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  1. Please no raised weapon as default

    +1. It really does make sense from a realism standpoint, and would be a relatively easy feature to implement
  2. Here is my new rig

    Nice rig! Soon the parts for my own machine will be arriving
  3. Maps taken out of real life.

    This, I would really love to see some eastern european conflict maps with big open fields and wooded areas here and there
  4. Damage Impacting Agility

    The low health definitely plays a role in penalizing the player, and as you said that system works great in PR. What my suggestion would do is temporarily stun or slow down the player as he is is hit by small arms fire/explosions. This would prevent an unrealistic situation where a player who is shot by a 5.56 round could speed off to cover. Here is an example of what I mean (VERY GRAPHIC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alZi8ncLVSQ At about 20 seconds in, you see a fleeing an ISIS militant getting shot in the leg while sprinting. This is obviously a very exaggerated example of what I mean, but it goes to show how getting hit in the leg or any other part of your body would inflict mental shock, pain and physical force, causing people to stumble, fall to the ground or, as portrayed in this video, do a 360 spin in mid-air.
  5. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    I think it was 8km^2
  6. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I think Russia should be a priority for implementation, as they have a relatively large military. Not only would a US vs Russia combat scenario be realistic, but it would be cool to see some woodland combat somewhere in eastern europe (like we've already seen in PR)
  7. Damage Impacting Agility

    It may be a good enough simulation, but the problem is that you are usually able to sprint towards cover, which most often results in staying alive. In real life however, if you were shot in the legs or chest you would not be able to sprint, and would probably stumble or stagger towards cover at a reduced speed
  8. Hello I'd like to make a suggestion based off of my experience in PR. I have had many occasions when I shoot someone (most commonly the chest cavity or limbs) and significantly reduce their health and cause them to start bleeding out. The thing is that even though realistically the player target would have been limping very slowly, if not stumbling and falling to the ground, the still is able to sprint away to cover at full speed. This is both annoying and unrealistic, because as I mentioned earlier, in a realistic if the play was shot in the legs he would not be able to sprint. The same goes for being shot in the torso/chest cavity. I suggest that developers implement a system where getting shot in either leg or torso significantly reduces speed, allowing shooters to have realistic target acquisition. I am not saying that an animation is needed for this (although that would be nice later along the road), but a simple slowing down of movement speeds would work fine. Great work devs, keep up the amazing work on this awesome game
  9. Squad Role Assignment

    I think the SL should be able to lock/unlock kits of certain squadmembers so that they can change (I.E at a crate or APC) if needed
  10. Gore

    Its a mixture of a slight pray of blood mixed with smoke and dust popping off of the body
  11. Squad, simulation or not ?

    It basically PR on steroids. Bigger maps, more factions, better graphics, more assets, etc. It's basically an Arma where you can jump into any random match and play a true hardcore tactical game.
  12. Function Squads

    In PR, squads would be filled with players using all kinds of different kits. While this was a great idea at the time, UE4 is capable of hosting many players on bigger battlefields than PR:BF2. That being said, I think that squads can be sorted by their roles. For example: And Indirect Fire Team (IFT) Squad would comprise of 7 squadmembers. The squad would be divided into 3 teams of 2, each fire team assigned to a mortar (aimer + loader) and 1 officer. Now this would only apply to an IFT Squad, and other squads would be partitioned differently in contrast with their role. Another example: An Infantry squad would be composed of 8 members. 1 squad leader, 1 AT, 1 medic, 1 SAW and 4 riflemen. An important note about this plan is that each member of a squad would be given a kit by either the squad leader or commander. This kit would obviously reflect their role in the squad (i.e. medic gets a medkit, rifle, combat knife and spade while a rifleman gets a rifle, grenade, smoke grenade, combat knife and extra ammo. All this would allow each team to be more organized in the way it functions
  13. Fixed wing / Rotary aircraft?

    eh, for a game focusing on mainly modern warfare/Middle East warfare, water won't be too much of a problem. Then again, amphibious landings on beaches backed by battleships would be awesome
  14. Weapons & Items Preview (Image Very Heavy)

    Huh, I always thought those dressing packets were filled with hemostatic powder instead of bandages
  15. Medical System

    I agree completely. The reason why people chose PR over Arma was because Arma was so clunky and overly complicated. A few new features here and there would be nice, but I think the medic system implemented in PR is fine as it is.