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  1. Body Dragging?

    Nah, new ones are snazzier.
  2. Rocket Artillery

    All I want from the rocket techie is for the gunner to be standing in the back next to the thing so you can see where it's pointing. Some sort of makeshift sighting would be nice as well, but one step at a time I guess.
  3. Smoke grenades and coax MGs are waiting on Coreinventory being implemented. At this point it isn't clear whether that will be V10 or later.
  4. Help. How do I fix this bizarre player texture glitch?

    It happens to everyone I think but it's an issue with the setup of the model on the developers side. I can see it in the SDK for example, so everyone gets it but probably doesn't notice it since all you see is the woodland camo most of the time.
  5. Help. How do I fix this bizarre player texture glitch?

    It's not on your end Yuri, it's just a glitch where there wrong material is assigned for the first person version of the Militia grenadier.
  6. August 2017 Recap

    That could be the case but I wouldn't read too much into it. I think the reason they're using Militia with these weapons is purely because the new Insurgent models aren't ready and they don't want to continue using the current placeholder models in promotional material. So, Militia being the only other irregular faction are being used.
  7. That system is already in place for the HAT kit so I don't see why it wouldn't be used on other specialist kits. However, it could be a good faction balancing feature. For example, limit the M240 for the US with something like 1 per 15 players on the faction, but allow Russia to have a PKM in every squad replacing the scoped RPK. This reflects the real world deployment of these weapons by their respective military's but more importantly lets the factions play a little more differently. Really? I've seen the opposite with devs saying they won't add the M60.
  8. The BTR-82 addition and the Russian uniforms shows that the devs are giving them the most recent standard equipment. The issue is that half of the suggestions you've brought up aren't actually used by the standard infantry that the game represents. I like your suggestion for the Ural Typhoon and the PKP is planned as far as I know but the other equipment either isn't used widely (AK-12 and Iveco LMV) or fills a different role than what exists in the game (Ural 5323). You are right that there is outdated equipment being used by the Russians in game, namely the RPK-74M and MTLB, but those were added because it was the most logical thing to do at the time. The RPK is used by two other factions in game and the PKP/PKM isn't ready yet because we don't have functional bipods, so the RPK-74M made sense because it does see some use with the Russian army. The MTLB was originally a model one of the devs had created before development on Squad began and it made sense to add because of similar reasons to the RPK, it can be used by the irregular factions and because of the limit on vehicle weapons until we get coreinventory it made sense. Also, the MTLB does still sees use by the Russian army, just in a limited capacity.
  9. Should Weapon Sway Be Redone?

    Sway is something that is going to be redone when the animation overhaul comes with V10. The best example video I could find was of the PPSH, you can see there is a lot more sway on the weapon in the video and this is only the first iteration we're seeing.
  10. They're looking really good and I'm seeing some signs that Mel might be using Marvelous Designer to create the clothing which could speed up the development process. As for making them a fictionalised faction, I'm all for it. Some people might complain that it's because of SJWs, or something, but even without any outside pressure I would be in favour of fictionalising irregular factions purely for the freedom of equipment choice and setting. I would love it if the irregular factions where modular to a point where the head models and headgear could be swapped out depending on the map region so all irregular factions could be used in any map without the ethnicity of the soldiers being incongruous with the setting.
  11. - AK 74 to AK 12 (current issued standard primary) - The AK-74M is still the standard issue rifle. The AK-12 has only recently passed army trials and won't be a standard issue for a few years at least. - for the future PKP GPMG (most current used) - This is the plan from what I understand. - Ural 37d to ural 5323 (8x8 drive heavy cargo truck with better terrain handling and top speed) - The Russians in game are actually using the Ural-4320 (Militia are using the older Ural-375D). As far as I know the Russians use both the 4320 and 5323 to fill different roles, so the Ural-5323 would not replace the current vehicle if it were ever added. - Ural Typhoon (MRAP truck used for Infantry transport) - These have been fielded in Syria so they could fit into the game in my opinion but it really comes down to if they would be good for gameplay. Since the vehicle doesn't have weapons as far as I've seen they would be used as a heavy transport truck, which could be interesting or may just mean they are used like a regular transport truck and ultimately become a waste of tickets. - Iveco LMV with a Kord or PKP CROWS perhaps. (an equivalent of the US humvee) - As far as I know the LMV is not widely used and wouldn't make sense in the context of Squad. Apart from that I think you've fallen into the common trap of trying to find equivalencies between the factions which often don't and shouldn't exist. What makes Squad interesting is that the factions are asymmetrical. The reason Russia received the BTR-80 when the US got the Humvee is not because they are equivalent vehicles, but rather because they are different in utility and force players to use them differently.
  12. I can also see if my barrel is in a position where it would hit a rock's surface but that isn't the issue. The issue is the collision box extends beyond the visual model of the rock and that's what my barrel is hitting, which just looks like thin air.
  13. That isn't actually the wall I meant but it does happen with that one too. Thanks for going a bit more in depth with the explanation too, I should have originally. Even though I like it, the minimal HUD has very little to do with why I like Squad. I like it for the gameplay and have found situations where the gameplay becomes frustrating because what I perceive to be a clear hole in a wall or window actually has a collision box running through it which stops my bullets in thin air. You are right that I could take the time to learn the collision box of every object in the game and adjust my playstyle around those objects but that just sounds like a pain in the arse. Personally, I find this issue, when it happens, takes me out of the experience far more than a tiny icon that would occasionally pops up in the bottom right but that's just my opinion, man. I am a proponent of adding more HUD icons only if they could help the player embody the character they're playing and convey the senses that we as players are lacking. I don't want a mini-map, a killfeed or a numbered ammo counter. However, what I do like is the icon that tells me the general weight and amount of magazines on my character because I can't feel them as the player. I like the stance indicator because sometimes in the heat of battle I forget what key I pressed last and it means I only have to glance to the bottom right to know what my character's body is doing. If you really hate the HUD that much I would fully support the devs if they wanted to add some options so you can disable them but for me a few more tiny HUD icons does not ruin my experience, they enhance it by conveying more of my characters senses to me. The specific icon for a barrel being blocked wouldn't be necessary if we got dynamic weapon lowering at some point and I agree would be better without it because I don't want unnecessary HUD icons. However, if for whatever reason we couldn't get dynamic weapon lowering in this context I would love an icon because I think it would be helpful.
  14. There's a certain cinder block wall with a broken portion in the top of it that I've had it happen with a few times. Also there's some rocks by the Northern road in Sumari that I've had it happen with recently that gave me the reason to write the original comment. There's a few other assets I've had too but I can't remember specifics at the moment.
  15. My want for a solution comes from my hours of play. There are many objects in Squad with collision meshes that cover an area that the model itself doesn't represent in geometry. I've had many instances of getting the jump on an enemy or finding a place I think would be a perfect firing position blocked by the invisible collision mesh of a ruined wall or rock. This is a reality of modern video games and I'm not damning the devs for having simplified collision mesh but it would be nice to have some feedback of when I've got the barrel of my gun inside a collision mesh. I'm not fussed whether it's an icon or dynamic weapon lowering but the issue is that sometimes what is visually clear is occasional an obstacle for your weapon and it would be nice if that was communicated to the player somehow. The issue with that statement is it's purely subjective. I also don't want HUD all over the screen but I'm happy for extra icons to be added to the bottom right area that is already dedicated to HUD elements. Also, while you're right that it is feasible to add the current HUD elements like magazine count to the players character that still has a lot of issues. It worked in Outlast 2 because there was only one character and you had a very limited pool of items. In Squad we've got everything from Grenadiers with belts of grenades around their waste, LATs with backpacks of rounds and Medics with sachels full of bandages. All of this could be displayed in an ultra immersive animation where you open up your bag and visually see what you've got but that's a hell of a lot of effort to solve something we've already got a solution for. This also doesn't solve the lack of the sense of feel. If you've got an RPG pack in reality you can feel the weight of the rounds in it, that's what the ammo icon represents. When you pull out a magazine and put it in a pouch on your vest you feel its weight and put it in a specific place, this is what the magazine counter and colours represent. You've got to remember what Squad is trying to accomplish. From day one it has set out to be somewhere between mainstream shooters like battlefield and more simulator focused games like Arma and none of those games completely do away with the HUD. The only game I've played in recent years that has made a concerted effort to go for ultra immersion is Escape from Tarkov and even that game has a block based inventory screen you open to check to check your magazines.