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  1. Squad Roles: Discussion

    That's true for the under 18 crowd but as someone who sits in the 18-25 age range I assure you that we are all for individual customisation restriction as long as it's beneficial to teamplay. I don't personally think squad types is the way to go. I think a better system would be to give squads reserved kits so they always have the option of taking 1 AR, 1 LAT, 1 Grenadier, etc. but then also having surplus team kits, like three extra LAT kits that can be claimed. This way you can still coordinate with your team if you want to make a weapons squad but you're not restricted to that role if the state of the game changes.
  2. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    This is the logic I think should apply to the crewman kit when it arrives. Vehicles like trucks, MRAPs or techies are always going to be used in such a manner that forcing a kit to access them doesn't make sense. While there is a problem with inexperienced players abandoning these types of vehicles there are many situations where abandoning them is the correct thing to do. The crewman kit, in my opinion, is mainly to deter people using vehicles from wanting to get out and fight since they're only equipped for self defense. So, the only vehicle types that should require crewman kits are those that will have a dedicated crew manning them until they're immobilised or destroyed such as Tanks or IFVs.
  3. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    It's been mentioned elsewhere but the issue with PR suppression is that you can learn to ignore it. It's only a visual effect and doesn't actually effect mechanics so experienced players can still shoot as straight as ever.
  4. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    Very well thought out post. I like the weapon flinching option. Like you, I've also met players who are vehemently opposed to character flinching and hopefully removing the camera flinch would address the issues they have with the mechanic. The suppression bar also seems like a really good idea.
  5. Suggestions for Squad Alpha 10

    I always thought of the PKM as having the bipod fold inwards but it seems it can fold both ways. Also, as others have mentioned, it's far too late to make suggestions for V10. The content is locked in and they're just working on bug fixing.
  6. November 2017 Recap

    It does, look at the fourth GIF of the iron sighted AK.
  7. Permanent zoom? NO!

    It is not the same zoom level as when you shift zoom currently according to some QA members on the Discord. It's a very slight zoom and then you also get a shift zoom that's the same as now.
  8. Permanent zoom? NO!

    It's nowhere near as dramatic as people are complaining. Take a look at this clip.
  9. November 2017 Recap

    That's good to hear. People are going to be disappointed with the update because they've overhyped it for themselves and are expecting BAF and tanks, but to me it sounds like it's building the foundation for a really good 2018.
  10. November 2017 Recap

    KaB is a Dev. He was clarifying to the other dude that the development for V10 is bug fixing now, not adding more content that would need bug fixing.
  11. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I know you don't like this direction but it has been pretty evident since the Kickstarter that it's that kind of game being made.
  12. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    By the sounds of it rushing won't be removed, rather you'll need to actually block the enemy from getting to the flag instead of having more dudes sitting somewhere in the arbitrary cap zone than the enemy does. Besides, this isn't going to 'ruin Squad' for competitive players even if it did make rushing impossible. As with any game players will find a meta strategy that works and use it. I'm just hoping the next meta isn't as boring as rushing.
  13. Remove desert, remove Russian

    You know what Yankee, that might just work.
  14. Azimut needs a black outline.

    I agree and furthermore think it should apply to any white UI element.
  15. Timeline and deadlines.

    I'm fully for an official list of confirmed upcoming features, but trying to attach dates to it would ultimately result in misinformation as features/content are delayed or accelerated in their release.