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  1. Squad League

    That's good to hear RaTzo. Thanks for the support!
  2. I'm just excited to get people content they want, If we can cast these events with half the intensity of what it feels like to be a player in one then the audience is certainly in for a treat.
  3. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    We moved from IPB4 to Discourse not to long ago. I was surprised by the amount of people that missed IPB4, I think its the perfect software for a large community like this, for us not so much. Discourse pretty much takes out everything except text and profile pictures and let's you focus on the content. I think IPB is way more organized and its very scalable. In terms of the skin, I think Squad should go with a dark skin but not with black. black is just as harsh as white and it blows out the contrast. I'd love to see you guys keep with the Squad yellow, not a fan of the blue imho. IPB4 has great built in skinning options so if anyone out there is worried about custom coding its literally a page with a bunch of eyedroppers on it. Looking forward to seeing some UI unification in the next few months. Rock on Squad!
  4. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Whoa, love these screenshots.
  5. Back to work today...

    Back to work and school. I think most of my projects this semester are going to be SquadLeague related. Back to the grind!
  6. Squad League Release Party

    Can't miss that my man! We'll see you on 2 January for the Exhibition match.
  7. Squad League Release Party

    Is that an official Red Coats logo I see in your sig?
  8. Squad League Release Party

    Twitch Links have been added to our stream, we will be checking them periodically and try to get everyone on at least once during the stream. Recognize that I will have 12 streams to watch, OBS scenes to switch, cameras to operate, and announcing to do. This is going to be a wild party! I will be in our teamspeak server before the match if you have any questions. ts3.squadleague.com
  9. Squad League Release Party

    Tuesday December 15th at 1800 EST
  10. Squad League Release Party **UPDATE** - Squad Leaders Please Join TeamSpeak 30 minutes prior to 1800 EST ts3.squadleague.com In celebration of the release of Squad, we'd like to host a locked event around the 1800EST time. We're looking to stream this event from the air and the ground from the same stream. If this is something you'd be interested in we'd love to have you, no clan necessary! Server and map TBD. When we get closer to game time we'll drop the details in here, including the password. We do have a few small requests however: Able to coordinate at a high level, either as a squad member or squad leaderMic is mandatoryWilling to play with anyone. Meaning, we want clans to mix and match out there and not just group up with each otherStreaming is highly encouraged so we get a nice push out there on Twitch. If you have a twitch stream and are joining us, we would love to host your stream. Drop a link below and we will be sure to put you up on our twitch. Come and join Squad League on this exciting day! Alright everyone, here are the details: SERVER: SFSS has graciously offered to host the launch event on their server. TIME: 1800 EST/2300UTC (15 December) HOW IT'LL GO DOWN: We will lock the server 30 minutes to game time, giving us time to setup the cameras, squad leaders, streams, etc POTENTIAL SQUAD LEADS: Please do not volunteer to be a squad lead if you have very limited experience doing so. We want those that have done their time and those in the community respect. Once we have the squad lead's sorted and are on the 1800EST mark, we will remove the password and it'll be first come first serve to the event. This will prevent us from having to play "favorites." If you hinted here your desire to join, just make sure to refresh that server list right up to that 1800EST time. NO OTHER SQUAD LEADS other than what we've already established prior to the unlock. We want it to be a clean start to the match when we begin and not a lot of people trying to be squad lead. CLANS! Do not group up together into the same squad. We will put a stop to it. This event is about socializing/playing with everyone. Use this opportunity to get to know others out there in the community and have a meaningful impact to others that might consider joining someday. :) Map will be Chora AAS.....to start at least. We want two rounds on the same map, like we do in Squad League matches, everyone switches sides after the first round. Winner is either a 2-0 sweep or 1-1 and we revert to the team that had the most tickets left. After those first two rounds.......free for all and back to GAME ON! SQUAD LEADS THUS FAR: BLITZA DesmoLocke Seether18 ? ? ?
  11. "Squad League" goes live

    Thanks for all the support and kind words so far, we have certainly bit off a chunk of work to complete. I'm excited to say we have some talented people already fleshing out the code that we wish to use to drive our leaderboards and such. If you haven't made in account already its super easy and we would really appreciate it! Competitive Squad is going to happen, why not take part in the Official (Non Official) League? :) Drop on in and say hello, we don't bite.
  12. Battle Pix

    Used and credited on our community forum we just setup. http://www.squadleague.com/forums/
  13. Battle Pix

    Used this on the Official Squad League Website that is currently in development squadleague.com
  14. PAX Prime Seattle

    I was a few hundred bucks shy of being able to make the trek out from Michigan. Oh well. Good luck at Pax guys, I'll be rooting for Squad from my cave. Does anyone on these forums have a gopro and is also going to pax? Would love to see the team all geared up in their booth. Merlin you better take some selfies of your Squddies! I had a place in my town make me one for $15, they even threw in a coffee mug. I feel so geeked when I launch squad in my squad t shirt with my squad coffee mug. I would feel bad like I was taking money away from OWI but its CPA and I'm one guy so...
  15. Should be an exciting weekend. I'll be on Virginia making Christmas Vacation references all night. Merry Christmas! Shitter was full!