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  1. M249

    Very very awesome
  2. Weapon Deviation Vs Sway?

    I hate Battlefield 2's deviation accuracy system, it's very much my least favorite aspect of PR.
  3. Here's a pretty useful website to get an idea of how different grade components compare to each other: http://www.logicalincrements.com/
  4. Sounds of battle

    After seeing this brought up, I'm curious where you guys get the sounds you use? Are they stock sound files you already have access to or do you have to purchase them? Or do you guys record sounds yourselves?
  5. Squad sizes?

    I think the 9 member squads sounds great. I'm curious to know how the kit loadout allocations will work with them but having a good squad leader in charge of two fireteams could really cause some damage on the enemy team.
  6. Vietnam era stuff in Squad?

    Hi guys, I'm really excited like everyone about what Squad could become. I only started playing Project Reality this past summer but I quickly fell in love with it. I was wondering, did the dev team members responsible for the Vietnam maps of PR migrate to the Squad team? The Vietnam maps are my favorite part of PR and I haven't found much info on who in the PR team worked on Vietnam era stuff. Was it something the whole development team worked on or just a select group?