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  1. Tanks and bombs and shells and stuff - hurrah?

    It seems to me you're saying one tank or one mortar can pin down a full squad. Wouldn't the solution be to coordinate with other squads about countermeasures? As in teamwork and squad to squad communication, which Squad is very much based upon
  2. How Exactly Do [ ] Squads Work?

    It's pretty self explanatory, if you're in tank squad and running infantry with a tank staying dormant in main while enemy tank is wreacking havoc, you won't make any friends. You take the job you are expected to do it. If the tank is dead and/or has a long respawn timer there's no reason to sit on your ass in the main base for example So yeah, you will pretty much be in the asset the entire round or as long as you're in the squad
  3. Before the kickstarter I believe the devs asked the community if there was an interest for founders of a special pack to get their face in Squad. Seeing as that never happened I'd say forget about this idea
  4. I'd wager to say not everything they add they will show us in the recaps. At least I hope so A pleasant suprise is always nice. I do agree with you that it might be far fetched though, only time will tell
  5. Possible. irontaxi said in his AMA that they were HOPING to release emplacements for V6, if that includes the TOW launcher I guess they could easily copy paste that ontop of a HMMWV
  6. ^ Damnit, you beat me to it, was searching for that picture but couldn't find it I'm sure the devs have something behind the scenes we might get a glimpse of eventually. However I believe first of is only light vehicles, like techies and HMMWV, as said by a dev some time back and I don't have short time memory so take it with a pinch of salt
  7. Yeh it's oil not sure where in Azerbaijan though. All I know really is that he works for ABB. Not even my mother knows anymore about what he does
  8. Hmm.. My father is in Azerbaijan for work now
  9. Escape from Tarkov

    I must've misunderstood it..
  10. Blow Up The Truck!

    If anyone can do it, it's you
  11. Dev Live AMA on Twitch Today, 3/30 at 12pm EST

    Like Gaijin with War Thunder "Erhmagerd Russia OP"
  12. Escape from Tarkov

    16km square sounds small for what they want with the map to be honest
  13. Dev Live AMA on Twitch Today, 3/30 at 12pm EST

    Is this planned for youtube later? Can't watch it on my ipad :(
  14. March 2016 Recap

    Can't wait to get my hands on that beast (BTR) :D
  15. Does anyone know when new weapons will be added?

    I'd drop my expectations for seeing a SCAR-H in game to be honest, MP5 maybe for some crewman kits for future factions down the line but I doubt it