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  1. Weapon Customization

    I promote the idea of preset Kits with the preset Weapons. Of course, depending on the faction and kit itself, the weapons and weapon attachments should be realistic and authentic. Examples: US Army Rifleman - M4A1 with ACOG, Foregrip, PEQ-15, Flashlight -- USMC Automatic Rifleman - M27 IAR or M249 with SDO, Foregrip, Bipod, PEQ-16 -- US Army Marksman - M110 or MK. 14 EBR-RI with MK. 4 3.5-10x Scope, Bipod, PEQ-15 -- British Rifleman - L85A2 with ACOG/RMR, Flashlight, Grip-Pod Theses types of things, modern, realistic, authentic and it should make sense --- Most soldiers dont use Silencers, or have custom paintjobs, or have odd scopes, or other non-standard odd attachments
  2. Prereq Download Issues

    Thank you, that worked, but i still have the issue with the error
  3. Prereq Download Issues

    When i try and download the prereq "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013" i clicked download, choose x64 and nothing happens, the download never starts, please help As well, (i guess me not having the aforementioned file) when i try to run the guame from the .exe it gives the the CreateProcess() returned 2 error
  4. For Squad, I feel the best way to achieve a realistic, authentic and balanced loudout, while still giving the user some customization would be the BF2:PR system. Standard Kit and Alternate Kit (Maybe some kits could have a 3rd Option). I personally feel that would be the best way
  5. Vehicle warfare/gameplay

    I would expect something akin to the BF2:PR system, where the placement of rounds matter (just not hyper-realistic or in-depth), Disablement for most vehicles, via turent, wheels/tracks, gun, etc. and a less-than simple health system (not super in-depth, but not simple), it works pretty well IMO
  6. Do not know if this has been suggested or not, but here it is. Have a specific kit, some sort of Engineer (Combat Engineer) mandatory to build and deploy CERTAIN assets. More balanced out FOB building mechanics, especially with the new build-able defensive asset that seem VERY powerfulMore usefulness for Engineer kits besides mines and explosivesNot all emplacements should require an Engineer kit, only things like a Hesco Barrier wall/bunker, .50 cal HMGs, TOW System etc. (Heavy Systems ONLY)What do you guys think? Questions, comments concerns please and thank you
  7. Assault gamemode

    This is relatively what our FCV PR server has done/will do for the Scenario Sundays, we call it FOB Assault
  8. The Weapons Thread!

  9. One of my fellow friends and admins feels nearly the same way as you. feeling that having that ability to pick up kits is sorta a charm to PR, i can kinda agree with your (and my friends) opinion, but of course to each their own, you may like the old PR system, while i prefer this new system.
  10. It would add a more demanding survival aspect to each player, like i stated it would be a new dynamic that staying alive as a whole is much more important than having the one last guy go "rambo" and take out a tank and then revive everybody, although i may be more leaning towards the players that are used to immersion and high levels off teamwork compared to ALOT of other players on PR and other games. Like i said though feedback is nice
  11. That could be a valid issue, but things like round start timers, delayed squad creation and the like will easily fix the issue of faster PCs beating out others
  12. I propose a new kit/role/class mechanic for Squad that i fell may work well, and be much better than the current BF2 Project Reality system. The current kit system for PR is certain "spawnable" kits for players they can always use (ex. SL, Rifleman, AR, Medic ect.), while others are "limited" (ex. LAT, Grenadier, ect.), as well all other "requestable" kits are "limited" (HAT, AA, MG, Marksman, Sniper etc.) and once somebody dies with the "limited" kit, they lose that kit unless they go back and pick it up. The new system i propose is a "persistent role" system, were if you die, you do not lose that kit, but the kit does not drop onto the ground. Example, you chose a Machine Gunner kit BEFORE you spawn, you will keep that kit until you deselect that particular kit. You do not drop the kit, you do not lose the kit and no one else will be able to steal it from you. With this, i am also asking why is the grenadier and marksman limited? most modern military's employ grenadiers widely, especially the US Still same "first-come-first-serve" system of kits, and still limited in numbers per kit.Adds new dynamic for squads as staying alive is much more valuable, as if the medics die, no one will be able to be revived, if the AR/MG goes down, you can not just pick it up and lay down fire, if the LAT/HAT goes down the squad will not have Anti-Armor abilities etc.More realistic to real world applications as soldiers like snipers, marksmans, medics, etc. are specifically trained in their respective role.No issue with stealing kits or enemies using enemy kits, as kits do not drop when the player dies.What do you guys think? any suggestions, comments or concerns, i know it is not perfect, but it could work well if fleshed out.