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  1. Squad in 4k with 49inch

    If you have selected 4k as your in game resolution, then turn off super sampling entirely. It's superfluous at that resolution, even on your screen size and taxing on your gpu.
  2. Squad Leaders Know Your Value

    I agree to a point, however I can't help but lead from the front, otherwise it's feels like I'm shepherding people. I always throw down backup fobs and close rally points and it seems to work atm. However clearing areas the sl should idealy stay back if you don't have a nearby spawn in. It's all situational I guess.
  3. Well in the current mechanics, if you're going to fortify an area it may as well be on the objective, otherwise you're just advertising where the fob is to the enemy should they see any of your fortifications. So yeah fobs on objectives are fine by me so long as they're in a reasonable place say not on a rooftop where you can easily get shot by the enemy and if you're expecting resistance on the point I'd organise logistics and get that place fortified asap.
  4. 3 hours after Free week-end started

    Honestly, I've had a great experience so far today. Played three matches and they all went well. Just two idiots tk'ing one time and they got kicked real quick. Otherwise these noobs are not so bad
  5. Placeholders...Placeholders are everywhere

    Placeholders in an alpha you say? Oh would you look at that, the sky is also blue.
  6. Affordable video editing software

    I've been using Sony Vegas for a couple of years now and it works well for me. It's expensive but you can get a slightly watered down version, you'll probably never know the difference, called Sony Movie Studio. Depending where you live it's anywhere from $40 to $100 I believe. I was able to make this video pretty easy in Vegas-
  7. What program do you use to record videos in Squad?

    Well, now v8 is out, dxtory doesn't work for me. I've been using shadowplay but I prefer the higher quality and separate audio files dxtory lets you record. Anyone know of a fix for this?
  8. Minigun robot would work well in Squad

    I feel these are beyond what standard infantry are issued with, these are more specialised devices and hence are unlikely to appear in Squad. Personally I think they will distract from the core gameplay however people could experiment in mods and we could see what happens.
  9. Console Commands

    When I list players to see steam ID, does anyone know a way of selecting a steam ID and copying it? Cheers
  10. I had fun this round and thought I'd share. The round was around an hour long so I've trimmed it down to 7 minutes. Let me know what you guys think. Constructive criticism is always welcome https://youtu.be/odoxutCo3xM
  11. How does Logistics work exactly?

    What does RTB stand for?
  12. Losing interest pretty quickly

    Update released today with a likely fix for voip issue.
  13. Do you have any issues with other high pop games like 64 player bf4 servers? While there is much more optimisation to come. Clearly some people are having issues and I would like to help as I feel the difference between our processors shouldn't be hitting you as hard as it is. Also I would like everyone to be able to enjoy this game properly.