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  1. 600Ping

    Hey bro, i heard it really helps if you actually load bullet's into your gun, not blanks That was funny though.
  2. Yeah, we are good to do that.
  3. Weekend Preparations!

    I laughed, then laughed harder thinking the same thing.
  4. Shoot yourself in the foot?

    Immersion Failed. 0/10. Would not bang.
  5. I'm debating to either take a nap now, or start pre-gaming on my caffeine. Decisions decisions.
  6. when do commaders get the key and dowload link

    Cheer up bud, we are all in the same shoes. Just enjoy your time here, relax, drink a brewski, and wait. It'll be here before you know it.
  7. Weekend Preparations!

    I'm about to head to the store. Snacks and microwavable items, probably a log of Copenhagen, at least 6-7 energy drinks, some cash so when my energy drinks are gone, i can pay a buddy to make me coffee, a water bottle (i have a sink, no need to by more then one ). Current mood: https://youtu.be/wrLknM9FJvw?t=4m29s I.E. can't sit still because of the excitement. See you guys soon!
  8. Hello Everyone

    Oh you know it! Just need to get about, 100 energy drinks for the weekend!
  9. Hello Everyone

    Hello friends of the squad community! My name is Oliver DePlace in the gaming world. However, in the world away from my computer i go by a "legal" name of Robert. So a little about myself: I'm currently a 21 year old male. I'm active duty in the United States Marine Corps as an 0313 (LAV Crewman). I'm currently in Okinawa, Japan, on a UDP (deployment of the sorts). Otherwise, my regular station of duty is in the wonderful, glorious, beautiful area in southern California known as Twentynine (29) Palms. (Those who serve/have served, you know why i'm being sarcastic about "glorious" and shit). I've always been a gamer, but oddly enough, i started in online gaming laaaaate after i should have. The very first game i played online was Battlefield 2. After about a year i started venturing out into other aspects of online gaming. That's how i found Project Reality. I've played a variety of games (and generally, still do) over the years. However FPS and military simulators are always where i come back to. It's my first true love. I'm not really sure what else to put. If anyone really wants to know more, i'll gladly converse with you through PM. Otherwise, i can't wait to get playing. I'm glad to be here, and i'll see you all out on the battlefield
  10. When will the next close alpha start?

    Hey Kronos. The last email that was sent out to those who are in the closed pre-alpha was saying that portion was delayed by 1-2 weeks (depending on whether you bought ranger or not). There hasn't been any word on when the alpha starts. There are already multiple threads created about this topic. If you use the search function for the forums you will most likely find one and it may have more answers there. Oh, and welcome to the forums.
  11. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    My old/original gamer name was "Mr.Talala". I wasn't very creative at coming up with names when i was coming up with one. And just before creating my first online gamer name/tag i had (or was listening to) the Ding Dong Song. Head Gunther say "ohhhh, you touch my Talala". Most people seem to hear "tralala" and understand my reference, and call me that, well use to. My current name is from a sport. I officiate roller derby. If you don't know anything about current/modern roller derby; Most people come up with funny/weird/crazy/catchy names and use that as their "callsign" i guess you could say. Mine, for example, is a play on words. If you say "Oliver DePlace", it sounds like "All Over The Place".
  12. Magazines and reloading.

    Here's the thing: that's realism. If you don't fire all your round in a mag, and you change it out, you don't keep those rounds. You might, retain the mag in a drop pouch, but that's about it. Maybe it's just me, but i like the system that was in PR. It taught you to keep a general idea of how many shot's you've fired, and taught you trigger control. Not just shoot once or twice, then reload. If you only fire 3-5 rounds, what point is there in reloading? You still have a good 80-90% of your mag. Also, speaking as an Infantry Marine myself, i agree. No grunt would dump a mag if it's not empty, or mostly empty. We might do a tactical reload if given the time, and we wanted a fresh mag. Now what i'd like to see, is a good speed reload. I know from my personal experience, my speed reload is far faster then anything i've seen in a video game (maybe minus CoD with the "slide of hand" perk, i think that's what it's called). Most all marines, even those who aren't inf. can speed reload faster then most video games do. That's just my 2 cents.
  13. First off, who said that he get it for free? We don't know the behind the scene's things, so we can't speculate what is/isn't true. And regardless, if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have found out about Squad. And i'm one person. I highly doubt i'm the only person. Besides, is it really that big of a deal? I mean, honestly.
  14. AI civilians -

    You know, the first thing that pop's in my head when i hear "civi's" or "civilian like AI" in game, is GTA (really any version). Now there can be (and probably are) many reasons why that specific series of games comes into my head, but the biggest one is killing civilians. Now i feel that the Squad community is a bit more mature in the aspect of gaming; I.E. Most of us (especially on the US/BluFor side during this hypothetical match) would not go around gunning down civilians. However, that still leaves it to the fact that i said, MOST of us. That means there is still a small population of gamers that would do this act. Now if this was to happen, and lets say the punishment was added from an above post, of like 5 ticket's per killed Civi, i can see one, or two jack asses really destroying a teams ticket's in not much time at all. Unless the AI were spaced out. But then, if we go into an urban environment, would we see like 2 random civi's just chilling on the block, then see a couple more 3 blocks later? Yes, and maybe no. It really depends, but that's not the point. Now me personally, i love the idea. I think it would be great, and add a new level of difficulty to the game, determining, a civilian, from an informant in a game like INS, or stuff like that. But i just think that adding civi's in, would take up space, on something where the dev's focus could be put. I do, like the idea, and do hope that it could be implemented later, but i don't think right now is a good time.
  15. will there be M240 HMMWVs?

    Well, i'm speaking from my experience lol. Did a range carrying the 240, but it was a "buddy rush" type of range, not really a patrol. But then again, my A-gunner needed glasses if you know what i mean. So buddy rushing isn't fun, never really did a patrol with one though. EDIT: sorry to derail