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  1. Devs... We need to talk...

    I just proved to you that the gun can be fired in an effective and accurate manner with a video and you're still whining. Go back to Reddit. The fact you're more experienced isn't what bothered me, it's more about you acting stupid. The whole reason I even challenged you asking if you've fired one is because what you said about the super duper exaggerated recoil was so utterly stupid I couldn't possibly believe you had fired one. But now that you've proven to us that you have(and that you're experienced lol), it makes you look even worse. If the recoil in the game was any less, I'd be able to shoot enemies at an extremely hyper realistic rate, which would be unrealistic(Which is exactly what you're bitching about, realism) I'd be able to place consistent fast shots less than a second apart at 150+ meters standing. Try doing that in real life. But hey whatever, it would be realistic according to you. The only problem is, this is a mouse, not a gun. I can arguably shoot them at a hyper realistic rate as it is, so you whining about the horribly exaggerated recoil and how it's much easier to shoot in real life just makes you look stupid. You'll find something to argue about though, so whatever. Continue on superior Reddit milspec AR15 master that is better than me. I'll excuse myself and easily shoot enemies while you can't hit shit in game and complain about the recoil.
  2. Devs... We need to talk...

    Oh my god you're so cool and so much better than me and more successful in life, Bravo. I clearly said about 2 shots per second but clearly you cannot read.. If I had a full 2 seconds for each shot I could easily hit 100y with ironsights in real life... and I have a total of about 400-600 shots in my entire life, on a rifle that is sure as hell not military spec. I still don't have a problem with the recoil in game sorry. Stop being terrible. Shit isn't that big of a deal. I can hit most of the targets at 100M standing in game at a decent rate of fire... God forbid I decide to crouch. Enemies better start praying to allah if I decide to go prone. Stop whining.
  3. Devs... We need to talk...

    No I don't, nor am I good with them. All I'm saying is the game has jack shit for recoil in comparison to real life. But that's just my opinion.
  4. Devs... We need to talk...

    Have you ever actually fired an AR-15? It has some of the smallest recoil and it still bounces around. I can only accurately hit a target at about 40-50yards while "decently" rapid firing, about 2 shots a second, and by accurately I mean bullets all over the torso randomly. I can fire way faster and more deadly in this game than in real life. I found a vid
  5. Really Low FPS on good gaming system

    You don't even know what a game thread bottleneck means. It's the reason you get 120fps in single player and 70 in multi. If there was no bottleneck at the game thread I'd be getting near identical FPS in multi as I do in single. The game thread is what drags the GPU down. If the game thread takes 15ms to render a frame, the GPU is forced to go as slow. STFU I was just kidding with the dude because he said "nothing gets good fps", then your retarded ass has to comment spewing stupid shit.
  6. Really Low FPS on good gaming system

    CPU that's why.
  7. Really Low FPS on good gaming system

    Lmao I have a 980ti, but CPU is the most important in this game. Video card is important when you have max settings too but not nearly as much. I have an old thread with my 2500k vs 6700k that shows this.
  8. Really Low FPS on good gaming system

    u fkn w0t m8 ~65players ~70players
  9. Alpha 4 Released

    That's not the devs. AMD CPU's are just slower. Compare the single core performance for crying out loud. Tired of reading this tbh. The game doesn't run bad with AMD, AMD just runs bad period in comparison to Intel. inb4 benchmarks of multi core performance "proving" me wrong. :rolleyes:
  10. I have a 6700k and a 980ti, and I can def see 50fps on a 100 man sometimes, even 40's. Now take in consideration your chip is slower(bad), at a massively lower clock (mine is at 4.8ghz)(bad), and the player count is only 60-70 instead of 100(good). Even with the lower player count I can see your chip lagging at 30fps easily. There may be an issue, but it may also be just a simple game thread bottleneck, overclock your chip. Don't leave it at 3.4 that's slow as hell. And don't listen to other people, they tend to lie/inflate their FPS or only count what it's at near the beginning of the round, all sorts of bullshit. People are liars. Stop trusting people.
  11. Insurgency US main base spawn rape

    Oh jesus christ grow up. Posting their names? LOL Yeah, let the devs know of the problem and any affected map it's easier on, but stop acting like mommy didn't pack the right food for your highschool lunch.
  12. Stuck to 20~25 fps

    I really don't think it has anything to do with AMD/Intel. It's just that it's unoptimized period and very CPU intensive, and AMD is generally slower.
  13. Future of Cheat Protection

    VAC will not keep cheaters out. You will have rampant hacking. With that being said, I wish there was some kind of ranking system in that it shows how old of a player you are. If you see a brand new account getting 20/2 while it doesn't necessarily mean they are hacking it's a red flag. Because with cheats, they will get detected EVENTUALLY. And if you see some high ranking player with 2 years of play time you pretty much can assume he is legit, because VAC would have likely detected a cheat in those two years and banned that players account forcing him to make a new, low ranking one. Makes the whole moderator/admin manual anti-cheat thing a lot easier.
  14. Ropes from helis