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  1. There will be enough mods that will be free, even by devs working on ESC and PS. These are two products that don't define themselves as mods anymore, like other projects did in the past and will continue to do so (Counter-Strike is an example, Rising Storm 2 is heavily built upon RO2/RS's base). There will be different products that see themselves closer to Squad and will continue to be free. I myself am working on ESC, but also will continue working on my free mods as well as provide help, support and ressources to other modders.
  2. the wrench

    Modders can work on whatever they want, and unless track physics are in the game, modders won't really add quite a lot of tanks. This is a modding recap, not the official dev log.
  3. Is it not a decision by the teams that build the content? If you are a team building high quality content, why don't they earn the right for themselves to make some money with it that helps development? There will be a lot of free content provided by very talented people, there will be some things that may not necessary be free, it's great that OWI theoretically supports those decisions and helps these hard working peeps to earn something for their work. If you don't want to spend money on something no one will ever force you to do since there is quite a thriving mod community that is also working on free things. One of it you already are enjoying by playing the free Kokan update which was started by a modder and made it's way into the game already.
  4. the wrench

    To keep things unbiased (lots of the Admin and Moderation team from the Community Discord that are writing this monthly are also on mod teams) we only showcase work that is being sent to us, we don't pick and choose from the community what we see. Post Scriptum has their own channels of showcasing and communication, so they don't partake in The Wrench. We curate the content we get, and what we don't get we don't include @c-pid I just tested it again and it seems to work fine for me …
  5. the wrench

    Link will be posted once it's out. Will happen soon
  6. A total conversion is still a mod, yeah. So not standalone, at least from what the header description says
  7. It's right there in the header description:
  8. Some basic inputs, which will help people at least gathering some interest: Tell at least roughly what your project is about. Is it a total conversion, is it a faction add-on, is it a new game mode, etc. Is there a team already working on, or are you alone What role would you take, what know-how would you bring into a team What people do you actually need (Mappers, 3d Artists, Blueprint guys, etc.) I don't think that many people feel intrigued by "Hey, got an idea, don't wanna talk about it, but let's join up)
  9. The map itself is split into different "layers" for easier editing of the different gameplay layers, so you can easily make a new AAS layer for example. So the AAS file gets streamed into the main level and only contains everything necessary for gameplay stuff, while lighting, statics, landscape etc may be in a whole different (the larger) file.
  10. Just end this season please.
  11. Why should it be dead? There's no way to release maps right now, so completely fleshing them out and testing with multiple persons will surely be done later.
  12. Thanks man, glad you like it! (Even though you already did or will do the same one soon enough I guess ;))
  13. (for Escalation: 1985, G3A3 courtesy of OWI of course) Slight edit:
  14. lovely stuff community, keep it up, and remember to join us in the Squad Modding Community Hub whenever you have questions or want to help any of the teams out! We are all nice there! (Most of the time)
  15. It's Marmoset, so roughness values tend to weird a bit out compared to in-game, because i didn't set them completely right to mimic the in game shader. It's better in-engine (just an older version of the camo pattern, was too small then, but i haven't updated the textures in the SDK yet).