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  1. Alpha 4 Released

    Server browser is still abysmally broken, I can't get on the same server as friends; join through steam / external sites plain doesn't work, and to compound my frustration a simple /join - something that's part of the unreal engine since... forever? - isn't available. You know, something simple that would solve my problem.
  2. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    +1 enabling texture streaming fixed the lag spikes.
  3. Server browser issues

    Had this since the start as well, makes it pretty frustrating trying to join my friends server — it's unreal; why can't I /connect <serverip> for fucks sake. The frustration is compounded when the game has to load the map before telling you the server is full and dumps you back to the server browser, where you have to refresh 10-20 times to find that same server again.
  4. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    Obviously I'm not concerned with spontaneous combustion, rather subtler things a random closed-source program from the internet could do. Things like stealing personal data, logging keystrokes, creating a backdoor for any other number of programs to exploit... I'll wait for a proper fix.
  5. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    That gamebooster thing looks super dodgy. How about an actual fix that doesn't involve downloading some random exe from the web?
  6. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    Same problem here. GPU: AMD 7870 w/ cat 13.12 (deliberately old drivers) CPU: i5-2500k RAM: 16gb OS: Win 8 x64 (not 8.1) Tried lowering my graphics settings so I get (basically) a constant 60fps, yet when turning the camera ~40degrees or whatever, frames drop to ~5. The stuttering pretty much kills the gameplay. I swear this wasn't occuring when I first installed, so maybe it's map/server specific too? Fool's road was definitely worse than Logar for example, but maybe player count also factors in. (Player count also seems to kill pings, server with 10 dudes had 80ping, once it filled up everyone was on ~250. Too high quality in-game VOIP stressing the server..?
  7. Very few populated servers showing in browser

    also posted about this issue here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/8127-only-some-servers-show-up/ In further testing it's like you describe, any given refresh will only show an incomplete server list. Trying to join a specific server (IE, any of the AU ones) is very, VERY hit and miss. Why oh why cant I use connect <ip> !
  8. I'd assume some of that stuff is placeholder while they make more weapons (just so even now you have variety within your team/class)
  9. Only some servers show up

    Restarting didn't help, but after I joined a random server and came back to the menu, the list had wayy more servers (inc the ones I wanted). Strange, but worth a shot if you're getting the same thing. edit: Seems a bit hit and miss, got DC'd from a server and now they're gone again — though there's no way to tell all of the sydney server didn't disappear, but that seems unlikely.
  10. Hey, just installed and can't play with my friends — I'm only seeing half the servers they are. I'd like to join the sydney servers but I can't seem them, my friends can. Allowed through windows firewall, billion 7800n, no specifically open/closed ports (never had to port forward for anything else). Is there no way to have them 'net stat' or something to get server ip then I can manually connect with that IP? Joining through steam isn't availabile either so....
  11. Hell yeah, all ammo types all the time. If you've correctly calibrated the PSO-1 with 7N1 I'll be super happy. And dedicated tracers mags (none of this last-3-round-tracer annoyance), 7n6m, 7n24 for 5.45, 7n14 for 7.62x54... give us allllll the ammo types.
  12. Scope Implementation Discussion

    Cool; thanks for the answer. It should be fairly easy to get the SVD's stadiametric rangerfinder working — things like having the ACOG posts correctly zeroed for 5.56 will be a little bit more tedious but it's certainly not hard. When I did those reticles for breaking point it only took a few trips to the editor to get the scale right — place a human target at 100m intervals from 200m to 1000, take screenshots of the reticle over those targets, correct the scale in photoshop... it should only take a few iterations to get right. But obviously you'd want to do that once ballistics are set in stone. But it shouldn't take longer than an hour or so of work. (You could also use the linetrace function in UE4 when zeroing posts; or some sort of bullet cam to make adjustments clearer) mil dots might take a bit more thought because if you have a first focal plane scope and you allow say two levels of fixed zoom (highest and lowest), you'll need to adjust the scale to match those levels of zoom. You could do this by providing two separate textures for each level (which also has the benefit of giving you more control over line thickness at different levels of zoom, but that's not exactly realistic for FFP optics), or adjust the scale of the one texture in some way (not too sure how 2d overlays work but it should be possible; if geometry is used you'd just adjust the uv's). If the game engine could somehow take a vector image that'd be perfect because you could allow variable zoom and you'd only have to set it up once for it to work at any amount of magnification. Annnnd just thinking about it now the easiest way to get mildots correctly scaled would be to throw a 1.7m tall target 200m away (and with a simple amount of magnification like 1x or 10x) from the camera and adjusting your source texture to read 8.5 mils (Or, whatever other distance gives you a fairly simple result, like 2m tall target at 500m = 4 mils). Then if you go to setup another mil dot reticle with a different amount of magnification like 24x you can simply scale up your source texture by the difference. edit: Since a poster above mentioned PIP for marksmen scopes only; the other benefit of that would be that doing FFP reticles with correct mils would most likely be easier with that method — easier in the sense that you'd only need to set the one texture up correctly and somehow place that infront of the PIP camera, rather than make separate textures for different amounts of magnification.
  13. Scope Implementation Discussion

    Hi Z-Trooper, I have a thread here with some questions regarding scopes, but your FAQ has since answered some of them. Since you mention the SVD has a functional scope, do you mean fully functional? IE, is the stadiametric rangefinder correctly calibrated? Does the scope zero from 100m to 1000m? Do the chevrons correctly represent 1100, 1200, 1300m? And, can the player toggle between the SVD's reticle and the SVD's ironsights without removing the scope? Thanks, Bek
  14. Ballistics & Reticles

    I just saw the recorded live stream, not sure how old it is but the ACOG in that had a plain + crosshair for its reticle. On the trijicon website there are similar reticles but most have posts for that caliber. The design with the chevron is probably my favourite though. But anyway; if the PSO-1 can be zeroed and has correctly calibrated chevrons + stadiametric rangerfinder I'll be very happy indeed.
  15. Community content WIP thread!

    http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=88933 That's sliiiiiightly dated (UE3/Cryengine) but still very relevant. And polycount is a fantastic community; set tech talk as your homepage and you'll learn something every day.