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  1. My Squad is broken

    Have you already tried deleting your Squad/SquadGame folder in %localappdata% to see if it solved the problem?
  2. Thanks for the info mate! Just got my laptop yesterday and can confirm, game runs super smooth
  3. Ohhh nice! I will hopefully get the laptop next week, then I will come back here to say how well it handles Squad
  4. Thank you very much mate! My previous (now half-dead) laptop had some good specs and the game was barely playable currently, with all the added complexity (in terms of "calculations" to perform) to the game, so I was worried Thanks for the extra info too Peace!
  5. Does anyone here play Squad on a Laptop with an 8th/9th generation i7 (that means, the 8750H or the 9750H) and could please express his/her opinion on how well the game runs on it? NOTE: I know Desktop CPU's are the ideal go-to for Squad, but I currently need mobility, so they are not an option Thanks in advance! In addition: I am planning on getting a laptop with an RTX 2070 + i7 (didnt decide if I shall go for 9th generation yet). If anyone has a laptop with that set-up over here, please share your opinion too
  6. PR 1.3 Standalone is out!

    It says the file is corrupted I downloaded both the torrent and the direct ISO from one of the German European servers None of them worked NVM, for some reason, the built-in Windows mounter would not work, but it worked with Daemon Tools! Finally installing it!!!