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  1. Squad League Round 2

    This is what I picture the entire RC as....and Iron as well ya goober.
  2. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Thank you sir, I'm German born in the US Army :P Gotta give love to both homes.
  3. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    This may sound dumb, but could I perhaps get a half German, half US flag?
  4. Squad League Round 2

    I can't wait to toss the tea in the bay. Each tally on the board will be a box of tea. :P
  5. Squad League Round 2

    That's a nice tophat and monocle....I think we will take them
  6. Level System for classes

    So I'm fairly certain it's been addressed in the past, regardless the devs are sticking to military authenticity within reason. I myself have never seen a Squad leader use a tube nor would they want to, the 320 and 203 are heavy cumbersome beasts. On top of that as far as customization, I can only speak for that of the US Army but we aren't customization happy folks. our optics are set to a standard. foregrips and bipods come out of pocket. So the devs are sticking to a standard and for that of the insurgents, they are sticking to whats commonly seen and within reason as well. As far as people not liking SL, I know a handful that dive on that role. I myself hate the AT role but will play the currently buggy Medic role in a heart beat. It's all preferences chief.
  7. Ok so after some research am I to understand it NOT v15.11.1 is actually Crimson Edition which released 5 days ago? To clear things up
  8. Ok just wondering since I myself have been using that update since the day after it came out. I'm monitoring my GPU again none the less but it idles at 30c and goes 50c for squad and I set my fans from 50% to 75% as well with no issues yet.
  9. I am not trying to shut you down OP, but I've been running 15.11.1 since it came out with my fans set to 75% running Squad at 50C or less on epic with high shadows. I'm just wondering have you exhausted all ideas to safely say that was the cause. Because when 15.11.1 first came out I was a day behind on the update and during that day behind my game crashed alot when my display drivers stopped working, however after the update I ceased to have that issue.
  10. I remember as a young child I had taken a Fall. At the time though my puppy who I had let Out prior came up to me and licked my face...It was so sweet that he rushed to my aid, I don't recall how old I was then....maybe but 4 years old....
  11. Probably when my current 8gb card converts to terrorism, until then I'm good to go
  12. After that update on the latest beta it ran good as new again so im content. Ive never had an issue woth amd once except for a now foxed run in with unteal 4 engine