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  1. Ref. Founders Package

    Thank you so much! I'm embarrassed haha
  2. Ref. Founders Package

    I never received that email. I've checked it dozens of times. I have the proof I paid the $100 Commander Package two/three years ago. I have messaged admins.
  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

  4. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    ww2 Please
  5. Everybody making a ww2 mod should make one big one.

    Everyone needs to come together for such an undertaking. This could be a big accomplishment for realism gaming everywhere. Shit it would be the biggest WW2 game to hit the community in a LONG time. A WW2 mod for Squad would be so unbelievable. But divided it may fail. Please let's unite towards a common goal!
  6. A Message to the Experienced Players

    <3 No Regrats
  7. RedCoats vs Task Force Black - Anyone home?

    "TFB has collapsed within." -Source from within
  8. Squad League Round 1

    Im all In! No RAGRETS!
  9. Instant Death

    Don't you instantly die from a headshot? Sounds to me you got domed a shit ton.
  10. 7th Special Forces Group United States Army Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (A Co. / 1st Battalion) Welcome and thank you for choosing to check out the unit page for the 7th Special Forces Group, a branch within the international task force, Task Force Black. Task Force Black is a MilSim unit that caters to both European and North American players in the Squad Gaming Community. Within the unit there are two major branches: The UK Special Forces Group which is for the European timezone players. and The 7th Special Forces Group of the United States Army which is for the North American timezone players. In Task Force Black we aim for the realistic military feel you expect with a game like Squad, a feeling made possible by the multitude of Military Veterans in the unit. Don't let that discourage you; however, if you have never served. Task Force Black welcomes every gamer from every walk of life with open arms and does not discriminate, nor will discrimination be tolerated. If you enlist with us we promise you will not be stuck in a virtual basic training learning how to shoot a virtual M4 before retaining the rank of Private. Simply put, we aren't about that life. Upon joining you will be given a rank, thrown in a squad, and shown the ropes on how Task Force Black operates in game. Also Task Force Black is always posting In-Game operations complete with fake News Stories and fake Plotline Missions to help with immersion. Below is our website and TeamSpeak, please hop in at any time and chat with the different members, play some Squad, and find a recruiter to help you get started. Welcome to Task Force Black. http://www.task-force-black.com TS:
  11. 7th SFG - Task Force Black element

    With an operation coming up this weekend and a squad within first platoon nearly filled today is the PERFECT day to join Task Force Black and 7th SFG
  12. Let's talk Guinness

    Also makes a seperate post about how American politicians suck and how America is going down the drain because of the ones running for president. smh Created in Dublin, Ireland and moved to London in the 1930s because of better trade. It's headquarter's resides in London but is it brewed in Ireland. Specifically it is brewed near Dublin after they closed the brewery in Kilkenny and Dundalk
  13. I don't usually flap my dick around but in the case of this post I will. I've been helping test this game since before this new influx of players has occurred and one thing has happened that really grinds my gears. Everyone in game seems to automatically think that everyone is new and treats them as such. Without any provocation I've had people yell, scream, and belittle me over the most ridiculous shit I could possibly imagine. I've had Squad Leader berate me saying I'm, and I quote, "Such a fucking noob. Go kill yourself." For real? Who the hell uses Noob anymore? Jesus flashback to 2005. Now I personally seem to think that having these new players, although frustrating at times, is a great thing. Overall the player base is fine. I know this is beating a dead horse when I say this but: Treat everyone in the community with respect. This isn't Call of fucking Duty. I'd expect a little bit more common courtesy from a community of people who play a MilSim game.
  14. Terrorist Vs American Calls

    Navy = Be Gentle
  15. STOP using Teamspeak

    I stopped reading after the first five post and felt the need to make a comment. I happen to be one of the people who "Dont check the forum" I use TS with my friends just to chat with them about shit. It in no way effects my experience or others around me because I am constantly in local and squad channels communicating. Please don't rope everyone into one group and then shit on em. Sincerely, Apparently someone who doesn't visit the forums.
  16. Development Group

    I approve this message
  17. I am worried about Humvees and Vehicles.

    I was worried about this myself but I have just decided to place all my hope in the fact that admins will be present and will have a zero tolerance way of looking at it.
  18. woah population!

    I play on Frankfurt and Im in Texas. Flawless.
  19. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Why is everyone posting as if the game is up and running?
  20. A question for actual combat vets

    I cannot tell you how much this is true. It's the little things. You have no idea how refreshing it is to just sit down and sometimes talk and vent about past experiences. I have a wife who will listen but it gets too real for her some times and she has to stop cause she gets upset. It's nice to react with an outside perspective or other veterans. AS a veteran, thank you for your service and thank you for bringing this up. Quite a transition from 89B to 11B. Have fun at sandhill and get the lube ready.
  21. A question for actual combat vets

    11B/11C US Army Infantry, Afghanistan 2014-15 here. Saw things, did things, shot stuff. It's one of those deals that you have to be able to just sit back and say "It's a game. Do what games are suppose to let you do and have fun." I don't necessarily feel I suffer from PTSD, maybe it's some stupid form of denial, and I have been in enough situations to where if I said I had it people would understand. The point is you have to be able to decipher what is real and what isn't. At the end of the day it is a game, pixels on a screen. The only thing that I sometimes can't watch is documentaries about Afghanistan, I get cold sweats. As for the game? Only thing that makes my hair stand up is the snap and crack of being shot at in game. I think every Combat Vet will tell you that Squad nails it.

    How does one "shack" hands?
  23. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Signs waiver to be part of the "Cool Guy Clan"
  24. Tiptoe Through The Poppies

    Had some fun, hope ya'll like.
  25. I will share my experience and I promise it is not an exaggeration as you so chose to imply above; however, I do believe it was due to server degradation and I am not sour over the experience. I was standing on top of a hesco wall after getting off a ladder. As a Taliban crossed underneath me and headed along the wall with his back turned I opened fire with my M4 on automatic from 3 meters to about 15 meters (he kept running). I saw six blood splatter effects on his back ranging from center mass to upper neck area. He did not drop. In fact he turned around and shot me once and I died. I hope this experience helps with development since you asked for a specific encounter.