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  1. Speed & Tactical Reload

    The idea behind Speed Reload is that you might be sometimes in situations where you'd like to choose reloading faster over saving the remaining bullets. It takes longer to put the old magazin back into your vest and then to get a new magazin then it would with simply letting the old magazin fall to the ground.
  2. Speed & Tactical Reload

    Great idea Caligari! I'll add your post to my original post.
  3. Speed & Tactical Reload

    Fair point. But I don't think that this feature depends on whether the practice is used by current military or not. I mean, you're not only playing only as a western military force in Squad. If Speed Reload would be really such an immersion breaker for some folks, then I guess it could be a server option whether to allow or disallow Speed Reloads. Allowing the player to choose if he wants to do a Tactical or Speed Reload would give the player more control and add a somewhat unique feature to Squad and Squad needs those if it wants to stand out even more from the tactical shooters that have been released recently (Insurgency comes to my mind). How hard/time consuming would it be to implement? Just the mechanic no animations or anything.
  4. Speed & Tactical Reload

    Hi there, I got an idea for a feature I would really like to see in Squad. Now, I believe this idea is not original and there are already games/mods which use this feature: Tactical Reload: You reload the weapon and put the "old" magazine back into your vest if it still contains any bullets. A lot slower then Speed Reload but you'll save the magazine which you can then use later. Speed Reload: Eject the magazine and let it fall to the ground, discarding it. This reload is a lot faster than the Tactical Reload however you'll lose the magazine (and the rounds left in it). I could imagine tapping R once for are Speed Reload and holding R for the Tactical Reload would work ingame. What are your guys thoughts on this? I think it would be a great feature and possibly not too hard to implement. If anyone knows games which have Speed & Tactical Reload as feature, post them into this thread! Edit: Caligari made a great suggestion, adding Check ammo and better possible control schemes.