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  1. Change the menu music to old rock.

    The current soundtrack creates a sombre atmosphere which is more in line with what the game is since you're just playing a cog in the machine. Rock suggests more of a rambo style action movie which isn't what the game wants. Also, music is entirely subjective. I personally don't dig a lot of classic rock.
  2. New variants for current vehicles?

    With the way assets like the CROWS M2, Russian 30mm turret and ZU-23 have been implemented in the past it seems like OWI is already thinking about variants. We might see the variants you've suggested in the future but it comes down to balance and complexity. We could get the 30mm Stryker for example but that would bring a sort of faction parity isn't necessarily interesting.
  3. Commander in every APC / IFV

    I think the Stryker only has two crew seats in reality but the BTR has three.
  4. I'm not saying it's impossible by any means. We're just on the first iteration of the bipod system and it hasn't been expanded yet since other features that will add more depth to the overall game like component damage on vehicles or helicopters are being worked on. Creating the Insurgency style aiming would also be good but again it's not a temporary fix given the amount of programming around detecting when and where to move along with the animation work to ensure the characters move properly. The reasons RO/RS already has these systems are since they have been out for much longer and are both on UE3 rather than UE4 which has less optimisation issues given its age. UE4 is a hell of an engine but is having a lot of teething issues that Squad has to work with unfortunately.
  5. From memory the reason why every weapon doesn't rest like a bipod is because of performance. When you hit the button to deploy your bipod the server has to check whether or not you're able to in order to stop cheating. This isn't really an issue when you've got 10 dudes with bipods trying to deploy but when the full server is trying it can be taxing. That doesn't meant we'll never get it but the devs need to finish adding features to the game before focusing on optimising. Your suggestions seem reasonable overall but as with everything in software development they're not as easy to implement as you might think. I've seen developers comment about having ducking in vehicle turrets be something they want and with the upcoming V12 vehicle system changes that could be coming sometime after V12. The current issue with both ducking in turrets and even the HMG animation always cycling on enter is because the current vehicle system is still very basic for turrets and they don't have the depth of infantry weapon mechanics.
  6. Commander in every APC / IFV

    We already have commander periscopes for BTRs. The reason Bradleys and Warriors lack a commander slot is because of an issue with the current vehicle system that doesn't allow for turrets to be placed on turrets. With V12 and tanks it seems like that's all fixed so the Bradley will be getting a commander seat. Haven't seen the devs comment about the Warrior getting a commander seat but that wouldn't surprise me.
  7. Weapons precision nerf

    This has been discussed several times before and isn't going to happen. The greatest advantage Squad has over PR is the feel of the gunplay and adding this sort of thing would remove that.
  8. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    While there are hit reg issues the video doesn't show them. All that happened in the video is latency which can't really be fixed. The hit reg issues I usually notice are at range when the client displays hits as landing with a blood spurt but the server doesn't so someone appears to shrug off a few extra hits. In close quarters it also happens but I always put a few extra rounds into my target which makes it harder to notice.
  9. August 2018 Recap

    I'm not the designer my man, that's just my read on the situation. You haven't given a good reason for optic rifleman to get a pistol other than it's 'fair' compared to completely different kits.
  10. August 2018 Recap

    The SL getting a pistol is more of a thematic decision since it's an officer kit and officers get pistols. A minor gameplay reason is that you want the SL kit to be as combat capable as possible to make it more attractive to experienced players so they SL more, but that's an edge case. I agree that the British LSW kit could do without a pistol but I haven't used the weapon enough to feel out how hard it is to use in close quarters and thus how justified the pistol is. The downside to a marksman weapon is that it's got a lot of recoil, low magazine capacity and it's bloody long so using it up close is fairly difficult. The other reason you don't pick it is because it takes a fire support slot. All that being said I just don't see the value in giving the optic rifleman a pistol. It just makes the rich richer in my opinion.
  11. August 2018 Recap

    The reason that optic riflemen don't have sidearms is so there is some downside to picking the class. They're fine in close quarter combat and extremely effective at range so having yet another tool that increases their effectiveness is unnecessary.
  12. August 2018 Recap

    This is a bit of a fallacy I've seen come up a lot. Since the beginning Squad has claimed to sit between arcade shooters and mil-sims. You're saying it needs to move more towards mil-sim because viable 2-man crews are too arcadey but arcade games nearly always make combat vehicles effectively crewed by a single player. To my mind effective 2-man crews are perfect for Squad and sit squarely between arcade and mil-sim. You need to communicate to be effective but it isn't boring for either player. I like commanders and loaders being an optional seat that can enhance a tanks effectiveness but are not required. Adding a periscope to the driver also doesn't detract from the coordination between him and the gunner in fact it adds to it. When providing fire support the driver can act as a spotter which sounds a hell of a lot more interesting to me than sitting still looking at sand until the gunner says to move. This also doesn't detract from the commander since you can limit the driver periscopes zoom while giving the commander more features.
  13. I like showing squad ticket lost or won but don't think a kill feed is a good idea. We've got a good thing going at the moment with kills not being displayed until the end. Lacking absolute information on whether or not you killed that MG in the window adds a degree of paranoia that wouldn't exist with a kill feed. I feel that the current system has a huge positive effect on the game and would be ruined with a kill feed. Another minor benefit of only showing kills at the end is that it encourages players to stick around till the end.
  14. August 2018 Recap

    I hope the driver has a periscope so that when you're in cover 1km away from targets acting in a fire support role the driver isn't bored shitless waiting for the gunner to tell them to move. A periscope lets the driver and gunner coordinate together and communicate which sounds like what Squad is all about to me.
  15. August 2018 Recap

    In the SquadChats and on the Discord the devs have said that the Abrams was the first completed tank with the T-72 waiting for it to be completed. There's definitely polish to be done but with the gameplay of the T-72 being shown the Abrams is probably about ready.