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  1. Perhaps the biggest issue for me that would seperate this game from other more game orientated shooters is the issue of having a raised weapon all the time. Think about it. You imagine trying to run with a weapon aimed. It's impossible. Likewise, your arms would get tired if you had your weapon up all the time. I reckon if the developers really want to make this game different from all the rest you should have to click your mouse once to bring your weapon to bear. Or something like that. And you would get fatigued if it was at ready all time time. My two cents.cheers.
  2. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Whoa - just opened training map after the latest update and I've got EXTREME lag. Unplayable. What happened?
  3. Mouse don't work?

    When I cranked up the steam version for the first time I can't seem to select a spawn point? My mouse curser has dissapeared?
  4. Please no raised weapon as default

    The other great part of ground branch is the gun customisation part. While squad is mostly regular soldiers who wouldn't be allowed too much weapon customisation, a bit would be nice.
  5. Screw "balance". If you want balanced weapons and gameplay best stick to battlefield and call of duty. The idea in this game is to used teamwork to overcome your enemy's material advantage.
  6. Animations

    Hi guys. I know it is early days but please think hard long term about adding variety and depth with human animations. We all want realism and nothing detracts more or breaks from realism than seeing characters running around like stiff little robots all moving the same way. Everything I have seen from u guys so far assures me u are on the right path and i am sure you will do the same here.
  7. October 2015

    Looks brilliant. Really confident you guys are on the right path. Are U.S. Forces still likely to get a remodel?
  8. Thowing knives

    Ooh. And zombie mod? And death ray twin mini guns? How about #%&@ off back to call of duty?
  9. Version 2 First Impression

    Why is the grip so far forward on the m4? (Nitpicking mode off) Why is the grip so far forward on the m4? (Nitpicking mode off) Why is the grip so far forward on the m4? (Nitpicking mode off)
  10. Stuff I see as a priority for Alpha

    Jeez mate. Why not implement custom skins and zombies? Or why not just play call of duty and be done with it?
  11. Played battlefield 3 for the first time in about a year the other day. A whole magazine to put someone down. I remembered why I don't play battlefield and un-installed again.
  12. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Cmon fellas how about a peek at some work in progress content
  13. what are these things? : Microsoft Download Center Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 Download: Microsoft Download Center DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) ​ am I meant to download and install them too?
  14. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Any content previews? Cmon show us some new stuff
  15. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Any chance of getting a look at the actual U.S. army models that will replace the place holders?
  16. US soldiers - First look at player models

    I know the U.S. Soldiers are placeholders, but I think you need to look to project reality for a guide. While the graphics are dated the effort and attention that was paid to kit was well done. Also they looked thick set and properly proportioned. The ones being used as placeholders and the ones in Arma just look too skinny.
  17. Performance Thread

    I turned off crossfire and my frame rates jumped. I have no idea why I got two cards. Just about every game crossfire only seems to make things worse
  18. Hi. I may be an idiot.ive installed ok and got the game running. But then when I shut it down I can't see how to start it again? There is no desktop icon or anything? How do I start the game again? I have to reinstall?
  19. Closing game and starting

    So essentially yes, you have to extract it all over again?
  20. Kickstarter Roundup

    Yep. I figured it might be an early Russian render. This here is only a toy but it's a pretty good representation of modern Russian kit. Might give inspiration: http://www.damtoys.com/product/ELITE_SERIES/2014/0912/81.html Keep going!
  21. Kickstarter Roundup

    I know. And appreciate the effort. Just like to see this be the best!
  22. Kickstarter Roundup

    What's happened to the bloke's helmet? Shrunk in the wash? No offence, but is it meant to be the ECH? Looks too small. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enhanced_Combat_Helmet_(United_States) Knit picking mode off
  23. Can we get the laser attachment on the top please? Even if it doesn't work? It's standard to have something like the PEQ-15 on all rifles these days. Just don't look right if not. Cheers and keep up the good work. Hey - and any idea what rifle the designated marksman will carry for U.S. forces?
  24. M3 Carl Gustaf for US Army

    If developing this please make back blast a thing. It would promote team work to have to give warning the thing is about to be fired.
  25. Insurgents - First look at player models

    Love to see what you have in mind for the more permanent models. I think the ones you have currently ok. But I think you have the skills to do better