Store has issues, mostly when it comes to lacking features for sure, but spyware isn't one of them.