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  1. SQUAD DownUnder | BigDGaming.net

    BigD Gaming has moved to new website software and now has a SQUAD Game Portal for all BigD Gaming servers, rules, info about reserved slots, etc The portal can be found here: https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/ I have also updated the main post with all the updated info and links.
  2. Nothing works better than Teamwork www.BigDGaming.net What is BigD Gaming?: BigD Gaming is 10 years strong, originally born out of the need for an Australian based server and community for the Battlefield 2 mod: Project Reality. BigD Gaming continues to host and grow the Australian SQUAD playerbase by providing Quality, Licensed servers that encourage teamplay and are open to players of all experience levels. Visit our SQUAD Game Portal here for info: https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/ BigD Squad Server Name(s): SQUAD DownUnder #1 | BigDGaming.net SQUAD DownUnder #2 | BigDGaming.net Plus other custom servers used for clan vs clan competition matches, organised community events, private clan training/events and more. Server Location: Sydney, Australia BigD Squad Server Rules: Please review our Squad Game Server Ruleset: BigD Gaming - Squad Game Server Rules As Squad is relatively new and contnuing development, our rules are subject to change. If you have feedback on our rules, please let us know by posting in our Squad Server Feedback Forum: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback Map Rotation: We have developed an indepth system of working out maplists that make sure teams do not play the same faction multiple times in a row. If you have feedback on our map rotations, please let us know in our Squad Server Feedback Forum: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback BigD Admin Team: Please review this list: BigD Gaming - Admin Team Ban Appeals: Submit a Ban Appeal via this link: BigD Gaming - Squad - Ban Appeal - You will need to be logged into BigDGaming.net Player Conduct/Complaints: Submit a player report via this link: BigD Gaming - Squad - Report a Player - You will need to be logged into BigDGaming.net Server Performance & Gameplay Feedback: Please use this forum and tell us your thoughts: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback BigD Discord Server: http://discord.bigdgaming.net/ We welcome anyone, no matter what country/group/clan you are from to use our free Discord server while playing Squad or even just for social use. BigD Steam Group: BigD Gaming // Steam Group - Our Steam Group is used to c-ordinate community events, server seeding and social iteration. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our Steam Group. BigD Community Website: BigD Gaming Community // Website
  3. Babe.. you know I love a good pizza. Hey Rhodes, BigD is still kicking and hosts SQUAD https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/ We use a combination of the website and discord these days.
  4. A very big thank you to all in our neck of the woods who have supported the continued growth of the Australian and New Zealand Squad community with BigD Gaming Australia. Take a peak at our yearly recap: BigD 2016 in Review - Squad Rocks the Gaming World
  5. New Web-Based RCON Tool for Squad

    So far so good during our trial period. Looking forward to real time chat and more logging.
  6. Update Notification system

    What was really disappointing was no one bothered to post in the Server hosting discord when v7.0 was about to drop. It was up to community members getting a steam update then letting us know that it had dropped. Such a major update should have been communicated so server hosters were prepared for the major influx of players and the associated mayhem that ensured. I have made suggestions and offered to assist in the server hosting discord only to be ignore - a simple system as we had in the PR days would be much appreciated by all.
  7. BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first SQUAD Team vs Team Competition in the Australian/New Zealand region: Skirm10Skirm 10 is limited to 10vs10 players set in a round robin competition format. The top Two ranked teams at the end of the round robin stage will go on to play in the Final Match.To join the BigD Skirm10 Competition as a team, you need to meet the following: A Team roster of at least 10 players under one unifed Team Name Designated Captain and Vice Captain Able to commit to playing one match each week between Thursday and Sunday over a period up to 7 weeks* Comply with Competition rules and BigD Gaming Server rules Respect the values of the game Team signups close midnight 03/04/2016. Most important is the fun and enjoyment factor of this competition. There is no major prize for the winning team, the objective is to enjoy the close competitive game play that these type of scrim matches haven shown in the past to produce. Of course the winner gets bragging rights and will go into future team competitions as the reigning champion.If you wish to submit your team into Skirm10, please reply to this thread @ BigDGaming.net: Skirm10 Team Signups | BigD Gaming Community
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

  9. Have you checked the Skirm10 Portal lately? If you have been keeping tabs on the portal, you'll know the BigD Gaming Australia Skirm10 competition is underway! We will be shortly trialing live streaming and shout casting of matches. Let us know if you are interested in watching these matches.
  10. Well guys, this is the weekly wrap up for each round in the Skirm 10 as Round 1 is coming to a close. Kicking off the competition saw LOG Squad going up against Aux.|, in which LOG Squad came out victorious in a well fought battle on Kohat! LOG Squad won both rounds quite comfortably, but it's safe to say that both teams enjoyed the match. Next on the fixtures was [ULD] LAA versing [N/A] HASTP playing on the Fool's Road map. I was fortunate enough to watch this match, as it was extremely close, with the winner being declared by 7 tickets! The [N/A] team started off with a strong first round beating the [ULD] team, but after some inspiring words by FilthyCrab to his team, came back to win the second round, and after the tickets were tallied, were deemed victorious. Both teams played exceptionally well, and again I am sure that both teams thoroughly enjoyed the match, I know I did! Finally for Round 1, we saw [N/A] SNAFU going head to head with [ZSU]. Unfortunately due to some in-game circumstances the second round will have to be played again before a winner can be declared. Hopefully soon this match will be organised, which will see one of the teams being deemed victors! I'm not sure about everyone else, but I am sure looking forward to Round 2 kicking off this weekend and seeing some more awesome matches! Check out the BigD Gaming Skirm10 Portal for more information, news and matches. We are going to trial live streaming and shout casting in some of the upcoming matches. Let us know if your interested in watching! BigDGaming.net/Skirm10
  11. Server Feature Requests

    RCON is badly needed if we are to uphold the server licensing conditions properly,I t would open up more admin Activity and quicker action - plus hopefully all of us as a admin community can develop custom admin scripts.
  12. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    Oh my god, its about time this piece of history pop'd up here.
  13. Is the rss feed feature of ipb turned on for the Information section of the forums? I'm looking to put an rss feed on www.bigdgaming.net and was hoping to get the rss link from someone who looks after this site. Regards, Madhouse BigD Admin
  14. Rss Feed For External Community Sites

    Looks like the upgrade to the new forum software has broken the RSS Feed... can this please be fixed?
  15. Team [N/A] Tag: [N/A] Team List: Team N A | BigD Gaming Community [N/A] has been one of the core units of the BigD Community over the past 9 years. Formed in 2007 by GruAnch, [N/A] stood for not affiliated and was run as a fun group of players who wanted to win the Ladder Competition - which [N/A] did win the first & fifth seasons. Today Team [N/A] is gearing up for Squad and to take on other teams and clans in organised matches, represent in community events and to take part in the upcoming BigD Gaming Team vs Team Competition. We are looking for individuals who love good gameplay, can have fun and can kickass. You will find us in game on the BigD Gaming Squad Servers and we also hang out on the BigD Gaming Teamspeak: Join BigD Teamspeak! ----------------- What do we look for in new members? Good Teamwork and CommunicationGood sense of humour -can take a joke/banterMust be regularly active in Squad and on Teamspeak (2-3 days per week)All ages consideredAble to attend team matches, play with other team members in regular public play and to squad up in community events----------------- If you would like to join Team [N/A], please submit your application: Team [N/A] Membership Application | BigD Gaming Community We will only accept new applicants once we have played a number of times with you and you've been active on the BigDGaming.net Teamspeak Server with other [N/A] Members. ----------------- NOTE: Team [N/A] is currently open for recruitment, feel free to join the madness.
  16. Team [N/A] | Australia/NZ Squad Team

    Still looking for a couple more fellers to join the crew as we will be entering Two Teams into the BigD Skirm10 SQUAD Competition: If you would like to apply, submit an application here: http://www.bigdgaming.net/forms/team-n-a-membership-application.11/respond Make sure to join the BigD Teamspeak and get to know us and have a few rounds of Squad together.
  17. Team [N/A] | Australia/NZ Squad Team

    The brotherhood is growing but we are still on the lookout for new members. If you enjoy playing with us and want to get involved with more organised Squad play, then join us!
  18. SQUAD DownUnder | BigDGaming.net

    Great turnout at our Valentines Special Event last night. Thanks to SPono and Dr Rockso for organising a good event. Keep an eye out @ www.BigDGaming.net for future events and our upcoming 10vs10 Team Competition. Here is footage from both rounds on Fools Road: Also - the Information in the first post has been updated.
  19. Weapon Customization

    Or you could go play Battlefield 4.
  20. US solider with AK Weapon

    So how did you do it?
  21. Admins asked... We listened...

    THANK YOU! This was a much needed change.
  22. Server Feature Requests

    Separate file to store bans in. RCON ability. Proper reserved slots - stored in a separate file. Spooled server messages. Server alerts - when a player is kicked/banned/warned. Ability to warn a player. One configuration file for server settings. Kiss principal needed here.