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  1. Birds Taking Off

    Yeah its doable And yes there is even a gameplay factor to it. I'll dig into it
  2. LOL ^^ You guys made ma day with this They should not be different depending on the card. I constantly watch gameplay videos on different rigs to see how they behave and I've never encountered an issue with a non Nvidia card showing different fx. Something is odd here.
  3. Vehicle recoil

    When heavier cannons come in due time I will try and achieve the most photo-realism to their phenomena. Anders will do his part too as always. Thanks for reference!
  4. Sorry about that Roberts I do not do different effects for marketing, what you see in my videos is what you will see in game. I find marketing effects very lame. I do not follow that code. Effects in A8 will be more optimized and even prettier. So I hope you can run them well.
  5. 'Juegazo' means hell of a game ^^ Juego: Game Juegazo: Big badass game
  6. Greetings from Sherman

    Awe Sherman! I,m Bruno the Lead VFX Artist. I live in Cape Town ^^. Whats your Steam ID? Lets gooi some young rounds ey - Bruno
  7. Smoke Grenade Efficiency

    The US M18 Shoots smoke from only one side but more far reaching than the dual but softer RDG. Its the way to compensate and balance both. M18 would cast a straight smoke barrier faster, yet the RDG would build up in a circular area rather. Both can provide cover if used properly, and with bit of calculation as of where it would land.
  8. Explosion Shockwaves

    Hey guys Yeah totally, will make that for IEDs and other future mean toys. The idea would be to be able to see it when in camera/match spectator mode. I'll think of ways of doing it. maybe an expanding mesh like you see in the water explosion ripples currently but faster and 'whiter'. Thanks for the awesome reference man! Regards, Bruno
  9. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Of course comrade! Dont cook her too long or things will get.....wavey ^^
  10. Shotgun Effects

    Halo Halo! Someone summoned me! Thanks for the feedback Hunter_Sh0tz. Cant promise when we gonna have them but we surely will have shotguns. Some slomo videos and other visual references help me the most for photo-realism. We can gather them up in this thread?
  11. Thanks for the feedback man. Would you please create another thread in the Feedback section for this? More chance of it being seen by most. Thank you
  12. Thanks for the references guys! I,m actually working on these now. Stay tuned!
  13. Blow Up The Truck!

    Gracias brother ^^
  14. Blow Up The Truck!

    Thanks for the reference! Very useful stuff this video is chunky in content It will be a big challenge to do big clouds like that, making them billow naturally with proper illumination. But I will try my best. I,m already practicing. Once the first ones are out I,m gonna polish them until we can have something utterly believable. I want my VFX award. Love you all. Bruno