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  1. Is there a change log available

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/11691-alpha-4-update/ it got added to the first post Update 4.2 Hotfix: Added a SERVERCONFIGSDIR command line parameter to allow server providers to specify a custom config directory location once more.Added a server performance profiling command that will be used to aid with easier performance profiling on servers who volunteer to partake in it.Fix to a bug in banning functionality that caused some bans to not persist.Optimized design of the Map player and medic icons.Various other smaller bugfixes.
  2. PR-Dev's

    Maybe ask the people that maintain the project reality site? http://www.realitymod.com/
  3. A Reply to Developer Z-Trooper on "gore" thread.

    I dont think the risk is that low, Military realistic setting + gore is a really bad combination, at least in germany, And i really dont know why you need it for immersion. Does anybody really need it for immersion? When you saw most of the effects a hundred times its more for the giggles. And i want to play a game, yeah it should be immersive, but i dont need blood and gore all the time to really get into it. And in the end i really wont get disgusted by a game i plan to playing alot.
  4. No slot reservation on joining server?

    I know there a alot things todo, but its really annoying. Clicked servers for like 15minutes today until i get a slot. The delayed slot reservation in combination with the slow serverbrowser that doesnt refresh the highlighted server automaticly is really pain....
  5. Nobody forces you to do tpay the 40$. If you think you dont get enouth for your money then dont buy it now, and if you think its worth it and you want to support the devs now when they really need the money to create this game than you can buy it. I dont think its "unarmed robbery" neither its ignorant if you dont like the price tag.....
  6. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    I also got freezes when turning, fools is worst. GPU: AMD 78950 CPU: Xeon RAM: 8 GB OS Windows 7 Most settings on Low avg 40 fps, but when i turn i got freezes from 1-8 seconds! Got a bit better after a map was in play some time, but i still got freezes sometimes. (70 player server)
  7. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    Great update, i really like the new inventory scroll menu.
  8. New UI Feedback

    I know everything is WIP, but the PR UI had some advantages. Feedback: It was much easier to see who is wounded/dead or alive in your squad. As Medic i used capslock very often to have a Quick look at my Squad and see if somebody is down. The new UI lacks contrast on the dead Screen, thats the screen where you have to use the UI most of the Time (select Kit or Spawnpoint on Map) Squadmenu uses quite much vertical space for the squadmembers and squadnames i think, maybe tighten it a Bit Its harder to identify Squadleaders. Playermarkers (Non SQL) could be smaller Its hard to identify FOBs. The Blue color is not visible like the Pr green fob symbol. Its clear whats the idea behind it (Squadrelated Green, Teamrelated = Blue), its not that easy to see on a crowded area.
  9. Bug: Compass

    Have posted a Video of the frozen markers in the medic thread. If iam not mistaken the markers even stayed after a new map started.
  10. Medic

  11. Major FPS Drops?

    Maybe you performance is bad because your computer doesnt have a CPU. Would be really useful to know which one you use.
  12. New UI Feedback

    Squadchat Voip doesnt work in the spawn menu. Mousepointer dissappears in Main Menu when you click and hold a mouse button.
  13. I have to say i dont really like that the breathing sound starts that early when you are running. It kicks in at ~75% and stays the whole time to 0%. So if you have to go for a long walk you have always heavy breating because the stamina bar needs some time to reload. I think its more usefull to add them when the stamina bar turns red, so you would know that you are low on stamina without having a nearly constant breathing sound.
  14. Radio Beeps

    If you like it you can toggle it on, if oyu dont you can toggle it off. You dont know if other people have it activated or not, so i really dont see the cons of a toggleable beep sound, It just affects the player himself and has no gameplay relevant advantages or disadvantages. I think its quite annoying in squadchat, if squadleader use it for squadleader chat its just fine, so you could easy tell if another squad trys to speak to you, but for you own squad...why do you need it? If you say immersion .. i dont get more into the game with the beep sound, and if i turn it off there is no change in the immersion you got in the game. The radio filter is quite subtle and not annoying at all.
  15. Medic

    # with medic bag, but would be much nicer if we already hat a mousewheel scroll menu, that worked just great in pr as medic. I like the new medic markers on wounded and hurt players but i would like to see that it is more obvious if a wound is already bandaged or not, that would be nice on wounded players too. Sometimes bandaging other players doesnt work so well, the animation starts but interrupts immeaditly, its hard to tell if something happend and its annoying as hell cause i dont know why that happens Ive had a bug that the player radar above the compass that some issues with wounded markers. I had one, later two fixed wounded markers that stayed on the same positon (like 120 on the compass) the whole map, no matter what direction i looked.