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  1. How will you be using vehicles?

    I will be using them naked, its the only way!
  2. I agree, playing on higher FOV is currently a slight disadvantage.
  3. have you tried, rolling back to an older driver?
  4. Stand after revive bug

    im pretty sure its a bug, I would fill in a bug report if I were you.
  5. Official Video Tutorial Series

    game will now be renamed as: Squaaaddddd :P
  6. A call to arms - YouTubers

    I think ill make a introductory series for this game, seems like a fun challenge.
  7. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Name: IrOnTaXi Nationality: Canada (I think) Date: 16-12-2015: 22:00 GMT+1 Map: Chora Russian Act: He spent the entire evening teaching noobs how to play the game and eventhough he's a bit rusty, he played a great sql as a defence squad. But most important was the noob teaching, I heard over command chat how he was leading his squad of noobs through the fight, my utmost respect for him playing noobsquad at the day of release. o7
  8. Best place for a new guy to start?

    the place where I started (back in PR) was quite simple, first of al make sure you have working micsecond, join a squad which uses mic'sthird, tell your sql that you're newfourth, grab a rifleman kit and follow your Squad leader, once you're done learning the basic armaments, opt in for the medic kit.you want to learn to play the medic kit, because this kit teaches you a lot about communication and working as a team and is one of the more passive roles, also your team is always very thankful for picking this class, because its not the most popular kit, due to its responsibility's. after all this you can basically learn all other kits, since most of them speak for themselves Also I got some useful tips. always keep your ears open for what your sql and squad is saying.always give some acknowledgement to peoples commands and request, this doesnt have to be more than a simple roger that! This lets your team know, that you recieved and understood their message.if someone dies in a dangerous location, dont attempt a revive until the area is safe, there is no point in reviving and both of you dying in the progress.always apply the basic rule of engament: dont fire until fired upon, spotted or given permission. giving away your position can have hazardous consequences for both you and your squad.when moving, always look where your team isnt looking.learn the basics of flanking: Fix, Flank and Finnish.dont be afraid to ask questions. when you follow these steps you can become a true salty veteran like me ;)
  9. Steam Release Information

    how do I know which key I should use to receive the backer skins and such, or is it bound to my steam account of which I use in the closed alpha?
  10. kickstarter payment methods

    how can I pledge if I dont have a credit card. I only have a debit card and a paypal account, I do not own a credit card, but I would still like to pledge. The only payment option its giving me is credit card. please help me pay you money
  11. I dont think this is a good way of dealing with bad team-mates and bad leaders, this system can easily be influenced by peoples personal generalization. What this means is that someone who might be a good player, but who's ("x" language") is terrible might get a low reputation, not because he's bad, but because people think that everyone should speak "x" language. Also people would give low reputation to people from ("x" country) because they dont like that country or had a bad experience with someone else from that same country. This also gives a quite bitter after taste to the entire experience with the community. Now say, you scrap the negative vote system, so you can give people positive reputation only, this gives a positive atmosphere to the community. However this isnt problem free, because popular people will get instant popular reputation even though they might not be as great as other leaders. It will make some people look better then they really are, which can cause problems when figuring out if someone is actually good, or just farming reputation. Im not a big fan of reputation systems, because they are either biased or too easily influenced by too many variables. I prefer a good server admin and a report to admin button instead.

    I would say no to reloading whilst sprinting, I dont care about reloading when running, jogging, walking. If you're gonna make a reload animation for sprinting, it will not only be very arcadiy, it will look weird from an animation perspective, because ive never seen anybody do anything other then sprinting whilst sprinting. Since the game will be using full body perspective animations. This isnt even that much a discussion about realism vs gameplay, because this is something which will look stupid from both a gameplay and realism perspective.
  13. Pre Alpha Squad ??

    if you're gonna say april fools, I will hate you forever
  14. Why Do You Play Shooting Games?

    because "pew""pew""pew""pew""pew"
  15. =brk= Brakelings- Just Bullshit, No Games

    isn't this the community of that one youtuber, Gluebrake42?