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  1. Alpha 13.1 Released

    You guys added issues spawning in on insurgency maps!
  2. Alpha 13 Released

    Can we please remove dolphine diving again? Also that SL buddy rally is euhm shite... And also #makefireteamsgreatagain with the addition of the second medic For the rest the reload is awesome, more stable and better fps!
  3. August 2018 Recap

    Sorry to bust the party all are very positive am I really the only one not liking it all. eg Knowing build points on FOBS from any position on the map as SL only or all players? And even for SL.. mmmm Showing all kits is this for all players? Because I can see the nagging already coming in. Why is this kit here and that kit there. The creating of the FT is ok but way to clourfull! Cam you also add a bleeping icon for people that get marked with a "spot" button? I know you can't please all but these all seem more arcady features then PR like features! There are only a few maps that allow for multiple tank usage because most are to small in Squad atm. Imagine 3 vs 3 tanks on Fools Road..
  4. May 2018 Recap

    Will the self-healing bug be fixed before that or with this update? (tried searching forums but found no answer) For the rest if speed of the games get's lowered again it might be more interesting. (still to easy to run and gun) Will there also be an option to force certain shadows and view distances on licensed servers (tournament mode eg)
  5. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Noois, but I can hear the them squadmembers saying already. Pls drop a 50 cal pls drop a 50cal... Btw that clock counter is super...
  6. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    The bit I played looked graphically lot better. Had the feeling it was more fluent. Sounds except voice are suppressed when your down which adds to the immersion. Map has measurements on it which makes people adapt easier to distances and the coloured map looks a lot nicer. If we werent to discuss this an admin may freely delete this.
  7. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    So we'll have to wait for May update and see...:( to bad performace issues still aren't fixed. Good they fixed a bunch of other things... Better I'm having loads of fun with m8s due to this Alpha.....
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Up and running.... When it's done for....
  9. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

  10. Boneboys, EaC isn,'t blocking. It's just the complete path not being good bound to your profile. I don't have the G900 but the Prometheus and i had the same issue. Right click your shortcut and select "open file location" copy this location and add it to your path withing the profile. After that profile recognition should be good. For the bindings I'll have to check. Not at home atm....
  11. Bad FPS

    Any updates in drivers or so since or during the 5.2 update?
  12. 0 servers found with different version

    You got multiple issues causing this: - software firewall (depends on your Windows Version and settings) Have you tried disabling it at home? Because here you can define networks which should block certain traffic. If that's not the case -> - hardware firewall Cheers
  13. Can't launch game

    Can you give a screen of the error. Does it mark something within the Windows Error log?
  14. 30fps regardless of graphical settings

    Are these FPS consistant on lesser populated servers? If yes, we'll need to wait out 4.11 and animation fixes.
  15. Problems starting Squad

    OT:So EAC is helping out MS to keep everything legal...