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  1. Yeah, most games I use Vorpx with don't support VR, still I might give it a go in the editor. IIRC, Thanks bro :-)
  2. It was the 0xc0000142 one that was supposed to come up if I had reshade. Although the issue seems to have resolved it self, i just tried booting it up and it worked fine. I had tried restarting before and it hadn't worked, not sure if something was updated on your end or not. Thanks anyway on a side note, should i risk giving Vorpx a try in squad? Could be fun with the new head movement.
  3. Hello, Just tried to launch the game, it was working fine earlier today but it seems that now since the anti reshade update I can't launch. I don't have reshade, I do have 'Vorpx' installed (the injector that makes games work in VR) BUT I don't use it for Squad. Could it be that Vorpx is causing the problem? I'v tried disabling my antivirus also Any tips? Fixes? Any help would be appreciated
  4. Yeah if squad is anything like PR (in which only certain classes had a shovel) then I imagine it'd only be restricted to those classes. To stop the maps turning into whack-a-mole fields maybe limit it to one or two uses per life. Somehow I doubt it'd be a major problem considering squads will be able to construct so much anyway, especially if these fighting positions are very small.
  5. It'd be nice to be able to 'dig in' without the need for ammo creates. WW2 online had a system were by you could construct a small piece of cover while prone (see this image: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/File:Shovel_f.jpg). These things are made of dirt and wouldn't need any ammo to resupply. Obviously you'd have to restrict the amount of these you can construct but one or two per person hopefully wouldn't cause any major problems for the server. Any thoughts?