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  1. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    With the V6 update, the new version of Unreal Engine came. And with that, they added better LOD system I think. That is why the trees no longer look like cardboard after 50m. I think this also made vegetation messier to look at since the Anti-Aliasing seems to be broken still. But this is only my uneducated guess. Kills the fun for me too. I'll have to put Squad on the shelf another 6 months I guess.
  2. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Oh lord. The trees no longer look like cardboard cutouts. The blurry pixel mess is still standing though..
  3. Alpha Version 6 Released

    This sounds promising. I hope to god this UE update makes the game sharper so my eyes won't hurt anymore.
  4. Mine looks like this now. Only the trees at the very very far distance is cardboard style. I blame that on bad LODs. I hope they increase quality of those too.
  5. Yeah they are "2D", but now I can actually see the branches and stuff. Not just a wall of green in the shape of a tree. They still gotta fix that Anti-Aliasing blur thing though..
  6. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    This was my issue. Had an old config file. I quote Litoralis from THIS THREAD:Try disabling Steam cloud, then deleting your Squad .ini files. Disable Steam cloud: uncheck the box, click close. http://prnt.sc/9i7k29 find this: %AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and rename GameUserSettings.ini to GameUserSettingsOLD.ini restart Squad. test. report back.
  7. I effing worked! Oh how long I have held off playing this game just because of that issue. Was so annoying not seeing the enemy behind the cardboard trees. Thank you!
  8. I am running a GTX 970 and a i7 with 16GB of ram. Just installed newest fresh Nvdia drivers also, a "clean install". That should remove any overriding Nvidia Control Panel Settings right? It all looks default at least. No other 3rd party stuff. Been messing around with the in-game graphic settings but I just cannot get it to look good. It is a pain for my eyes to look for enemies. Don't know what im doing wrong.
  9. Can someone tell me how to make my game look like this? Instead of this: All distant vegetation look like cardboard cutouts and im on epic settings. I want to be able to see enemies behind trees. Kind of unfair since the trees are like walls.
  10. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Yeah, after reading up on some graphic design stuff I think this is it. The details of distant trees are really bad, mostly none-existant. This is why trees look flat and it all blurrs together.
  11. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Still not solved?
  12. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Friend and foe is not the issue.
  13. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Show us a in-game screenshot and a screenshot of your settings.
  14. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Just to be clear. This is what im talking about. 50 meters away in Squad, the trees turn to solid cardboard pieces and a pixely mess. Branches and the stems (is it called stems?) become invisible and stuff. While in arma (also a game with long distances, and a game where you often scan the environment for enemies), it is a whole lot sharper. You can really see each branch on the trees and the space between them, where also you can see possible movement. You can see through the vegetation in some places. It sounds like I am bashing on Squad, I do not. Love the gameplay. Just pointing out my (almost single) issue and giving feedback. :)
  15. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    Wonderful to know that they are not ignoring it. Thanks! :D