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  1. Oceanic Squad Community Server Discord https://discord.me/ocescs Our mission: to create and maintain a 100% neutral community based server for anyone to play on which will help grow and strengthen the Oceanic Squad community as well as supporting the growth of independent clans and communities. Australian Based Server (ENGLISH) Rules - Squad is a teamwork orientated game, please play it as such. Intentionally teamkilling will lead to a permanent ban. Apologising in all chat if you accidentally teamkill will help identify intentions. Hacking in any form will result in a permanent ban. Intentional glitching to gain an advantage on the server will result in a 24hr ban. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned Do not be an ***. Act like an adult and play with teamwork and communication in mind. Use common sense. - Failure may result in admins removing you from the server. Our server is based in Australia and is generally an English speaking server. All SL's must have a mic and communicate on this server. Squad leaders must play objectives in the game and actively play for and with the team. Failure may result in removing you as a squad leader. Do not abuse vehicles or the role of the vehicle. E.g. Dumping high value vehicles, with no intention to reuse them. If you have an issue with anything on the server(Admin or rules etc.), please bring it up in this discord, you will not get an answer in-game to avoid chat spam For support, suggestions or anything else. Feel free to jump on our discord and message an admin or moderator Discord
  2. ABOUT ZSU Comradery, Teamwork, Honour & Respect Z Special Unit is a pretty casual gaming clan & community who originally formed in 2008 playing the ARMA series. A quick jump to 2015 and we are more of a bunch of guys and girls playing a range of games and just basically getting shit done. As a community, we host social events like our weekly Rocket League comp, Total war comp, ARMA coop mission nights and regular BF1 sessions. In the future we also hope to host regular Star Citizen nights but we're still waiting for a bit more meat to be available on the bone. SQUAD We have a number of members presently with Squad and many of these guys playing most nights with other members playing a raft of other games. If you've joined one of our squads you would have seen we like to work together and in conjunction with other squads to win. We communicate the best we can and that's all we expect from anyone. With the majority of members being Australian but with a growing player base from the USA. Some of you guys who you might see about in SL positions are; Myself Mato Wellsy TheBen So if you're looking for a group and like what you read here. Register on our website and fill in this short form. While your at it Add me on steam. You can apply to join ZSU as either a fully fledged clan member or just join us as a community members to play casually with us. OUR REQUIREMENTS (if you call them that) You play games to have fun You have at least a small love for squad (We love it here) Working Microphone Minimum Age 18* WE OFFER A bunch of friendly players who love to play games. A website[2] and online forum[3] Discord and Teamspeak Server (TS Server only used for ARMA Missions) Dedicated server box running various game servers for our members. REFERENCE MATERIAL Z Special Unit Website[6] (Used only for introductions since our use of discord) https://discord.gg/zsu ZSU Facebook[7]
  3. [ZSU] Z Special Unit - AU/NZ Gaming community

    Just a shameless bump. ZSU has a very active community in squad and other games. We have a well established admin structure to assist running and growing our community. As well as maintaining the various servers we run across our dedicated servers.
  4. Hi Guys, I have some American players who'd be very keen for some friendly clan v clan competitions. Nothing too serious, just a friendly scrim. Maybe 9v9 up to 14v14 (keeping it smaller) If you're clan would be interested, let me know here.
  5. Looking for North American Clan to VS

    Thanks. Some of our guys have moved on a bit from squad until they get a bit more content. But we'll be sure to hit you up once we get a bit more traction with content
  6. Hello all

  7. Mate. Sounds like you're trying to do the right thing but you might be getting some pretty average Squads. Unfortunately not every Squad will be perfect. More often than not they will be pretty average. If you like being medic. Shooting people is not what your role is all about. You should be at the back of the pack, trying to pick people up AFTER your squad mates have killed who ever did the killing. A good medic will often have the highest score in the squad and little or no kills. Many people have trouble seeing the enemy. Move slower and take your time. It's not PS2.
  8. The Division : Whos in?

    Only 9. I racked up almost 24 hrs :-)
  9. Reporting for duty

    Welcome mate.
  10. Hey Cobber, welcome to squad mate. I see you signed up over at our forums. That's awesome. You basically described ZSU in your intro post, so Fark yeah! It's great too see another guy keen to play Squad the way it was designed to be played. Nothing too serious but getting shit done all the same.
  11. [ZSU] Z Special Unit - AU/NZ Gaming community

    Nice idea mate. We've thought about it for our Citizen Side. But keep in mind we're not just an Aussie community. The majority of our members at present just are
  12. Squad Locking / Private Squads

    I would be disappointed if most communities used external voip options when the in built voip both works well and creates a form of immersion. I expect all my guys to use in-game voip while still being in TS. We use TS to co-ordinate squads before & after matches, co-ordinate what servers we will join and speak to new guys wanting to know what server we're in and the like. I also encourage my guys to run multiple squads, each half full. This allows public players to get a taste of what SQUAD is really about with squads working together and communicating. If we did all this using external voip, we'd just seem like a bunch of randoms. You have the options of kicking people. You don't need to lock a squad if you can kick them and they cannot return.
  13. NEW ZEALAND Players?

    We have a few in ZSU Dubs & Scotty are 2. Cant recall who else there is. TerribleatRLBrahh's(ChanceBrahh) right, that steam group will be a good place to find some.
  14. Are the devs looking to implement a way to group players within a squad. E.G - 1 squad split into 2 fire teams using some form of icon, colour or tag either in game or just visible on the map? I have found myself a number of times splitting my squad for various reasons and felt that some form of SL tool could somewhat assist the SL and team in this. I wasn't a PR player so forgive me if this was or wasn't a thing for any number of reasons.
  15. Have we got any idea when this might get even partially implemented?
  16. Very good. About time this became official. ZSU will be there -You know this.
  17. [ZSU] Z Special Unit - AU/NZ Gaming community

    The next ZSU clan v clan is up on the calendar - find details here
  18. Hello from NZ

    Welcome mate. Not a another bloody kiwi!
  19. I'm Wolf.

    Welcome mate. SL is a very fun role.
  20. There are too many of these sorts getting about
  21. [ZSU] Z Special Unit - AU/NZ Gaming community

    It's great to have you boys along too
  22. Looking for a Aussie Squad clan

    Hey guys, We'd be happy to take on some new players. If you play to have fun and dont take it too seriously. Play as a team and communicate. ZSU'd be happy to have you. You can find our recruitment thread here You can find our website here Teamspeak - ts3.zspecialunit.org I see totaleclipse posted in this topic, he's now a ZSU member.
  23. New Aussie Player

    Hey mate and welcome. Yeah you're going to come across a lot of people still learning how to play, not knowing how objectives work and lone wolfing. In time they will learn or get bored of SQUAD. ZSU has a large group of aussie players, as well as some others from NZ, OCEA and US. We all play a variety of games with a focus on teamwork and playing tactically while having fun and not taking shit too seriously. Have a look here, this is our recruitment post which will tell you about us a bit more, further down that post is a rough list of our current players and this is our website. Hope to see you in game mate.