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  1. Albasrah Invasion

    after playing Albasrah invasion 4 times in under to days where we came to the same result always where the conventional forces team managed to get to last cap of the match and not being able to get in at all. we played the match to the timer went out 3 out of 4 times. 3 of the times the conventional forces had over 500 kills and the enemy still had a remaining 200 ish tickets. is it possible to lower the ticket count with a 100 or 150 for insurgent forces?
  2. Indoor Spawn Points

    yeah but the K at the end means 1000, so its basicly 3000000 hours. thats 342 years
  3. We need Gary Back

    the moment when you play insurgency, have just made a fob, people are spawning in to attack the nearby cache then suddenly fake gary and gary shows up. i have never seen so many people scatter, screaming and shooting. was one of the best parts of insurgency in PR.
  4. Some New Nations Idea

    MEC, China, Germany, France,Scandinavian faction are the factions i want to see most due to that most of these variate so much from each other and what we already have.
  5. Indoor Spawn Points

    3000k hours is longer than a humans life spawn so i guess its a writing error.. but to the point. placing a hab inside a building works 2 ways. its harder for the other team to find the hab. but when the other team finds it you are basicly screwd cause you proberbly only have 1 or 2 exits. so i think it is ok.
  6. I cannot speak for the acog. but i used the eclan specterDR 1-4x on my service rifle the hk416n. Having the scope on 4x was a pain in the ass if you where moving around and neede to be quick on target. Its in my point of view unusable in CQ situations( reason to why backup sights was put on scopes). I think that they should add in a system like in PR that punishes aim based on stamina and rate of fire( takes longer time for scope to steady) also they should fix the zoom part so when you look through a 4x zoom it shakes more
  7. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Just stay of the road or secure them? Its pretty comman to mine chokepoints and roads that get used often by your foe.. Its a tactical shooter so start doing the tactical part... Also i have never heard of someone that survived a AT mine in an MRAP either peopled died by the shock or got shredded by shrapnel inside. the more we armored the vehicles the more explosives gets put into the IED's by the opposit side.. The MRAP is good as it is now. Its my favorit asset, you just need to position it right and you can basicly use it against everything. I have had several games where we have killed most of the BTR-80's, 80A's, BDRM's without even losing the MRAP. And if you dont belive me come and play with us on CNL.
  8. Camping Main

    to be fair, there are server that have rules against camping the main and others dont. i myself have several times been blown up outside the safezone and im fine with that. its my own fault for not securing or checking if its safe or not to leave. just avoid the roads or make sure you have the area secure before wandering further into the map. its a tactical shooter. so expect the unexpected.
  9. CPU: Intel Core I9-9900k W/ Corsair H150i. GPU: Asus RTX 2080ti ROG Strix OC 11GB. RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4. 1X samsung 970 pro 1TB M.2 1440p 110-150 fps with everything on max
  10. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    i totaly agree with you squid, there was allot of hope for the game. i just feel lied to by OWI. the only thing im waiting for now is a PR mod to be made.
  11. https://imgur.com/o0f2xvB this picture is from the kickstarter. it being a spiritual successor was not metioned once under the kickstarter campaign or in any of the meetings that was held on Discord or teamspeak back then.
  12. still though, we paid money for the game and some of us paid 1000 of dollars to get the game funded on a promise of a sequal of Project Reality. im not accepting a mod as a solution!
  13. i really want more people to play this game. but people seem to forget that if it had not been for us in the PR community and our years of backing and donations there would never have been a game called squad. we donated and backed on the promise that this was going to be a follow up on PR with a modern formula. then i excpect them to follow up on their promises. this is from the kickstarter: ""Squad was originally envisioned as a way to carry on the legacy of the popular “Project Reality” mod for battlefield 2. Founded by Will “Merlin” Stahl in early 2014, the project has grown to approx 22 developers the vast majority of who have contributed to the original MOD at some point in its long life. Our goal for Squad is to take 10 years worth of experience, testing and research with the original Project Reality formula and apply it to a modern stand-alone engine. We want nothing less than to reclaim the genre of tactical shooters for the creators, modders and players who have waited a generation to get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay."
  14. Woha, im not that familiar with the UE4 but that is allot of work
  15. is there a posibillity of getting this fixed too? or atleast consider some changes to it? -Lower sprint speed -More Recoil on guns -More sway if you run and gun -More TOW/ATGM damage -More splash damage on mortars and HE nades (raise the cost of resupplying) -Limit FOB placements to 5 FOB's per team, 2 TOWS, 2 Mortars. to prevent spamming