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  1. The game isn't really trying for realism in that regard. The reason US vs Russia is because the difference in equipment and doctrine makes it interesting,. At least that's the way I see it.
  2. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    Really nice work Fishman, it fits perfectly in the game.
  3. Improving the vehicle interior

    I've been doing 3D modelling professionally in a game adjacent industry for about a year and a half now and while it is absolutely possible for a professional modeler to create the interiors it's a waste of time compared to creating completely new vehicle assets. That's the main thing you learn when working professionally, don't waste time. If it's purely a 'nice to have' feature that takes a considerable amount of effort it will nearly never be implemented because of the realities of working on a commercial product.
  4. Improving the vehicle interior

    Photogrammetry isn't what you think it is. They've scan the tanks to get a base reference to then model the tank off of which saves time but the model we will get in game will not be the scan, it will be a hand-made a highpoly baked into a lowpoly like every other vehicle but will take less time and be more accurate to its real life counterpart. Modelling the interiors still takes a hell of a lot of effort even if you're using photogrammetry references. Plus, if you want to have working gauges and moving parts that's a lot more effort still. The issue with making interiors at all is that it uses the same resources as making exteriors, ie vehicle artists, but you get a lot less out of it. So ask yourself, do you want an artist to spend his time modelling the interior of an existing vehicle to make the game slightly more immersive or do you want him modelling the exterior of a brand new vehicle that will actual impact the way the game is played. That's the way I see it at least.
  5. M1911

    AKs are always going to be the most used weapon by the irregular factions because they are the most widely used weapon in reality. So if you're hoping for them to go away I think you're going to be disappointed.
  6. That's pretty much my stance on it these days. I would rather Mel spend his time on a new faction rather than making variations of existing factions for character customisation.
  7. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Great update. New map is great and the new UI is very helpful (it also shows lean direction and bleeding, not just stance for you guys that hate it so much). I do however agree that FOBs shouldn't start with any resources. The reasoning is pretty clear from the patch notes 'The Dshk emplacement is now 200 points (was 350). TIP: This will enable you to deploy it off of a fresh FOB', the intention is to allow irregular forces to use more hit and run tactics and let everyone be get defences up for their FOBs right off the bat but I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Instead what I think should happen is that light transports like technicals and humvees should be able to drop around the same amount of supply as the current starting FOB points (100 ammo, 200 construction) so that these hit and run tactics can still be used, but FOBs wouldn't be abused like the current system allows. This would really make the technical's speed and relative stealth a really attractive aspect of the vehicle and allow INS and MIL to set up quick and dirty ambush FOBs, and besides if you're doing an ambush then you're probably already using a vehicle as transport. This could also be extended to the heavier vehicles like BTRs and Strykers since their lack of stealth is an automatic downside if you're trying to set quick FOB. Also, with the new engine indicator I'd love to see a supply indicator, would be a nice QOL improvement that would mean I can stop spamming F4 to check if my logi has been resupplied.
  8. I think the helpful aspect of commander is that he is the one player who is just focusing on the strategy for the team. SLs do this to some extent but because they're in the thick of it and focusing on their own squads position they have difficulty enacting a solid strategy with the rest of the team. I don't mean to say that there is no team strategies at the moment, but I think in pub matches a commander trying to coordinate the Squads would be beneficial by itself. If he had some other abilities like airstrikes that would also be helpful but that's not the reason the commander role should be filled.
  9. It was in the May recap along with the Blackhawk.
  10. Motorcycle POV

    For me motorbikes would be fine if the view point had some slight stabilisation to it. Nothing too dramatic, just a slight counteraction of the view bob every time the bike takes a corner or goes over a hump.
  11. No Gadgets for Russian weapons

    The Russian's weapon equipment is pretty accurately portrayed. In reality they do have some red dots style scopes and grips but those are highly limited in the regular ground forces and we already have the ACOG style scope, most grunts just get the AK-74M without anything, as shown in Squad.
  12. From what I remember the devs haven't included the slat armour with this first release of the vehicle because it would be imbalanced for it to work properly, but I remember reading that they may add it later when more AT is added along with a proper localised damage system for vehicles.
  13. I can see the argument that Conquest doesn't currently fit the game because it's lacking assets like air and armour that could make the gamemode more interesting but asserting that it doesn't fit purely because it's featured in games like BF and COD isn't a strong argument. What conquest does, or at least tries to do, is create a dynamic frontline. Instead of having a set chain of points to be captured it's up to the players to decide what objectives are to be prioritised in any given situation. I think the current problem is that we don't have enough vehicle or infantry assets capable of support so it's pretty easy for squads to slip between enemy held points and back cap, but if you can imagine a GPMG fireteam, IFV, MBT or Helicopter keeping guard over a region to stop such maneuvers it would help reinforce a frontilne. Also, having 20 more players in a server could help conquest a lot. When we eventually get to 100 players having an extra squad to support in Conquest would be invaluable, whether they be infantry or vehicles. I'm not saying Conquest is ever going to be a perfect gamemode, but it has a lot of potential you shouldn't discount because of separate games the mode has been featured in.
  14. MTLB

    The Russians don't need a direct counterpart to the Stryker, they have their own doctrine that focuses on cheaper, lighter APCs like the BTR. Thinking about the vehicles in a 1:1 manner isn't really what the game has ever tried to achieve because asymmetry is a core concept whether it be between conventional or unconventional forces.
  15. MTLB

    Here's a quote from the V9 changelog: "No longer a front line vehicle by any means, the MTLB can be seen on the Russian side in Squad when missions involve non front-line scenarios, as well as functioning as an intermediate set of vehicles on light maps where BTR's are too high profile." The devs understand that the MTLB isn't the primary APC of the Russian army but at this point in the development of Squad it's what makes sense with the current system limitations. I see that your main problem is with the 30mm and 14.5mm variants but you've got to understand that being an Early Access game means the devs need to make it enjoyable at all stages of development or they lose funding, so they are using the assets they have to create variety by putting the BTR-80 and 82 turrets on MTLBs for some diversity of play. As ZiGreen pointed out the variants are in service in some capacity in reality so the devs aren't just making things up, they're just more common in game for gameplays sake. I don't think these variants will ever completely disappear from the game but when BMPs are introduced I think they are going to replace the vast majority of all MTLBs in the game so we will be seeing far less of the variants you have issue with.