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  1. The Quality of Rocks In-Game

    Someone has been reading a bit too much petrology. I've never seen anything more advanced in games in terms of geology than a few pillar basalts, but I guess it's just a matter of time until we have tonalitic plutons and splendid eclogites all over the place.
  2. Unknown where to download

    That's... One way to put it, I guess.
  3. Snackbars ?

    Allahu akbar -> Allah's Snackbar -> Snackbar. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=allahu+snack+bar
  4. Squad Moments: Scream and Shout

    "Oh shit, grenade!" "Noooooh!" The angst expressed in that "no" is almost so solid you can touch it, Romagnolo.
  5. Music!

    Aye, Joburg Jam is good shit:
  6. Positive experience with PR

    Out of curiosity, which server was this on, M81?
  7. The amount of external comms is reversely proportional to the quality of the in-game communication system. This is the parameter we most follow. It seems like we are in agreement on this, but I wanted to reinforce the point, since you mentioned that you though TS should be banned. TS is a complement, not a replacement, and should thus not be touched by rules or any such things.
  8. As has been mentioned regarding other subjects on the matter of radio communication, you must always keep in mind that by obscuring messages too much, you'll move players to alternative means of communications, such as Teamspeak. Now, I personally wouldn't mind this suggestion and I'm intrigued by the thought, but environmental sounds must, if implemented, be quite toned down to work as intended.
  9. Average title thread

    Since Foxtrot got 175 members, chances are high that someone is in F if they're playing on PRTA. Think I only know Ajit from Holland in F, though. He's solid.
  10. Average title thread

    Aye, Wicca is very much alive and kicking.
  11. I'm Flix from Spearhead of the Project Reality Teamwork Alliance. Been playing PR on and off since .87, picked it up for real around 1.0. Former manager in the alliance, now one of 5 leaders in Spearhead. I'll be loading Squad with some 21 other members from the clan once Company-tier is let in. Until then, you'll most likely see me leading pubbies to victory certain death on the PRTA server. Outside of gaming, I'm finishing my master's in geology at Stockholm University, which will be complemented with a semester as a exchange student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. For those who recognize the reference, I've spent a year with Thorleif. Nothing more of particular interest.
  12. Music!

    Two similar electronic tracks: Rival Consoles - I Left The Party https://soundcloud.com/erasedtapes/rival-consoles-i-left-the Rone - Bye Bye Macadam
  13. What map locations would you like to see?

    Some mountainous areas in Norway or maybe somewhere in Scotland, like the Highlands or Inner/Outer Hebrides. Valleys with dense vegetation and smooth hills and slopes for a nice scenery. Would allow for some balanced combined arms warfare.
  14. Rest of us will move in as soon as the closed alpha starts, although some have already been here for some time. Also, I need to fix a custom Squad signature as awesome as peps1 is rocking. That subtlety... Fantastic.
  15. Backblast damage from AT weapons

    I guess a good comparison is regular grenades. They're just as deadly, and you must be just as careful to avoid TK's. Major difference would be that backblast would be a danger in you immediate area, whereas grenades would be some distance away, but the comparison still holds.