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  1. Insurgency: Nightfall

    Downloading right now
  2. Swimming Under Water

    If you swim, your weapons are disabled (or lost). But you may need to do it to save your life in extreme situations.
  3. Drones / Uav's

    Drones are a must in large maps, please
  4. 2 V 1 Faction Gamemodes

    I don't like the "faction locked vehicles" thing.
  5. Uav ? Commander ?

    It should be visible if you fly at the same height. Hellfires?
  6. Menu's And Options

    A background video like in PR
  7. All Players Need Microphones

    Yep i think the same. I would love to have a PR like commo rose
  8. Climbing Walls

    Could we see something like this in the future? Skip to 00:30 to see the guys climbing.
  9. Squad radar

    Will we have our shovels?
  10. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    That's looking good, can't wait to december...
  11. All Players Need Microphones

    The problem isn't the mic, the problem is when you choose an important role without mic. If you can't talk for different reasons, just take a rifleman kit and do what your SL say. Don't forget tha chat still there.Also some people do have microphone but the problem is that they don't speak fluid english, ¿Can't they play Squad then?
  12. What I Dont Want To See In Sq

    I would love to see flashlights, coded lasers (only for SL maybe) and even strobe lights at night I would love to see some cool night maps.
  13. Set roles for set roles

    That kind of trolls won't last but maybe Devs can do something to restrict some kits (like the pilot)... Maybe with a training system or something like Gran Turismo, where you had to get your licenses before racing. Squad Flying school ;D
  14. Set roles for set roles

    That is server admin's job. I don't want this to be like counter strike.
  15. Ranking system

    I personally don't like the rank idea, but i was thinking from the viewpoint of developer's pockets.