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  1. Will there be Bots?

    I am about to pledge but before I take the plundge I want to know that if for some reason I cant find any full servers that I can always play against bots. Usually it has a lot to do with my ping rate and time that I play down here in Australia. Please let me know if you will have bots or not as my pledge will be depending on this factor
  2. Computer Specs: Okay to play? How well?

    I am running an intel I5 3.5Ghz 4690 - Asus R9 280 3GB Direct CU2 OC graphics card - G Skill Ares 8 GB ram 1600Mhz - Samsung 850Evo 120 GB/ Seagate 2tb Mass storage drive - Razar Tartarus. What kind of performance could i expect here as i dont want to pay for a game if i need to upgrade to heavily as I have just built this system in the last 3 months.