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  1. Turret rotation speed

    I and some other people have suggested that vehicle turrets should use a system where WASD keys rotate the turret at its maximum speed and then the mouse is used at a much lower sensitivity for fine adjustments. This would remove the issue of needing to rotate 180 with a mouse at low sensitivity since you would just use the WASD keys until you're near the rotation you want then use the mouse to finish aiming.
  2. M110 - Awfully weak

    You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is that the tactic would be encouraged because it would become effective. Right now you kick someone out of your squad for lone-wolfing with a marksman kit because they're wasting a valuable squad and support slot. With one hit kill marksman rifles a lone-wolf could do enough ticket damage to the enemy team to justify the tactic, and that goes against the teamwork Squad strives for.
  3. Do you think there will be new faction

    As a modder I would love to see factions that add a lot of widely used equipment to make adding future factions even easier. A faction like Germany fits that well because coupled with the US, Russia and the UK you could fill out the inventory of most nations.
  4. M110 - Awfully weak

    The more I hear this suggestion the more problems I see with it. One shot kills for marksman rifles would just encourage the lone-wolves who take the 'sniper' class and bugger off into the hills while never communicating. The current weapon damage model is better because a marksman coordinating with their squad and supporting them is far more effective than a lone-wolf since targets have a chance to bandage and survive.

    To be pedantic, you've got a misunderstanding of what game balance is. It isn't making things even between the factions, in the context of Squad it's giving the factions an equal ability to win any given match which seems like what you want. I agree with the sentiment that the difference between conventional and irregular factions should be more distinct. I'm personally a fan of the idea that rather than always having the players split 50-50 between the teams you give irregular factions a majority of the players and conventional factions better equipment. So in an INS vs US match-up you'd get 60 INS and 40 US. This idea might not be fun in the end and if that's the case it shouldn't be used, Squad is a game after all. I'm solidly in the gameplay>realism camp but I do want the game to reward teamwork over all else. It's fun to be the dude that clears out an entire enemy FOB alone and cripple the opposing team, but in that instance rather than a coordinated effort from one or more squads to take down the FOB which is a cool experience for a whole bunch of people on both sides you get one dude who's got good reflexes having fun and everyone else bored or frustrated. I'm not advocating for the weapons to be turned into completely innacurate trash but I feel something can be done with the weapon handling to make snap-reactions less effective than calculated movement and positioning while still retaining the feel we have now. By any means it's a hard problem to solve.
  6. MBT/Tank interiors

    There has been a lot of discussion in the past about tank interiors that seems to be flaring up again with the Arma 3 DLC. From both RO2 and the Arma 3 DLC it's clearer than ever that this level of detail takes a huge amount of development time. In a game like Steel Beasts this level of detail makes a lot more sense but since Squad is a combined arms game I don't think it's worth the time. RO2 came out in 2011 with two usable vehicles and now, seven years later, the game has six. Arma 3 has been out since 2013 with a larger compliment of vehicles and it's taken five years for them to get around to implementing interiors. Now these games aren't Squad and were developed in different circumstances but it's a good idea to keep their development track in mind. I myself am not a vehicle artist so someone with more experience in the area will have a better perspective but in my opinion the hours spent modelling texturing and even animating interiors would be better spent on exteriors of new vehicles.
  7. You've got some good suggestions about IED mechanics and Scout abilities but I don't think the scout should get a better weapon. The SKS is fine, it isn't great nor is it terrible, so it works more as a self-defense rather than offense weapon. You can get kills with it but it's generally outmatched in a firefight which is perfect for the class. When you take scout you are forgoing your direct combat capability for utility and that's what makes it an interesting class. I agree that a choice between something like a scopeless bolt-action and the SKS would work but going for an M14 or FAL would be a bit much. I think the claymores could work with an Engineer class for the conventional factions. In addition to a C4 type explosive (operates like the IED but with a much smaller radius) for removing fortifications and FOBs it would basically make the class an asymmetrical equivalent to the Scout with different capabilities since the claymores aren't anti-armour. Large IEDs would be cool as an Insurgent only FOB build-able. Not only would it be a cool weapon that differentiates the faction from Militia but this sort of thing could really encourage the Insurgents to use FOBs in a more aggressive disposable manner, coupled with tweaks to the FOB mechanics for that faction such as less ticket value and exclusion radius for FOBs. Trip-wire flares would be cool and useful so I don't see why they shouldn't exist, but at the same time I wouldn't be upset if they didn't get added. Just feels like something that would be a neat but not much else.
  8. Will we see jets in the future?

    To me they look fine in PR because it's so much lower fidelity. In Squad the same speed air-craft could look odd, but who knows at this point. What I'm seeing from the past couple of posts is people wanting CAS but not necessarily player controlled aircraft. Whenever someone mentions AI call-ins a portion of the community complains it would be a CoD type feature but there's no reason for such a feature to lack team coordination, in my opinion it would just shift the coordination from the SL and pilot to the SL and Commander. What I would like to see is a Commander role that has all of the control over a limited amount of CAS call-ins rather than every SL having a context menu command to call a strike on a location. This way SLs would have to communicate strikes to the Commander in a similar way as PR had with the jet pilots and you get the same results from the ground.
  9. How to slow the gameplay

    I'm all for RP and FOB/HAB mechanics being tweaked to stop matches turning into centre point meat grinders and making HAB spawning and RPs use some sort of resource sounds like an elegant way to do that. With that said, I would hate to see the actual match time changed. For me Squad has the perfect match length currently. Between 40-60 minutes on average makes it a game I can sit down to sink my teeth into a match then leave and get back errands or study.
  10. M110 - Awfully weak

    The SVD doesn't one hit apart from headshots or if the target is already wounded. The only difference, as Dubs pointed out, is you have less time to bandage before bleeding out after being shot in the chest by an SVD versus the M110. I think making either caliber one hit would be bad for gameplay and boosting the M110's damage to match the SVD is boring. The difference between the two weapons should be asymmetric. The M110 already has a more magnified scope and larger magazines, in the future it could receive a bi-pod and perhaps the SVD become more commonly available, like what has happened with the Automatic Rifleman kit, to enforce the difference between the weapons and factions. As for the body armour discussion, I don't think it's inherently bad for gameplay to simulate it in some form but some of the games I've played that have tried just become frustrating, like CSAT in Arma 3. In any case, the irregular factions don't yet have anywhere near enough unique equipment to offset the advantage body armour would give to conventional factions. Down the track when the game is more content complete perhaps body armour fits, but until then I wouldn't even consider it.

    Slings are surprisingly hard to make work in online games. They require their own physics to be done right, which takes processing power, and then those physics needs to be communicated between players which then needs further processing to be somewhat accurate and not glitchy. I love slings on weapons in games but the reason it's only done, if rarely, in singleplayer is because it's a headache to pull off for little actual gain. So that's why Squad and those other games you've listed haven't bothered with slings.
  12. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    I would say it's probably 95% confirmed at this point. They were originally planned during the kickstarter but as development of the game has progressed the devs have said the maps aren't big enough to support jets unless they were slowed down to a degree that would make them look awkward and act differently than they should. But we haven't even got Helicopters yet so I doubt the jets discussion externally or internally has been finished.
  13. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    From what the devs have said it seems like we're going to get AI airstrikes eventually. If you're worried about it hurting teamwork keep in mind that we're still going to get a commander at some point too so that should play into the mechanic.
  14. V10 weapon muzzle control

    The skill with the new system is less the physical response to recoil and more about risk mitigation with taking shots at long range. There are times in V10 where you need to simply not engage a target at range that would have been an easy kill in V9 and I personally find that more interesting because I've always preferred CQC rather than long range engagements and V10 excels in CQC. Once you're in close combat then you need to control the recoil for sure, but at those ranges it's not difficult to do so. Also, I don't think it matters if it's realistic or not in this regard, we're playing characters via a keyboard and mouse so the physical handling of weapons is going to be wrong no matter what, may as well make it good for gameplay which I think it is.
  15. V10 weapon muzzle control

    It's not a bad mechanic, it's different than what you expect and that's fine. I like the new handling because it gives weapons a feeling of physical presence they lacked before. I accept that they should be tweaked a bit but going too far back towards V9 would be a huge negative to me because I simply find that model uninteresting. Pretending that the people who like the V10 weapon handling don't know what they're talking about doesn't serve your argument well, especially when your argument against them is personal preference. This thread has quickly devolved into a shit-flinging contest that holds no value. Everyone please, try to be constructive with your criticism and don't try to *** measure with play time.